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  1. I'm using a SensorPush so I don't think its that. The temp this time was slightly more consistent this time sitting around 19.5C the whole time as opposed to swinging between 17 and 18 last time
  2. So I got a Boveda calibration kit and I put the same hygrometer in it twice and after 24 hours the the results were different by about 2%. The temperature was about the same as well so I'm not sure if thats what was causing the difference. I know boveda claims they are accurate to about .5% but just how true is that?
  3. So my wineador is pretty much busted if it’s on it’s at a decent temperature but my humidity is only around 57-62 and usually on the lower end of that. If i leave it unplugged my humidity gets back to 65 but since I do t have AC the temperature fluctuates between 75-85. Which is the lesser evil.

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