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  1. Here goes my first attempt at a review. Split a box from our host just over a year ago with a fellow Canuck. This is the last one from that batch. Wrapper is smooth and a little bit oily, cigar is very solid - no soft spots. Draw was firm, a few I’ve had from this box have plugged, but this one was fine and the draw good throughout. Ash was good and burn was straight until butterfingers dropped it when fumbling with his phone to take a photo. Reviewing is harder than it looks! A couple corrections to burn was needed after this, maybe my fault for dropping it, but didn’t affect my enjoyment! First impression is just light tobacco, maybe some graham cracker… Light and smooth for first third. Faint hint of cocoa or light caramel but a sweet tobacco taste is stronger. Flavour intensifies halfway, and during the last third taste is all toasted tobacco and a caramel flavour. Just over 1.5 hours of mellow smoke. This cigar was straightforward without any major changes or strong flavours. I can’t help but compare this to Monte no.2, which has more pronounced flavours and variations (chocolate, spices, etc), but Monte no.2 has been either really good or bad for me. These have been more consistent. I’d guess that an aged box would be very smooth. I will purchase one some day to test this! Overall 8.7/10
  2. Hi all, I'm a new member from Canada... Been lurking for a couple of months, and reading a lot of the terrific info on this site. This is a great forum! I've been smoking cigars here and there for approx 20 years, but did not know what I was doing. Happy to be able to join FOH and learn more.

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