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  1. That’s what I’m doing. Only issue is I’m bringing some to share and don’t want to test the gifted ones because of that whole Covid thing.
  2. Anyone have any experience packing the PerfecDraw tool in carry on bag? My assumption is they would confiscate it, but I’ve been wrong about a lot of things before.
  3. Updated Disclosure: I'm 0-2 on locks. Might be time to fade me.
  4. Last Rio Seco, probably won’t reload for another year or so. But it’s on point.
  5. Saints Saints and more Saints -3. LOCK Disclosure: I'm 0-1 on my locks.
  6. If they had a half decent QB, Terry McLaurin would be a household name.
  7. Your basement temp got to 75 degrees?? Or are those the ambient average outdoor temps? I'm a Northeast basement Tupperdor setup as well and the temp range is 57-65F year round. So I have some pretty good temp consistency down there. I guess if money isn't an issue and those temp swings in your chart are real, then what the hell, get the temperature controlled version.
  8. Late cigar to remember 9/11 and honor the lost and the heroes
  9. Chiefs -6.5 Lay the points. Andy Reid is 8-1 with the Chiefs in week 1 straight up, 7-2 against the spread. Ohh and they're all healthy.
  10. It’s getting dark to early again. Young La Fuerza is/was a good nightcap.

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