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  1. Yup, I'd think a single 320G should do it. You'll know in 3-5 days if you need to add another or maybe just supplement with 60G until you reach your desired RH.
  2. No problem, my pleasure. For what it's worth, I also originally bought 1, ended up getting 2 more. They're also remarkably efficient with boveda packs. I'm 6+ months in with one cooledor at full capacity and the single 69% RH 67G Boveda pack is plump and squishy as originally opened. With just one pack, my measured RH is 65% and hardly ever goes +-1%.
  3. I'd say 12-14 minimum safely.
  4. Not a cooledor, but acts as one as I keep them in the basement. Incredibly air tight seal, 4 clamps and can perfectly stack whole cigar boxes or standard size Spanish cedar trays. $10.99, hard to beat.
  5. Read, walk, late night sit on beach, golf, online poker, around a bonfire, to name a few.
  6. Poker prize. All of these are firsts for me, the good luck continues.
  7. 😆 it was a work of art, I was impressed myself
  8. Ted Bundy’s rejected last meal/standard fare seems close to something I’d request. Throw in a couple glasses of Rioja and a bottle of Pol Roger.
  9. Fundies in the mail! These look too classy for me tbh. Pretty excited about these.
  10. From our host. These look and smell amazing 🤩.

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