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  1. October. Got the pool done and wall. Time to enjoy. Just sucks getting out!!
  2. Thank you! At least she has a clue. My wife starts trying to talk about football and it more or less turns into the same lesson I’ve given a hundred times. 🤣
  3. Old school smoker and grill set up. Post a picture but would be Embarrassed. Still works like a champ. This was done Sunday. About 6 hours of feeding the fire.
  4. Bringing it home with the week 4 win! Sweating that KC game up until they got the back to back touchdowns in the 4th quarter.
  5. It’s very very sad!! A lot of injuries on the birds but Dallas I don’t understand.
  6. Eagles take first place in the east tonight with the win tonight! Great being in first with a 1-2-1 record!!🤣🤣🤣
  7. Little after lunch smoke. Customer of mine made some smoked chicken thighs. Delicious!
  8. Love these. Chewing a bit on the end! Sorry.
  9. My wife and I where lucky to think ahead before COVID hit. Given the length of time and the situation the people of Cuba are in is very sad. Wish they could source their own food such as hunting and fishing but I guess when your stuck not leaving your area it would make it 100 times worse. Would be nice to help from where we are!

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