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  1. As long as you trust your humidification device to do it's job you should be fine I only check on my long term aging coolers about once a month using the Humidityead System I hope this helps ~Mark
  2. 7-10 days typically does the trick. I advise against wiping down the wood but instead letting it absorb naturally I hope this helpS
  3. Coolers can make great humidors. 1-2 lbs of beads and you're all set Pm me if you need any help with setting one up
  4. They can be tricky depending on if it is compressor based or thermoelectric and what temp you set it For that side unit 2-3 lbs of beads should be perfect You can run a Johnsons controller and put the whole unit on a timer if the cooling causes too much of an issue PM me if you need any help ~Mark
  5. This is all my company uses it for (commercial electrical). The CAD/Coord department uses it mostly. We've looked at many and we still take off by hand. It seems every job has too many specific items to use a program. Maybe it's because of our industry. So, I would say if your estimates are constantly priced items then a program would be better. We use Accubid Change Order for change orders and they have a bid program I believe. I think they are owned by Trimble now. FYI - Stay away from Sage Timberline products. Horrible company Added link to the Trimble estimating software https://mep.trimble.com/products/estimating
  6. LOL The pic I posted has 12 missing, 15 now Nothing I have is off limits, life is too short I have a "buying plan" where I typically buy 2-3 of the same box/cab, 1 to smoke through and 2 to age. As soon as the 2nd gets crack you replace it. Before you know it, you get a very nice collection of well aged cigars :thumb:
  7. Somebody want to bring me back a Partagas 170th or 2?
  8. I have some from the 60's and 70's that are still awesome with lots of legs That's the funnest part to me is aging and seeing them progress over a long period of time. It's pretty awesome
  9. ST Dupont X-Tend (aka MaxiJet) and when I'm feeling fancy a Ligne 2 But the Eagle Jet's are awesome too, especially for outside and lighting the firepit and fireplace LOL
  10. Hopefully by shared he meant give him one, each smoked their own Not that I'm against giving a few puffs out but sharing a 2-3 hour long cigar with someone sounds nasty to me LOL
  11. Dang, I thought I was the only one. I love a good stained wax paper in a 50 cab. I also get giddy when I've aged a box and they are crazy box pressed These Partagas Seleccion Privadas from 2000 that I just cracked open had both a sweet box press and stained paper
  12. Man, I'm really sorry for you loss. I can't imagine. God speed on your family's recover. PS - Make sure you hit "Best of the West" jerk stand, Rockhouse for dinner and Rick's to watch the diver's :thumb:
  13. I second the cooler. I have about 10 120 and 150qt Rubbermaid marine coolers and no more cabinets or desktops. I have a smaller cooler for singles and as a dry boxing humidor. Been using them for about 15 years now
  14. I know this is old but I've been getting inquires as to if I'm still around. Yep LOL Still chugging away 20% off using the code foh2018 ~Mark Neff www.HBSHumidifiers.com
  15. What a great set up! I dig the lion lock.
  16. I like it but I'm a gadget nut. Only problem is I have like 12 coolers and 3 humidors...so, that's like over $3k in sensors.
  17. @N2advnture @HumidityBeadSystem ? Is there an "official" FOH instagram account?

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