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  1. To preface, I absolutely love them. One of the best aromas a cigar can have (especially CCE, CoLa and Espy). I could huff that for days. The main negatives I see are: (1) perceived brand prestige to the point that it can be a status symbol and thus prone to douchebaggery, (2) bling factor. Not as bad as some triple-banded NC’s but the shiny gold and ornate boxes can be perceived as trying a bit too hard, (3) ever increasing prices yet we buy them, and (4) unavailability.
  2. MOL JUN 18 Monte Especial. Excellent Monte flavors, required a couple passes with the draw tool and a few touch ups. Solid 88 pointer.
  3. Look at that majestic herd of Blanton’s horses. Respect!
  4. Damn. Did you smoke for 8 hours straight? If so, gold medal to you sir!!
  5. Sir Winston Lusitania Esplendido (HUHC when short on time)
  6. Agree. I have a SOP SEP 20 box with 14/25 remaining. Very good, a bit strong on the nicotine front but will likely age well. Construction has been flawless
  7. Devils advocate: The average lifespan of a phone is 3 years. Let’s say 500-800/pop plus data plans etc. There are Rolex watches from the 1960’s still keeping good time if maintained properly. In terms of a value play plus appreciation as is the case with @SigmundChurchill, one could make the argument. Point of the story is: No need to justify luxury. You do you. (I will be bummed if the flippers drive up the Cohiba market!) I have a phone, $20 timex and a relatively nice watch. I use all 3 interchangeably and without thinking. The nice watch will likely be the only thing surviving to gift to my son one day.
  8. College football. Looking forward to the Michigan-Michigan State matchup.
  9. How was it? I had a MSU JUN 17 a few days ago that was on point

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