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  1. Had two mag 56, the first (pictured) was amazing easily the best cigar Ive had in oct so I went for another one the next day and it’s day and night…flavors were off and the burn wasn’t great
  2. Ramon allones king of the north, can’t wait to try them!
  3. In no particular order Trinidad Esmeralda partagas E2 Boli libertador BRC cohiba robusto cohiba siglo 3 partagas lusi h upmann Connie b SLR regios Hoyo Rio seco
  4. Qdo Baalbek smoked it 30 days after receiving it, second third was very good last third was disappointing it took me 75 min ( this size usually takes me 2 hrs) will revisit in 60 days but it’s so far it’s promising
  5. Brc from 2021 box, was horrible put it out of its misery half way through. Will try again in a years time
  6. Connie b, flavors spot on but over filled and the wrapper is cracking
  7. Amazing! Love it Cramer smoking a cigar is my kind of art !
  8. Dubai is amazing with endless things to do, its still beach season now and warm so get your swimming shorts and a lot of sunscreen! resturant scene is amazing, in winter there are a lot of tour companies that take you to the desert for the day, I highly recommend doing it at least once Old Souq/ town is very nice to walk around , you can take alabra ( boat) which is always a fun experience Northern emirates/ Oman is very nice to visit during the winter, lots of mountains and nice hike trails cigar wise prices are high but you will occasionally find age stock, but be
  9. Esmeralda from 20 box, hands down the best esmeralda I’ve had
  10. I bought a stick of San Cristobal 20th anniversary, I like it but I don’t think it’s worth the price tbh
  11. Never tried pardon before so I thought I’ll try it out given the amazing reviews. any advice on which one to try first ?
  12. Amazing Boli libratador, burn is not great but flavours are spot on
  13. The secondsan Cristobal la fuerza I’ve tried and so far I like el principe better, it’s good but I’m not picking the molasses sweetness I loved in el principe
  14. First plpc that I liked, finally tasting caramel draw is crap though
  15. First third was out of this world, then burn issues started and I had to relit every few minutes. I’ll give it some down time and try again

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