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  1. Nice review! I miss the ocean but fingers crossed I will get to see it later this summer.
  2. It seems fitting to post a review the cigar that is the prize itself from this week’s comp... It was short and sweet. Flavours of bread and cedar, then ginger that developed into five spice. A nice and unusual blend of aromas/spices. Cream, with a hint of acidity. The flavours appeared and twisted throughout the smoke which took about an hour. I did not like the first one from this same box earlier, but this 2nd was a wicked little cigar. Very nice: 4/5.
  3. Partagas D4... Good start, marred by a plug that even PerfectDraw couldn't fix. HUHC to the rescue!
  4. I've only had two from this box so far and both have been mild. The Edmundo I had last weekend was even milder but needs more ageing: turned a bit harsh at the end. This was definitely a milder Monte than a no2, Petit Edmundo, etc.
  5. Montecristo Double Edmundo - GEM Jul 20 Tasty smoke this evening - better than the Edmundo?
  6. This was a nice cigar… Biscuit and toasted tobacco, milk chocolate or mild cocoa, with a slight caramel flavour to boot. Like smoking a ‘Petit Ecolier’ cookie. More strength than the Edmundo. I don’t mean strong with nicotine just strong flavour. Spices appeared at back end: nutmeg and clove. It’s like the Monte version of mag 50… longer, thiner, but a slow and mild smoke compared to its Monte counterparts. While it didn’t blow me out of the water, I must say I liked the dEd 50 ring gauge and overall experience. Burn and construction was excellent - no touch ups needed at all. This was a
  7. Thanks for the info! I have a box of BBF to try ageing - the one I had from the Christmas sampler was awesome. Although, I've had BBF before and they didn't do much for me... this recent one totally changed my mind about the cigar. Monte 2 seemed to be inconsistent in the past, and I switched to Edmundo and Double Edmundo for that chocolate flavour. The one from this year was good. It sounds like either these or a box of Partagas is the way to go...
  8. Hi, I’m trying to decide between Monte no2 and Partagas P2, or possibly other pyramides. Both were given high scores in the FOH video reviews, and it seems like the Monte are very popular recently. I’ve had recent Monte which were good but never tried the P2. So am leaning toward the P2 since I like Partagas. I’m looking for the spices, sweetness, and something with more kick, but maybe less kick than Boli Beli Finos. Any recommendations? Are the P2 anything like the D4 or E2? Thanks!
  9. ... how about the BBF? I have a box probably from the same lot coming any day now so just wondering...
  10. H Upmann Connie A - tasty as per usual...
  11. BBF that caught me by surprise, which was tied with a 2019 Epi2 that was just perfect. Perfect everything. Two totally different but memorable experiences.
  12. Nice pairing - I’ll have to try this sometime. Maybe some sliwowica would work too.
  13. EBO SEP 20 (clearance box of 10 from 24:24).
  14. HdM epi 2 Monte Edmundo third one is a wildcard - something stronger like Bolivar, Partagas, or Upmann to keep things interesting

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