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  1. This scene cracks me up every time. Paul Newman seems to be close to laughing at one point
  2. Had R&J churchill from the Christmas sampler and really enjoyed it. Notice that a lot of users have the wides on their list. Same taste profile as the Churchills? Thanks.
  3. First cigar from Christmas sampler and first BBF ever. Wanted to try it as I anticipate some good boxes will be up on 24:24 based on El Presidente's warehouse pics! Cold draw-Leather, good draw 1/3: sour in a good way, no bitterness 2/3: creaminess, maybe some bitter chocolate. Nuttiness as well. 3/3: more cream and chocolate 90+. Great burn throughout. Total smoke time 80 minutes. Definitely interested in getting a box of these.
  4. Looks great! Do you anticipate the Shorts showing up next week on 24:24? Thanks.
  5. I don’t recall seeing any Sir Winnies on 24:24 for the past 3-4 months that I have been on the forum. Are they difficult to find?

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