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  1. First stick from my last box, middle third was amazing !
  2. Yea I agree with @LLCdraw was fine and surprisingly wonderful cigars.
  3. Forgot four e2s in a humidity bag 15 months ago and they still smoke great
  4. La trova, not a bad example but definitely not the best, I’ve had better from the same box
  5. We came to Mauritius for the winter break, lovely place both vigia and Lusi from ‘16 boxes and excellent
  6. I flew out of Dubai airport twice in the last several weeks ( nov 14 and dec 12 ) and on dec I saw limited new stock but marked improvement over my trip in nov 14. Some of what they had was Cohiba Medio siglo, Trinidad vigia, a lot from monte line, Ramon allones no2 edition Limitada, rass, etc. But honestly they didn’t have a lot of stock so it could all be gone by now
  7. I used to be against tipping until I noticed the big difference in service quality between countries that make it mandatory vs those that don’t. I’m happy to pay extra for good service. Should it be shared? In the case above no as it’s not what the waiter agreed to when he/she joined and it’s not the practice but in general yes as it takes a whole team to deliver a good meal and service. I’m against however fine dining restaurant expecting the client to pay 20% of ridiculously high price as the absolute number is too high to justify ( you could be expected to pay 50-100 dollars per person in some of those establishments ) if a client wishes to pay more than its ok but it’s not expected

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