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  1. Agreed with many of the comments above. Sometimes they're amazing: creamy with sudden flashes of sweetness and/or nutmeg/spices. But this is not the majority. Most are just smooth and subtle - cream and wood that does not hit the high notes. It's like eating padron peppers... most of them are OK but once in a while you hit a flavour bomb.
  2. This is the last cigar from the Christmas sampler I will try this winter, and the first Quai d’Orsay cigar I’ve ever tried. Looking forward to this! I initially paired this with a local IPA, but since it was cold out I switched to an Auchentoshan Three Wood to warm up at halfway. Cigar seems well made, but wrapper is nondescript. I used a punch and the draw of this large ring gauge was surprisingly firm. Too firm, so PerfecDraw helped out. First third was mild: woody, very slight coffee/cream, and a bready-buttery flavour overall (maybe doughnut is one way to describe it). Not bad. Second
  3. Cigar is firm and construction seems good. I used a punch and the draw was perfect: not too loose and not too tight... just enough to slow things down. First third - coffee and shortbread, and some sweetness. The ash is very white against the dark wrapper. Is this a good sign or a bad one? I have heard it makes no difference but it looks nice. Is this a maduro? Looks like a maduro, but am not sure… In any case, the first third is pleasant, with good Upmann flavours. Second third becomes more leathery, and the shortbread flavour is joined with almonds. Strong almond is dominant, plus some
  4. I paired this holiday treat along with a tasty lager from a local brewery. Wrapper is a rich brown, of course maduro with a rough texture and no oiliness apparent. In my opinion this cigar was underweight - it felt very light and insignificant in the hand. Partagas seem to be squishier than some other Marcas, but the lightness here was very noticeable for a cigar this size. I used a punch and the draw was way too loose. Unfortunately it stayed loose throughout the smoke. Ah well. First third, was surprisingly light. I thought the maduro would be rich and strong, but not so. The burn tunne
  5. Cigar is nice and oily looking with a few small tears that occurred during shipment: it arrived slightly curved, but straightened out on its own over a month or so. I used my punch, but paired no booze with this holiday offering. The draw was firm. It was firm throughout the smoke, too firm in fact... needed the Perfecdraw at 2/3 to get past a plug located in the head. No touch ups were needed for burn though - when it got wonky it would straighten out by itself. Ash was circular and very solid, did not fall off easily. Smoke output was excellent and the smell was surprisingly sweet and r
  6. Here goes my first attempt at a review. Split a box from our host just over a year ago with a fellow Canuck. This is the last one from that batch. Wrapper is smooth and a little bit oily, cigar is very solid - no soft spots. Draw was firm, a few I’ve had from this box have plugged, but this one was fine and the draw good throughout. Ash was good and burn was straight until butterfingers dropped it when fumbling with his phone to take a photo. Reviewing is harder than it looks! A couple corrections to burn was needed after this, maybe my fault for dropping it, but did
  7. Hi all, I'm a new member from Canada... Been lurking for a couple of months, and reading a lot of the terrific info on this site. This is a great forum! I've been smoking cigars here and there for approx 20 years, but did not know what I was doing. Happy to be able to join FOH and learn more.

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