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  1. Do you think they lose complexity over time? I have a box, first few were very interesting - interplay of spices that was really unique and exciting - then I had one recently after a year or so, and just - a peanut creamy flavour. I didn’t dislike it but seems to have lost the bite. Maybe just a bad one, but am wondering about the long term for these…
  2. Thanks for the info. I was blown away by a La Fuerza recently so am going to get these too if they show up! Love the molasses flavour.
  3. Thanks for the review. I can’t make up my mind about the RASS either, the raisin is a nice taste but it’s either too strong or too smooth like you described.
  4. 2020 Monte no2 smoked while unpacking my latest FOH goodies. These have been indeed excellent lately… can’t decide if I should get a box since I usually smoke the Edmundos and have a good stock of them already.
  5. Ya, it’s cheaper here - maybe close to $40… and that’s Canadian prices which are ridiculous
  6. Really? I’m in Canada and this is my regular bourbon here! Very good.
  7. Vegas Robaina Famoso - just got this 2021 box and smoked one ROTT. Lightest wrapper I’ve seen this year. Surprisingly complex blend of raisins, toasted tobacco, dates, and spice that twist round and round during a long pleasantly mild to medium smoke. Very happy with it. Do they age well?? I hope so!
  8. 2021 Bolivar RC.. this one was a bit stronger-bodied with leather and earthy flavours. Cocoa still there but not as sweet as its other box-mates so far. Nice nonetheless.
  9. Monte Edmundo - excellent. A 2020 box that has rated 4.5/5 reliably this year. Like smoking a chocolate biscuit with hints of nut and spice.
  10. Thanks for the mini-review! Happy that I recently snagged a box of these on 24:24. Still trying for the Coloniales, but three strikes so far... it's like a one minute window!
  11. I would echo the comments about the La Fuerza… just had one recently and it smoked well with a unique malty sweet (molasses) taste. Best find of the year, and would have not tried it last few years because I was stuck on Hoyo and Upmann. Now I gravitate to Boli and Partagas more… I never would have guessed… Pushing your palate by trying a lot of singles or quarter boxes on 24:24 is the ticket.
  12. Quai d’Orsay 50… nice cigar overall, I got the egg / brioche taste that I’ve heard about on FOH and enjoyed it (slowly) to the end. Similar to the 54… Surprisingly long smoke, almost 1.5 hours… not bad for a short robusto.

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