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  1. Pulled the trigger on the mon3800a thanks
  2. I’m new in storing/ aging cigars and I’ve been experimenting with humidity, I’ve put a boveda 65% in a Tupperware for a month then I smoked the cigar ( directly without dry boxing it or anything) and it’s a bit dry, can’t taste the flavors and it’s a bit harsh. Burn is hot as well Not sure if I missed a step ? I’ve a hygrometer that reads 65%.I’ve Smoked from the box ( bought from our host ) before and it was fine Could be a matter of personal taste but I thought I’ll ask
  3. Just arrived from the host, siglo 6, qdo 54 and monte no 2
  4. How’s your experience with tubos ? I bought a carton with 15 tubos epi 2 with 4 years of age, not sure if they were not taken care of but they were harsh and burnt quickly, I’ve let them rest 3 months and revisited and it was in a better shape but lacked flavor ill revisit in 6-9 months
  5. I'm considering pulling the trigger on mon2800A but thought I'll check in and see if, for those who own it, it has been performing up to their expectations? thanks
  6. I bought couple of boxes when I was at Denmark summer 19 at retail and really liked them, online shops have been marking them up like crazy, for a short smoke definitely won’t pay more than retail

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