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  1. Big RG on these but my god what a blend, just kills it. 1.5hr but if it weren’t humid out could’ve gone 2 hr easy. Buttered toast, a little wood and light pepper, some sugarcane, a little of that floral rose water note, rich smoke. Killer.
  2. The Veil never disappoints
  3. Trini Coloniales and Media Luna, Monte Especiales, remember SP belicosos?? Happy I stocked up on some classics back in ‘19 though.
  4. Love a D4. My go-to robusto 2/3 of the time. I haven’t noticed a change in the blend in the last 10yrs but members with longer experience can probably better comment on that. I’ve always found it extremely consistent and reasonably priced for those who want a more savory cigar with some body. For me, they can take anywhere from 50mns to an hour and a half depending on what I’m doing. Also consistently a cigar that smokes well at almost any age which is hard to find.
  5. Last night, first course. Raw scallop, cauliflower mushroom, seaweed, and green garlic peanut sauce. Could’ve eaten 12 of these. Stole the picture from their Instagram because I ate it too fast.
  6. There are some things that the Swiss just know how to do right. Going to have to start referring to the folding chair on my back patio as “the Fumoir”…
  7. Not to beat a dead horse, but the sport doesn’t matter. He could be there to diddle himself on a desert island and it still wouldn’t change the entry and visa requirements for the country. He doesn’t get to come in just because he plays a “socially distanced sport” while others get denied entry. Also, he might be socially distanced on the court but that has zero bearing on what happens the other 22 hours a day while there. Illogical. It’s not about whether or not you agree with the policy (not sure I do), it’s about whether or not it gets enforced evenly.
  8. We’ve just gone back to mostly remote work with omicron spreading fast and everyone coming back from holiday travel and parties. My hope is that within the next few weeks this wave has peaked and we can get back in the office regularly. Sucks, but like a lot of other things in business and life those who are able to adapt best to changing circumstances will be okay.
  9. @MrBirdman this is true for fish as well. The more gently you can get the fish to/in the boat, quickly bleed and get it on ice, the better. Impacts the texture and flavor of the meat.
  10. I discovered Plantation OFTD (ovenproof) last summer from a buddy in the cocktail world. Love it in cocktails and dark and stormy’s with the spiciest ginger beer I can find. Very high quality and fair price.
  11. Hope everyone has a healthy, happy new year! Enjoy some time with friends, family, and a few great cigars!
  12. Good looking examples. Would be fun to put together a few consecutive years releases and sample down the road, almost like a vertical tasting in wine. See how construction and blend have changed with 5-6 box commitment versus 25-30.
  13. Not sure I could pick an all time favorite but here’s a recent favorite
  14. Aretha Franklins Amazing Grace shows in L.A. in ‘72 are so good. I loved the album for years before seeing video and realizing that she was the one playing keys in addition to singing. Great performance. Also, biased by watching the new documentary, but the Beatles rooftop concert is pretty darn great. Nice routine, enjoy!
  15. Santa needs a new sleigh!
  16. Tough to be reading this with two more weeks before 24:24 comes back for the impetuous among us
  17. Considering what you have I think these would fill some gaps with different sizes/marcas smoking well: RASS/RA Superiores BBF Boli PC Punch Punch Monte 1 (I would say Especiales but too hard to find right now) CoRo or Medio Siglo (expensive as hell but such great profiles) Trini Media Lunas (great profile, smoking well, won’t break the bank) R&J wide Churchill (don’t love the size but they have been smoking really well lately in my experience) For the last two I’d double down on one of the above or hold out for some special occasion cigars (Sir Winston, CoLa, Fundi, Monte Especiales, Sig VI, etc.)
  18. @Nevrknow some serious steel there. Are you a carbon fan or are most of those stainless? I always find a way to convince myself I need more of both.
  19. I agree that rates are unlikely to go up dramatically in the short term and when they do start going up lenders will likely absorb some of that increase in their spreads. The important thing in that type of real estate investment is that rental rates are growing faster than interest rates. As long as you have a long-term perspective and don’t go crazy on leverage you should be ok. Being patient and getting the right property is always going to be more important than trying to save 10-15bps on interest rates.
  20. For me, naive would be extrapolating anecdotal personal experience to diagnose the entirety of the largest economy in the world but what do I know… @SigmundChurchill apartments and utilities are generally very good inflation hedges because of their ability to reprice frequently and demand that is insulated from the rest of the economy (people always need housing and power regardless of how good or bad the economy is). Real estate will also give you some tax advantages but that’s a different conversation. A short duration bond portfolio can help hedge against a stock market correction but with rates this low I’d stay far away from a medium to long duration portfolio. I generally agree with you on commodities and crypto, they are non-correlated assets but also extremely speculative. Lots of people are adding some exposure there but not as a significant percentage of a total portfolio. I would also say that having a good amount of cash on hand is always a strong play when a correction might be coming. People who were able to deploy cash in the first half of 2020 have done extremely well, we might have another opportunity like that on the horizon.
  21. There was never going to be a scenario where inflation wasn’t high this year given the madness of 2020. 2022 over 2021 will be much more telling. Our current thesis is that inflation will remain well above the Fed’s target next year but will be lower than the 6-7% we are seeing now. 1-2 interest rate hikes in 2022 is the most likely scenario and will be needed to help dilute the impact of fiscal stimulus still being spent by the federal government. The infrastructure bill won’t be big enough to move he needle on inflation ($100B/year), but if the other BBB bill passes that could be an issue. Too early to know as there are no finalized details on spending in that bill. Over the last 40 years every recession has been followed by a period of high inflation and then a period of slow to no growth, I don’t see why this scenario should be any different. On the employment front, I’m no big fan of increased or unneeded welfare programs but that’s not why labor force participation is down. Zero evidence to support that conclusion. Statistically, the two groups who left labor force in the greatest numbers in 2020 and have recovered the least by the end of 2022 are workers over the age of 55 and women. Women have started rejoining the labor force at greater rates over the last few months (likely because schools/daycare/etc are more widely open now), over 55 have not. A lot of those workers have likely decided to go part time or retire while their savings and 401k look strong in a bullish stock market environment. Lower labor force participation will continue to drive wage growth in 2022. Not an inherently bad thing as a number of entry wages have been stagnant when inflation adjusted for the last 20-30 years. Long-winded way to say, people love to play chicken little but the sky usually isn’t falling.

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