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  1. Bolivar Coronas Junior. MSU 19 so not strictly speaking 2021… just an amazing Bolivar with elements of dried fruit. Surprising and awesome.
  2. Good read and informative too. Need to find a Chimay sometime soon… Thanks for sharing!
  3. 2020 Monte no2. Excellent taste: chocolate covered almonds, cookie and cream, some spice at back end. Smooth and medium body smoke. Montes are on fire these days, I can’t find much fault with them.
  4. Monte Edmundo Monte No 1 Monte No 2 Party D4 Party Lusitanias BBF BRC BCJ La Fuerza Hoyo Epi 2
  5. Monte no1 - excellent. All the 2019-21 Montes are good in their own (similar) way.
  6. Monte Double Edmundo 2020… perfect draw and wrapper but the no2s this year are tough competitors.
  7. Does anyone have the box code for these? I bought them too… was wondering if they’re the same as the recent (failed) video review…
  8. The first one I had was meh, second was quite good, last two have been terrible. It’s like they’re going into reverse, will try again in a year or so…
  9. Punch short de Punch… started very mild but intensified to bitter and flavours of sandlewood soap. Not sure what to do with the rest of the box, not loving these…
  10. Sunday night HdM Epi2 with a camomile tea. Cream and clove. Burn is wonky, maybe due to extreme humidity this evening. Flavours and awesome though, retro is super smooth, still one of my favourite cigars and 2020s have been killer.
  11. Party Lusitania that I had with a buddy recently after my wife’s birthday dinner. Outstanding, so smooth yet flavourful - I love this cigar when the timing is right!
  12. Ya, it’s weird - when either is on they are very good but the stars don’t align regularly. I had some outstanding Edmundos and no2 this year though, not to mention no1 and the Double Edmundo, which has led me to thinking Monte quality is at a high point now, hence stocking up on these hoping for more.

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