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  1. Melinda get's 1/2 of all Microsoft e-mail in Bill Gates divorce settlement?
  2. Outlook not showing emails as Microsoft confirm 365 outage MICROSOFT has confirmed that a new outage tonight is stopping Outlook users from viewing their emails. By GARY JONES PUBLISHED: 22:36, Tue, May 11, 2021 | UPDATED: 22:40, Tue, May 11, 2021 Maybe Ken?
  3. I've received some fantastic tea from the Friend's of Longjing site during their 24:24
  4. Seems to me they should have made the the 55th anniversary EL a 55 RG.
  5. HdM in the Valle de Guadape. Baja’s Napa. Beautiful year round.
  6. Just arrived to the Sea of Cortez. Baja, Ca. KTM 890 Rally and a Juan Lopez 2. Not sure things get much better.
  7. Interesting question and making me think about how I approached my recent sampler of the Monte Dumas, Maltes, Leyenda releases. When I opened the sampler pack they literally smelled like a bag of chocolate. I had the Maltes and immediately ordered a box as a dessert cigar. It was amazing and the sweetest cigar I have ever had. Then I had the Dumas and it fell short, but to your point the burn was not as consistent and I may have rushed it. I have yet to try the Leyenda and will see what happens. I'm sure it also boils down to other factors, but I'm anxious to keep investigating.
  8. Story of my life! Always a day late. I hear Bitcoin might take off.
  9. Based on reviews I would be tempted to go in on a box of Bolivar Gigantes, despite never had one. Not sure the $ would be reasonable. I have also seen that “reasonable” is very subjective at auction time.
  10. I have a box of Trinidad Esmerelda TLE Feb 20. Based on all the rave reviews I had read on the Esmerelda, my first 2 out of the box did not live up to expectations. Hopefully they will improve with a year on them. Inconsistent burn, low smoke output and not complex at all.
  11. Amazing catalog! Congratulations on the success. I have won a few auctions and enjoyed the experience from bid to burn. Cheers to many more!
  12. HDMDC -great cigar and a great label/band. Anchor Steam -great beer and horrible new label...

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