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  1. Incredible work. This is why BR and FOH is second to none. Also appreciate the closer look of these.
  2. Makes sense to buy to smoke a few and sell the rest stick by stick as an alternative of keeping the box intact. It will probably only go up in value either way, might as well enjoy it. Besides a few sticks that look like damaged paint brush bristles, does it appear to have a beetle hole on one of the sticks? Might not affect too much and all the bugs are dead by now or they would look like the CORO from the other day's posting.
  3. They had to go to three different countries to source enough tobacco to make these.
  4. Rarely smoke Petit Coronas but glad I did. I read a thread last week about different R&J so decided to pick up a few to try. Great little cigar, perfect with a morning coffee to start off the day.
  5. Beautiful box, looks like they used an older version.
  6. Without knowing much of the background of donation situation to Cuba during the pandemic this is an encouraging initiative to help with funds to fight Covid. Hope the money will reach the most in need - businesses or individuals. https://oncubanews.com/en/cuba/habanos-s-a-distributors-donate-half-a-million-dollars-to-fight-covid-19-in-cuba/?amp Inocente Núñez, co-president of Habanos S.A., thanked the contribution of the company’s exclusive distributors, who make up a network present in more than 150 countries and were the promoters of the initiative.
  7. If it helps, I asked the question to an established B&M in HK and they said it's a good deal if they can get the trade done without extra money. They value brands like Cohiba much more and the Behike is the pinnacle. Just a perspective.
  8. I find the Vigias are light to medium body with full flavor. The Esmeraldas, medium body with medium flavor. The Media Luna, full body, full flavor. I've only had one Topes, and it was medium body with medium flavor, much like an Esmeralda. In terms of blend preference, I do like them all but if they made the Media Luna in a Esmeraldas size, that would be an ideal cigar for me.
  9. I agree with this. Would it make sense to have one competition deciding which cigar it is (A) , and (B) deciding which ones are aged. Separate deadlines for each. So submit the cigars weekly, and with the fifth email coming in, add which ones were aged. Not much more work for the team as they used a spreadsheet previously. They would just need to add the aged comment retroactively. Hope my explanation makes sense!
  10. Looks like someone dug this one up from six feet under just in time for Halloween
  11. 2021 FOH Blind Tasting #1. Couldn't help myself, had to give it a go. Overall, very good cigar and I really liked it. I managed to identify that I have no clue what it is.
  12. If you want to try a good lounge, JJ Fox is really nice and you get free coffee (at least pre-covid, haven't been there since). Classy and classic. UK retail prices.

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