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  1. Good call. I have a couple of RASS (RASSi, RASSes….?). And a few of the bolivar variety. The plot thickens!
  2. My only holdup with the Epi2 is that my box is pretty new (GEL ABR 21) and I haven’t yet had one. Esplendido is my favorite cigar, but one I reserve for special occasions given their rarity and price. Good point on not wasting them. The guy seems to have smoked a fair amount of NC’s (and has a pretty sizable collection). He isn’t an overall rookie, but has never had a Cuban. It’s like the person who is hard to shop for at Christmas…
  3. Have a couple votes for Monte 3 ( @smbauerllc, @KCCubano). A couple for Epi 2/Robusto ( @Edicion , @Bijan). Good call on the construction idea- don’t want to start with a plugged one. Epi2 is a the gateway drug of the CC world. Also good point on time spent. Guy is more of a neighborhood acquaintance (who lives right next door), so it’s definitely a good thing to be able to burn one with the guy. I’ll be smoking with him, so we’ll see how the mood strikes. Also love @ChangBang ‘s idea of prepping him for duty as a Canadian Cigar Mule (CCM). We all need one of those! 😂.
  4. I have a neighbor who claims to be a big cigar fan. He’s Canadian but has only smoked mid-to-high end NC cigars (which I find odd given his access to all CC’s). Davidoffs, Fuente etc. He claims medium body or just under is his wheelhouse. This same guy also spent a portion of his quarantine building a walk in humidor in his basement, so he’s down to clown. What is the first stick I should give this guy to blow his mind? Do I give him the dragon to chase or work up to it? Am I obligated to deal with the repercussions of the man spending all of his disposable income once his
  5. UPO ABR 21 Hoyo DC, MGL DIC 20 H. Upmann Sir Winston and a MSU JUN 17 LGC Medaille d’Or No. 4. What a great week to walk to the mailbox!
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but is Hamlet involved in both the rolling and blending or just the blending? A lancero rolled by a master (legend, even) roller is incredibly appealing
  7. Agree. No pretense but generally great reviews. I really like him a lot Only thing missing is how well he liked a cigar (no score offered)
  8. Paper plane and a my first Siglo II courtesy of @smbauerllc . Great combination!
  9. Why has nobody thought of this before? Legendary. They may need to chisel an additional face onto Mount Rushmore for such a feat.
  10. First ever Sir Winston. Paired with Gin & Tonic (Monkey 47) and a splash of St. Germain. Excellent flavors but required Perfecdraw as it was snug. Might try dry boxing next time. 90-92 points.

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