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  1. Thank you @Puros Y Vino for sharing. Sounds like smoking a Davidoff was and is a unique experience. I have seen some boxes for sale amongst collectors only and it only confirms what a masterpiece they must be. ...and so the hunt begins for a Davidoff stick then. Can someone lend me their time machine to go back to 1969/1970?
  2. Not easy to follow up on a Siglo 6 but this little gem did it. Cracking cigar. Very complex and the first time I can distinguish apricot flavor in a cigar! Punched its way into my top cigar of July!
  3. For those who have smoked a Cuban-made Davidoff back in the days or now. How would you describe the flavor or experience? Do they remind you of anything in the current production line or back then, what was the closest flavor profile, Cohibas/Hoyo or?
  4. Has anyone smoked a cold cigar straight out of the freezer? Maybe it's the best thing ever on a hot summer's day. A cold cigar and a warm beer. Yum.
  5. If I won a major event in golf I'd get everyone Montecristo Open Eagles.
  6. Very reliable sources have told me this is future Cohiba release that will never be released since it doesn't exist and never will.
  7. Very nice cigar and review. Didn't know they existed this long and slim. No direct correlation, but for a second the cigar name brought back a movie scene from Blood In Blood Out (if anyone recalls).
  8. Glad you enjoyed this one even though just a tiny bit of caramel again but hope more will come out with a bit of time down.
  9. New coffee spots, lounges, restaurants added
  10. Assume best intentions. Your friend probably had no idea. He just gave them away without looking into them in details. You have to also consider that he didn't smoke one before. While smoking with you, he probably knew, but kept quiet since he felt bad, and didn't want to ruin the situation and look like a fool. Plus I hear at weddings people drink, and it's unclear how buzzed he was. Behind the scenes he maybe even went back to the seller to complain. Just be honest say you smoked another one, and say those cigars you gave me tasted awful. Keep giving comments like that until he either s
  11. Had a few from most recent years and they're all on point. Pretty much flawless cigars except for the sometimes bitter taste. Like that 90% pure dark chocolate bar you bought by accident thinking it was a 60% because your upside down reading skills were compromised by too many Appletinis.
  12. Maybe try a couple of them first to see if you like them and they fit in your rotation. You might find that you prefer to have one solid Upmann instead of 2-3 cheaper ones. The HUHC is a good compromise and a solid smoke on its own.
  13. This is a fresh rolled cigar. Well, it was 2-3 years ago or more when I got it. They call it cuban seed, non-cuban - Cuban, fresh cuban and other names. Actually very tasty.
  14. We do the occasional blind tasting and not surprising - we often get it wrong. However, we do also get it right, and I would say it's not because we are able to distinguish exact flavors (peanut / chocolate / grass etc) and match them to a typical brand or profile. It's probably more that we've smoked so many of the same brand so many times, that we start to associate that flavor with that cigar or cigar brand. The actual flavor, honestly, we can call it whatever our palate tells it is based on our upbringing, good experiences, and other creative ways to describe things plus the occ
  15. Good morning cigar. Tasty Vigia to kick off the week.

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