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  1. Bolivar Tubos no1 2015 from recent FOH auction. Smoked this one ROTT since I couldn’t wait… and I was not disappointed. Outstanding cigar, smooth yet palate coating. Buttery, nutmeg and allspice - almost like a Partagas, biscuit, prune, leather. Rich smoke and immaculate burn.
  2. Only two this year, both chucked for their harsh taste not construction… Plenty of wind tunnels, and plugs that were fixed with the perfect draw, more or less. But I generally don’t pitch those. Not bad overall. I have about 2 cigars per week unless I’m on vacation. 😉
  3. Bolivar CJ - MSU 19 box… perfect short cold weather number.
  4. Cohiba Siglo IV, 2017 from a recent 24:24… a new favourite smoke! Amazing. Rich and complex smoke. Coffee and cream, lemon grass (very evident), and some marzipan and light spice at back end. Glad I had this one tonight with a break in the cold weather. Best Cohiba I’ve had so far..
  5. Great review! Your point about taking it slow applies to other Montes too in my opinion. Can get harsh easily if smoked rapidly..
  6. No kidding - that has to be the biggest cigar store I have ever seen! The HVAC of the space must be a feat of engineering...
  7. Unorthodox, but decided to have two small cigars rather than one larger one… Upmann HC - coffee and shortbread vs Partagas Shorts spice and hazelnut. Party won this round but it was close. HUHC needs more time perhaps..
  8. Thank you for all the reviews - they are excellent and I’ve learned a great deal from your commentary!
  9. Partagas P2… I’m digging the nutty raisin notes on this. The hype is accurate!
  10. Nice review. These are smoking great - I get similar core flavours but more biscuit and lemon peel than the no2s..
  11. Partagas E2 BLT NOV 1... Opened with graham cracker / butter. Earthy and delicate combo of spices: clove, ginger, nutmeg. Chestnut and cream. Almost always a hit, in this case crappy burn notwithstanding.
  12. Bolivar MSU 19 are awesome, but how do you think they compare to the TUA 21’s? I find both are smoking really well…

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