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  1. Just received my Connie 2 today. I'm pretty excited so I may smoke one Sunday and will post. However, I only have a 2015 Connie A to compare it against so.. Happy to give one of my # 2 to @NSXCIGAR since he appears local and might have a comparable Connie 1??
  2. At the end of the day the cops had to detain him. His record states he is Born to Run. Sorry, someone had to say it.
  3. Uh oh- This could get ugly. According to the news Bruce Springsteen recently walked out of a bar and into jail
  4. Looking forward to the reviews! I have several of them and interested to read your perspective. Somewhat worried I'll start spending or chasing those I don't have that get great reviews
  5. Lol! I’d happily share them with her if she was into it. I could buy more!
  6. I saw some exchanges in the 24:24 chat about buying habits and buying boxes to smoke now and some to hold. Maybe even selling boxes on BR in a few years at a nice profit to fund more cigars or something else. I never looked at Cigars as an investment until I followed BR and it seems reasonable that you could make some money at it as a pastime. Then it occurred to me, there isn't a sole in my family that has active knowledge of what I have spent, potential future value, or the slightest inkling of what to do with the cigars if something unexpected were to occur. I have a very open relatio
  7. Beauties Pres! When might we see some Lanceros? Asking for a friend
  8. Well, I was setting up what I thought would be a good shot for posting but F'd it up. Initially my significant other said " oh, this wine has a hint of raisins". I thought, I know exactly what to light up! The RASS! The cigar was tasting great and the wine was good.. Unfortunately the entire cigar got soaked otherwise I could have tested the cigar dipping theory. Now the wine and cigar are really similar in flavor!
  9. Dang! Post the recipe for all that. PLEASE!!!! Looks amazing.
  10. Chiefs O line is not at full compliment. Drink for every Mahomes run for 1st down

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