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  1. Herr's are some of the best Potato chips/crisps in the eastern US in my opinion. They are light, crispy, salty, and delicious alone or with a hoagie/sandwich. I'm not for flavored chips/crisps, but after trying all dressed chips, after watching Letterkenny, I was hooked. They are so good!
  2. Good question. This would fall under a small, good smoke that you don't mind but finishing. A little tough. I would probably go with a PLPC. They smoke easily, last anyway from 45-75+ minutes, and are a good smoke. If I wanted to go the show-off route then CoRo or Behike would be my choice.
  3. Usually I find that after 5pm or whenever the beach patrol or lifeguards leave (if present) no one really cares. I've seen plenty of people strike up the electric lettuce after the authority leaves. Plus an evening smokes with a body of water is more enjoyable in my opinion. Cheers!
  4. Absolutely! They at least 10 months or more for a great smoke, in my opinion. I was fishing bass, sunnies, perch, and whatever else may be lurking in the depths. 😂. I cought 4 sunnies.
  5. HUHC are a nice "quick" treat when you don't have time or the place to put your feet up to enjoy your cigar. HUHC usually take 45-60 minutes for me to smoke. I like them when I'm fishing, at an outdoor function, or cutting the lawn (with ✂️ @djrey). Time isn't a major factor for me. I usually take slightly longer to finish a cigar then just buy that's how I like to enjoy it. Along with a warm-cool day, slight breeze, Adirondack chair, with a club soda or coffee. Strong flavors with a bit of tang. Slight citrus at the finish. Overall a great choice for a "quick" smoke.

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