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  1. Your other issue is that even though it's not sold as a raffle ticket, it is an opportunity drawing for something of value and generally illegal unless you're a non profit. I think you'd have to give everyone that walks in the door a ticket to participate even if they don't spend a cent for it to be ok. Would you get caught? probably not. Not sure what the penalty is either.
  2. Well said @ChibearsvForums can be pretty negative but you all keep this place civil, on point, educational and fun! Except for the exchanges between that one guy @Elpresidenteand @Ken Gargett I hope 2022 brings them closer physically and emotionally
  3. Christmas arrival from our host. Been on FOH a little over a year and patiently waited for these to pop up on 24:24. Will most likely wait until Christmas next year to try one. Happy holidays to the FOH team and community at large.
  4. I had the same experience with mine. It was really plugged even with perfect draw drilling. Too bad.
  5. The Monte Maltes are pure chocolate. Pretty great if you’re into that profile.
  6. Cohiba Siglo VI JL #2 Partagas P2 Trinidad Coloniales Punch SdP
  7. According to the Cuban cigar weight guide the Dumas should weigh in at 11.58 Grams. Weigh a bunch to determine the possible underfilled cigars. that way you won't inadvertently vacuum seal the properly filled ones if that's the path you go down.
  8. Definitely part of the fabric of the 60s. It’s clear he struggled with being a songwriter vs. being a hired actor to portray a songwriter. I think he did it well with his writing. His mom invented what became Papermate White-Out which is amazing in itself!
  9. lol- reminds me of this- https://www.npr.org/2019/03/10/702063209/man-inadvertently-proves-that-hipsters-look-alike-by-mistaking-photo-as-himself
  10. Thanks- Not all full bottle purchases but as we travel and see a drink or two left in a Blanton's bottle at a bar we order some and ask for the topper. I even go as far as to ask the bartender to sign with a date and location. Sometimes the only way to remember the evening. So far, Asia and Scotland seems to have the lions share of this stuff.
  11. Always 2 sides to a story- Maybe the BIL always serves a nice dinner of steak & lobster with expensive wine and at the the cigar guy's house they just have some microwave dinners and box wine. Or, cigar guy is a pain in the [email protected]# and the BIL wonders how many of his expensive smokes does he need to suffer through until the dinner is just a twice a year event. Either way, talk to the BIL.
  12. Went to Santa Barbara for a few work meetings and brought home my new smoking buddy a wood 1960s cigar store Indian. Was told it came from a tobacco store in Wyoming. Also a haul of Cohiba. Some bound for BR. Enjoy the weekend!

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