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  1. Seasonal allergies kick my ass this time every year. Sun exposure increases, tree pollen is first followed by grass pollen and then capped with ragweed pollen, humidity - the outdoors is beautifully complex. I lay off the cigars at initial acclimation, there's no avoiding it in the NE USA.
  2. As the saying goes "The sheep will get slaughtered" if I could just figure out who is the sheep and who is the wolf
  3. Can’t take em if we don’t have em. In no order: RyJ Churchill H Upmann Royal Robusto HdM Rio Seco Davidoff #2
  4. If alcohol: Bourbon If no alcohol: Tie between S. Pellegrino and Coffee
  5. @Chas.Alpha I am certainly not deserving, but like many I did get screwed out of Xmas, mostly in the form of free babysitters for my 1 year old son so that I could have some cigars and adult beverages in peace and good company. Him not getting to see his grandparents, 3 uncles (1 of which peruses this great forum), and dozen cousins was the true punishment. Instead he had only his two feline brothers, Freddie and Ovi, to play with. I feel shameful writing this, but they are gorgeous cigars. If I shall win they will likely be shared with the uncles or maybe I'll age one until the lit
  6. I’ll give it to you @Ken Gargett, you were not will defend it to your dying breath maybe I’ll rewatch an episode
  7. Bigger? In what country?
  8. We’re talking Sarah Michelle Gellar here, correct? Watched it? Ehh, def seen it but no religious with it. Certainly never cumulatively watched a season. But, that’s my defense for my original comment. George and Tony were colossal characters.
  9. Shouldn’t be in, let the defense commence.
  10. Buffy is an insult to all on the list, but mostly Georgie boy and Tony.
  11. The Worst Ways To Die In Australia Great Whites. Saltwater Crocodiles. Raging Bushfires. Box Jellyfish. Irukandji Jellyfish. Bull Sharks. The Infamous Gympie Gympie Tree. Killer Floods. Sweltering Desert Heat Funnel Web Spiders the list continues too.... I honestly think the Great White would be the quickest, least painful and immediate death.
  12. Yes, there was a maple old fashioned under this beauty. Was fantastic and mostly a showstopper for restaurant patrons. IMG_1657.MOV
  13. All this talk about Sir Winnie is Pooh pooh Just relax and puff on a price affordable H Umpann No. 2

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