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  1. In no particular order Coro connie b vigia hdm rio seco boli libertador
  2. Oddly enough I’ve always found traveling with my kids when they were toddlers much easier than when they grew up , toddlers you just put them on the stroller and you’re good to go, so basically you can go anywhere as long as you can stand the flight time! With older kids they tend to be more of a handful and you need to keep them entertained I went to Portugal when my boys were toddlers and we loved it, not expensive beautiful beaches lots of nice villages you can drive to ( it can get hot in the summer though) and nice golf courses if that’s your thing
  3. Ep Carrillo encore i don’t usually buy NC boxes ( this is the second box of NC I have ever bought ) let’s hope it’s good 🙈
  4. Of the recent el and er my fav are 1 montecristo 2019 2 sancho panza qd 3 diplomatico belux 4 punch 898 5 bolivar soberanos 2018 ( they’re expensive online now but if you can get it at retail then imho it’s worth it )
  5. Reyes third one I’ve tried, good but had better cheaper short smokes

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