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  1. Posting just to see what color my monkey is……longgggggg way to go
  2. Well put BG. Things got heated in the chat out of nowhere, hopefully it doesn’t happen tonight.
  3. Rob, you looking for locks against the spread or just straight winners for the FOH league? Either way I stink at both, but I will offer my expert opinion: Straight Winner: Colts trounce Houston Upset Winner: Patriots over Bills Against the Spread: Miami -5 over NYG
  4. I've been going recently for MNF and no issues with space or capacity. Great atmosphere, good vibe, bartenders and service are like a good whiskey/bourbon joint and it is laid back. Very comfortable seating and the air purification system is prevalent.
  5. @sho671 got me questioning authenticity from my Daily Smoke post. This is an alleged real Cohiba Behike, but is it?
  6. Right on par with you @Nevrknow, because why not, it’s Friday! Behike 52, gifted and my first ever so I don’t know the code. But, I understand the hype Drink is a transfusion in my Ryder Cup glass. Perfect 🤩
  7. UPDATE: Considering the thing is only $10.99 I tested it…… and made it through! PerfecDraw 1 - TSA 0
  8. That’s what I’m doing. Only issue is I’m bringing some to share and don’t want to test the gifted ones because of that whole Covid thing.
  9. Anyone have any experience packing the PerfecDraw tool in carry on bag? My assumption is they would confiscate it, but I’ve been wrong about a lot of things before.
  10. Updated Disclosure: I'm 0-2 on locks. Might be time to fade me.
  11. Last Rio Seco, probably won’t reload for another year or so. But it’s on point.
  12. Saints Saints and more Saints -3. LOCK Disclosure: I'm 0-1 on my locks.

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