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  1. A very spectacular birthday celebration to a very spectacular woman.
  2. HK has low or almost zero import tax but very high tobacco import tax, around US$320/kg, similar to UK. Even if an importer has a local bond warehouse, the huge demand in China can easily absorb all their stocks if the price is “reasonable”. But why would these merchants give up their profits if they can sell at higher price ?
  3. Sir Winnie Party 898 Siglo VI Conn A Bolivar Libertador
  4. The Spanish version of LFDC is far more better than the LGC IMHO, very mellow and woody. I was lucky enough to get a handsome quantity when they are still cheap (€80) but not now.
  5. 1. Cohiba Be56 2. Sir Winnie 3. Cohiba Siglo VI 從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
  6. Consistent Smoking Enjoyment. 1. Sir Winnie (2019) 2. Partagas Lusitania (2018) 3. Cohiba Robusto (2020) Best value (bang for buck) 1. LFDC Magicos (2020) 2. HDM E2 (2018) 3. SCDLH La Fuerza (2018) Your best smoking experience of 2020 1. HDM DC GR 2013 2. Cohiba Talisman EL2017 (2019) 3. Montecristo Supremos EL2019 (2019)
  7. Agreed but it would be quite unfair to compare with the EL2010 which has been so good and deeply rooted in our mind. I would prefer the Talisman over the EL2014 Robusto Supremos or Montecristo Supremos EL2019 IMHO.
  8. I got 17, 18, 19 & 20 Talisman and personally, the 19 year is the best, very consistent throughout the whole stick. I wonder if anyone share the same experience. 從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送
  9. I got both TRU JUL19 & EOS JUL19 but I prefer the latter

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