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  1. Day two of Covid..mild symptoms but cigars have far less flavour let’s hope it doesn’t last for too long !
  2. Monty 2 from 2016 box.. I agree recent production is much better
  3. I went to New York several months back and I bought around 30 singles of nc to try out. Illusione epernay ( spelling ?) And l’atelier lat 54 were the most Cuban like and I thoroughly enjoyed them I also liked ep Carrillo wraped and Oliva figurado
  4. Imho I think premium cigars will sell out as supply is constraint and when/if supply increases grey market will adjust prices as a discount to the headline price to move products but it will be well north of where it is today. Ie If a box of Coro is 1500 it will go for well north of a 1000 and many will go for it as they see it as a discount to their b&m. The only scenario I can see to derail that demand falls a cliff either because economy is tanking or consumer starts to spend more on other services or products ( traveling, Etc) then hsa will be forced to heavily discount to move cigars. As far as other brands it becomes a relative value as well, for people who are able to pay then psd4 for a third of the price of Coro will eventually seems reasonable and something they will learn to accept I wouldn’t be too surprised if nc cigars will eventually increase their prices as global demand increases from outside of the US ( it could also mean they will produce more to meet demand I’m Not sure of how much they can scale production when/ if demands increase) on a personal level I would like to thank rob and the foh team for giving me the opportunity to buy several years worth of cigars during the pandemic! It’s definitely a better investment than the stock market !
  5. Trinidad robusto extra. First cigar I’ve tried after 6 months of rest and It’s amazing. Competing with the best cigar I’ve had this year ( siglo 6)
  6. qdo senadores: it might’ve been the psychological effect of having a boring one six months ago and this one smoking like a dream. Or it just could’ve been that good. I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless
  7. Hdm dc from a ‘19 cab really good but tbh epi 2 from ‘16 was better
  8. Partagas Salmones from ‘16 box, firs half was boring but the second half was phenomenal
  9. Lusi and brc were Amazing, Esmeralda was disappointing
  10. I wasn’t too impressed with senadores when I first tried it but with a six months rest it’s really good, wish I bought couple of more boxes
  11. Boli smoked really well given the wrapper damage
  12. E2 MAR MAR 20 was disappointing, aroma at cold was amazing and it had a nice mirror sheen but flavors wete muddled…last third was decent through will let it rest for few more months Monty was pure chocolate
  13. Tried the RYJ Dianas, first third was disappointing second and third much better, this particular example had construction issues. Will let it rest and try again I’ve always preferred connie b to a and 1 but lately imho a and 1 are outshining connie b
  14. I’m curious about these ! Please let us know what you think of them and are tray worth the price
  15. Rass from ‘16 cab…best rass I’ve ever had
  16. Loving 1 Trinidad Esmeralda 2 Cohiba siglo 3 3 partagas d 4 not liking ( I’ll highlight some that used to smoke really well for me but lately I’ve not had a good luck with 19/20/21 production H upmann connie b Hoyo epi 2
  17. Amazing Monty Pe trini topes was good but a bit harsh for some reason
  18. I remember walking into a cigar shop in London in 2015 and finding them, I didn’t know what they were and they were reasonably priced in London terms, bought couple of sticks and loved them! Wish I bought the whole lot

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