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  1. Not to beat a dead horse, but the sport doesn’t matter. He could be there to diddle himself on a desert island and it still wouldn’t change the entry and visa requirements for the country. He doesn’t get to come in just because he plays a “socially distanced sport” while others get denied entry. Also, he might be socially distanced on the court but that has zero bearing on what happens the other 22 hours a day while there. Illogical. It’s not about whether or not you agree with the policy (not sure I do), it’s about whether or not it gets enforced evenly.
  2. We’ve just gone back to mostly remote work with omicron spreading fast and everyone coming back from holiday travel and parties. My hope is that within the next few weeks this wave has peaked and we can get back in the office regularly. Sucks, but like a lot of other things in business and life those who are able to adapt best to changing circumstances will be okay.
  3. @MrBirdman this is true for fish as well. The more gently you can get the fish to/in the boat, quickly bleed and get it on ice, the better. Impacts the texture and flavor of the meat.
  4. I discovered Plantation OFTD (ovenproof) last summer from a buddy in the cocktail world. Love it in cocktails and dark and stormy’s with the spiciest ginger beer I can find. Very high quality and fair price.
  5. Hope everyone has a healthy, happy new year! Enjoy some time with friends, family, and a few great cigars!
  6. Good looking examples. Would be fun to put together a few consecutive years releases and sample down the road, almost like a vertical tasting in wine. See how construction and blend have changed with 5-6 box commitment versus 25-30.
  7. Not sure I could pick an all time favorite but here’s a recent favorite
  8. Aretha Franklins Amazing Grace shows in L.A. in ‘72 are so good. I loved the album for years before seeing video and realizing that she was the one playing keys in addition to singing. Great performance. Also, biased by watching the new documentary, but the Beatles rooftop concert is pretty darn great. Nice routine, enjoy!
  9. Santa needs a new sleigh!
  10. Tough to be reading this with two more weeks before 24:24 comes back for the impetuous among us
  11. Considering what you have I think these would fill some gaps with different sizes/marcas smoking well: RASS/RA Superiores BBF Boli PC Punch Punch Monte 1 (I would say Especiales but too hard to find right now) CoRo or Medio Siglo (expensive as hell but such great profiles) Trini Media Lunas (great profile, smoking well, won’t break the bank) R&J wide Churchill (don’t love the size but they have been smoking really well lately in my experience) For the last two I’d double down on one of the above or hold out for some special occasion cigars (Sir Winston, CoLa, Fundi, Monte Especiales, Sig VI, etc.)
  12. @Nevrknow some serious steel there. Are you a carbon fan or are most of those stainless? I always find a way to convince myself I need more of both.

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