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  1. Siglo VI in Scottsdale AZ. The VI are proving to be my #1 cigar. Financially speaking, I wish they weren’t. Paired with some Blantons and my fancy pants wallet and cigar case courtesy of a lucky evening in Las Vegas
  2. You guys should write country music. All the lyrics are capture here nicely!
  3. Diplo 2 Trinidad Coloniales Punch 898 Partagas P2 HU Connie A BBF Juan Lopez #2 CoLa Lusitania Hoyo DC
  4. So say they are worth $300 each (guesstimate), what would you do with the $2100? Buy a recent box + of Behikes and age them? Pay a bail bondsman ? Noted that if you keep them now and in the future, you will burn up hundreds of dollars on each smoking experience. You have a first world conundrum!
  5. True on the palate front- I gave my sister some Pappy 20 bourbon and she went and put Coke in it..
  6. Got 2! They are going to look great next to my Rolls Royce whiskey and cigar cellarette I just ordered!
  7. Just had the 1st Partagas Maduro #1 from the box - TOS OCT 16. Tasted like soap. First time experiencing this phenomenon. Fingers crossed it was just the one. It did improve a bit on the last 3rd to that “grandma’s purse”flavor. Who ever first identified that specific flavor is hilarious but spot on.
  8. Could a Friday afternoon heading into the weekend start off any better? Enjoy!
  9. I agree- But the Yankees are second to the Dodgers (formerly of Brooklyn NY) and just ahead of the Mets. It seems to be a NY thing. 2021 26 Man Payroll 1 Los Angeles Dodgers LAD $189,583,011 2 New York Yankees NYY $162,454,279 3 New York Mets NYM $144,170,998
  10. Congrats and enjoy the journey!! That kit he's got will really validate the "LiverPoo" jab the Everton Fans give ya. Go Everton
  11. I'm about to share the same picture here! Should help me deflect some stares. The "but look at all the shoes and purses you buy" argument is losing steam...
  12. Good challenge! I’m in and will nail at least 1 if it’s a culebra!
  13. Wow. You might be able to sell what you cut off😀 Or, there goes your career as a Mohel. At any rate, hope you enjoyed it!
  14. I use a Govee WiFi monitor and Govee temp and humidity display not sure my stacking is ideal just yet but I was concerned about overall temp primarily I’ll keep you in mind if I sell the dividers still settling on how to organize
  15. I Look forward to a review as there aren’t many. I’m sitting on a box from a few months ago and debating on selling, smoking, aging or partial trading. 50 cabs take up a ton of humidor real estate.
  16. LUB JUL 15 Connoisseur A. Found a bar in San Francisco that you can smoke in!
  17. Nice! One of my current favorites but trying to manage inventory.
  18. Fan of the Raching so far but only 1` week in. Holds approx 64 boxes here. The temp and humidity are consistent. The display is about *+2 on humidity but temp is spot on. It took 8 days to ship to me from LA but they said it was the last one they had in stock. Not sure I would have gone with Gold and the Maple but it’s impressive in person! Glad I did and went with it since it was a quick turnaround as they suffer challenges like everyone with sea shipping. It came well packed and seems like quality construction and kit. Sukie at Raching was very communicative and responded quickly to all qu

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