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  1. At this particular minute in time: Trinidad fundadores Hoyo Epicure No. 2 Monte 4 RASS CORO
  2. I really like the method put forward by the Dr. Joe show. Man I miss that guy! I really wish there was more content with a educational/historical slant like that now (Big ups to you, @JohnS!). With the scoring system, you divide a cigar into distinct measures that you can independently focus on. The total is 10 points with each measure having quarter point increments. Flavor is the most heavily weighted as it should be. The acronym is ABCD, FF, ABC. Simple. Appearance (1 point- 0.25/0.5/0.75 or 1) Burn (1 point) Construction (1 point) Draw (1 point)
  3. I’m not too far from La Casa de Larry myself. Bell’s Double Two Hearted is also worth a try if you can find it. Hopslam is a classic. Just don’t try to drink a few and be productive!
  4. Nice! Similar neck of the woods. Used to work in the Springfield area. I do miss Joe’s pizza, Local burger, the Northampton brewery and anywhere you can get a pitcher of Steel Rail. See you around the forums.
  5. Where in Western MA? Lived in Northampton for a while.
  6. Lake Charlevoix is amazing. Hidden gem for sure. Cheers! See you around.
  7. Greetings From Michigan! Current vices: H. Upmann Half Corona, Montecristo #2 Bell's beer College football Anything guitar related Avoiding my wife and kids for any of the above (half joking, well maybe 49%....) Cheers!

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