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  1. @NSXCIGAR this makes sense and tells me I need to work through some more R&J lines. I generally prefer the WC because for me it has been the most consistent. A great original Churchill is better, but it feels like I’ve had more bad examples than I should have.
  2. Not to be confused with your preferences in finding a date (that’s a whole different poll), which of these is your current favorite and why? Blend, quality, price, size, experience, etc. whatever you value most.
  3. William Manchester’s Churchill series is one of my all-time favorites. Fantastic author.
  4. @Ken Gargett a fiction follow-up will definitely be in order
  5. As always, I’m sure there’s a wealth of suggestions to come from the collective wisdom of the group. Looking to start a thread tracking some great nonfiction reads for this summer. New, old, doesn’t matter. Ideally something that pairs well with a double corona. I’ll kick it off with this one: An Impeccable Spy by Owen Matthews. Fantastic read about a prolific Soviet spy operating in China and Japan in the 30s/40s. Highly recommend.
  6. @99call yes the kabobs come from the Muslim Uighur population from the far west/northwest of China, fantastic grilled meats. And you are right on jianbing, it’s pretty similar to dosas as well as the stuffed Roti that you can get all over Malaysia. Works particularly well after a long night of drinking, not that I’d know….
  7. Great options listed above. Lucky to have spent some time in China and have a great place nearby, it’s amazing how diverse their food culture is. I’d recommend trying shredded tofu skins (often served similarly to noodles), tomato egg stir fry (classic comfort food dish), hand pulled noodles, jianbing (killer street food usually for breakfast), xinjiang kebabs (lamb/mutton is great), yunan style mushroom stir fry. Really hard to go wrong. My strategy is to try one new thing I’ve never heard of every time I go out.
  8. I’ve heard that Hunters and Frankau get some special stuff but have no idea if it’s actually true.
  9. Love that Sinn! Such a great under the radar brand with some serious tool watch tech. Radio nothing to sleep on either...
  10. As per @Ginseng, you can’t go wrong with anything from Seiko or Grand Seiko. Options at a lot of different price points/styles and all will last a lot longer than any of us will be around. Also respected in the watch world enough to hold their value well if that is of concern to you.
  11. Not sure where these will ultimately retail but absolute top notch build and finish quality, ace quartz movement, and dark blue dial
  12. Well said, @mprach024. I would also add that while the economic impact of shutdowns has been massive, it will end up paling in comparison to the long term recession/depression brought on by the financial crisis of ‘08/09. We’re already seeing a tightening labor market, GDP and earnings growth, and wage inflation. The economic impact of a prolonged pandemic with more casualties, more highly infectious variants, and an incapacitated healthcare system would have been much worse. In hindsight, more strict quarantine and lockdown restrictions earlier on would have helped stop community spread
  13. Nice review, and always nice to see an Edmunds Oast plug. Great spot and great beers.
  14. ^Edited for zero:non-zero, I need another cup of coffee!
  15. Without getting too deep into specific studies, we know definitively that the vaccines cut dramatically the viral load of those who are vaccinated and that the size of viral load is correlated directly to the relative ease of COVID transmission. So, it’s possible to transmit COVID if you have been vaccinated in the same sense that zero probabilities are a mathematical impossibility. Doesn’t make it likely, probable, or comparable to being un-vaccinated. A flu shot is apples and oranges to this vaccine. Different type of vaccine, much lower efficacy, targeted at a less fatal and generally

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