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  1. I just picked up a new 2.5 cubic foot wineador. I seasoned it for about 3 days and it was holding steady at 80% RH. I removed most of the shelves before seasoning seeing as i planned to stack a bunch of boxes so all that was left were 2 drawers. I pulled the water and introduced 2 x 320g 65% Bovedas and 6 x 60g 65% Bovedas. I literally spent an hour with the door open trying to get all the boxes Tetris'ed in and stacked the drawers with singles by size and marca. The humidity was at about 64-65% at this point and stayed there for an hour but now has creeped up to 72% RH. Usually in my humidor and coolidor the RH regulated quickly after seasoning drawers. Not in this case. Not sure if i should just let it play out or let it air out. Opinions? Edit: Humidity in the wineador room is like 40-50%. Temp in Wineador is stable at 65F. I also have 2 fans pushing air from the bottom of the wineador to the top. Bottom shelf shows 68% this morning but top shelf shows 72% RH.
  2. RyJ de Luxe EL 2013. Letting them rest for at least the next month.
  3. Freezing out so it's minuto weather. Nothing better for a short smoke than a short. This wrapper was cracking before i even lit it and zero issues.
  4. I have a box of Trini Reyes with box code BSM JUN20 Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  5. Not a big order this time around but wanted to get my hands on those Juan Lopez
  6. Working from home post-lunch Epi #2 Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  7. Any of my edición limitada. The one i've been keeping for a special occasion is a Zino Platinum Z-Crown Stout. It was gifted to me but i heard not so good things about it even though each stick is $100USD
  8. Wanted a minuto after lunch, reached for a SC El Principe that i was given (box code unknown) and it was just rancid and bitter. I got some sweetness from it but the taste just kept changing puff after puff. I know with SC you dont really have to age but this was disppointing. Didnt even bother finishing it because it just kept going out. Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  9. TEA OCT 15 My fav robusto, doesnt matter if it's aged or young.
  10. Been reaching for the 1s over the 2s lately. UEB SEP 2019
  11. Really sad. Got to feel for the woman and her family. I've been to Cuba numerous times and this is the first i hear of it. Totally forgot about Zika as well.
  12. Ya i get you. It's not generally uncomfortable but more unpleasant for me. Like i'll shovel snow for hours without issue but i guess with cigars i just like to take my time and relax which i can't do when it's either extreme, extremely cold or extremely hot and humid.
  13. Humidor 62 (single) Cooler 65 (boxes). If i know i'll eventually dip into a box, i'll take a few cigars out and put them in the humidor. I can absolutely for sure tell i prefer something under 65. I have a family member who has about 1000 high end cigars with many of them being aged Cohibas. He is extremely generous and supplies me with one to smoke at his place and one to take home. Most of what we smoke together tastes bitter and just burns like crap. He stores it at 70RH/72F. That same smoke he gave me i let rest in my humidor for min 30 days. Ends up smoking perfectly and flavours are much more pronounced with no bitterness.
  14. ? that's exactly why i go to South Florida in January and not the summer months.
  15. There's cold and then there's our Canadian winters. No matter how you dress being out in -20C / -4F is not fun so the less time you are out there the better.
  16. LOL ya i figured that was the case for some. Where are you located? I always forget to answer my own threads but for me it would be the PLPC, SC Principe, Monte 5
  17. With winter fast approaching in North America (and some of Europe), short smokes will start becoming the norm unless you are lucky enough to have an understanding significant other who let's you smoke indoors ? With lounges being closed because of Covid, it makes it even more important to have some shorter smokes on hand. What's your go to short smoke (30-45mins)
  18. Trinidad Topes with some homemade wood fire pizza and paired with a Poli Miele (honey grappa) Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
  19. One of my favourite pieces Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk

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