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  1. COVID killed my back too. Probably partly due to additional Lbs over the holidays. I need to research the hip exercises. As I enjoy my cigar 😀
  2. My first Esplendido (GEL JUL 20). Arrived to me Dec 18. Couldn’t wait any longer. So far so good. A tad tight on the draw and had to mend a bit of the wrapper. Thankful to have this one with more to spare. Also thankful for the San Diego weather despite CA politics. I see some some of you wearing gloves and heaters 2 ft away and admire your perseverance and thick blood! Cheers
  3. Thx! It's tough right now, everything is way over priced. I actually got some of the Blanton's in Japan at cost but had to lug them home, I have been seeing people post of Pappy at Costco in Atlanta, Hope it comes out West!
  4. Those would go nice with the smoking jacket I'm going to have to buy!
  5. My first Culebra. Pretty good so far. How do you review them without sounding like a Horse race commentator ? In the first turn it’s got slight pepper, catching up on the 2nd turn it’s sweet nut, heading into the last turn it’s bell pepper. Crazy shape for the win.
  6. I have the same BEL code and date as those Lusitania and a BEL, May 20 RyJ short Churchill box of 10.
  7. From our host. The wrapper on the Diplo is perfect!
  8. Could HSA create a nicely designed PP Jar for REs? Or any other cigar for that matter, and meet the Canadian requirements?
  9. Mom, Patches got out of his cage. Just eat your chicken and we will look for him later.
  10. Even with the wet weather looks great! I’m looking at spots in Maui to take the family while I “Work From Home” there for a few weeks. Enjoy!
  11. First Siglo VI - AMP NOV 19. So far just ok, notes of hay, wet grass, cedar. Needs more time probably. Mount Gay XO was a gift, just ok too.

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