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  1. With the willingness and ability to pay combined with insatiable demand, Hong Kong has probably the highest prices in the world at B&Ms.
  2. I enjoy P2 young and get that peppery taste, if you buy a box you can sample them every now and then until you find a flavor profile you like. The good thing about P2s is that they come in Tubos and small boxes to the full 25s. The last P2 I had in Jan / Feb was from 2017 with about 4 years on it and it was excellent
  3. Took a walk on the wild side today. Tried an Open Regata which was better than I expected which made me happy since I've got a box that I won't touch for 5 years at least before venturing out in the NC world with an Ashton.
  4. I haven't identified this baked apple before I think. Let me smoke one of each on the list and report back! should be done in about 20 min or so.
  5. Hello Everyone, We are lucky to have so many good places in Hong Kong to smoke cigars and enjoy the company of fellow cigar aficionados. This is an effort to gather the most updated information on spots for those in Hong Kong now and those coming to visit after Covid. If you are looking for a place that sells sticks and want to sit down and enjoy a cigar, or if you want bring your own cigar (BYOC) to smoke somewhere, keep on reading. General information about Hong Kong for those who have not been here yet: It is second to none in terms of places where to smoke – there are liter
  6. Elegant watch but the most beautiful Zenith "collaboration" ever made is the Rolex Daytona😉☺️
  7. Thanks for sharing, it is suspect! A big question is what's the provenance of the box? Since most records point at 1998 as the first year of release (I have sticks from this year) If it's 1995 is should be very rare and documented somewhere. The fonts looks odd with its irregular sizes, positioning and boldness, the black color is too strong somehow. It might be just the light or angle of the photos, but the 1998s I have seen have usually lighter color wrappers. Will follow the thread for more experts to comment.
  8. I'm hoping my special one this weekend will be a six speed manual stick of a classic Italian!
  9. Oh it didn't fool me when we did this blind tasting ! I nailed the Upmann 50 within the first 5 min, that Upmann DNA was everywhere. I think what helped me what that I've had the 46, Connie A, Connie B, Connie 2 and Sir Winnie in my last 10/12 cigars or so.
  10. The missus knows I spend half of my money on Wine, Whisky and Cigars. The other half I waste.
  11. It was very good agree. Almost bought a box myself tbh.
  12. Without a doubt this Partagas 898 I posted the other day on the Daily smokes thread. Why? Simply pure spices, balanced aroma, perfect draw, but most importantly - raw sugar flavor. There was an incredible sweetness to it that came early late in the 1/3 and stayed all along until the end. Never had that before. Glorious perfection. I almost regret promising 3 away to the boys.

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