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  1. Yes they have a box on reserve and age them for some time. They then pack the original box in a new box for the Añejados series
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone’s well! Recently just purchased a box of RyJ Churchill Añejados and wanted some opinions on if it’s genuine or fake. Everything seems to check out honestly but what got to me thinking was that the date on the box (SCO E000) I know this line is supposed to be aged at least 10 years but if I’m not mistaken does the code mean these would be around 20 years aged? And from there you know I started to overthink everything lol thank you very much and cheers?
  3. @Lrabold89 @guideright thanks for the advice to go even lower. I changed my order to 58% boveda’s, that will most likely land me at 58rh when the AC is on and at most 62/63rh when the AC is off. I have my wineador in my bedroom so the ac is on at night and off in the day.
  4. @ChangBang yeah I was wondering if like dry boxing could apply here. Not necessarily dry boxing but similar concept in leaving it in a box that has similar conditions to where you’ll be smoking. I used to have an acrylic humidor that held perfect Rh but holding temperature was a struggle. Never really had a bad smoke then but I know it still wasn’t perfect. Now after getting my wineador I had one stick that was horrible. Not sure if it was just a bad stick or if i shocked it. So far only had 2 smokes after changing humidors, will probably have to smoke more to really find out
  5. Yeah it is a struggle to smoke outdoors here, even if it would be ideal to enjoy a cigar by the pool. Starting to think some cigars are more durable than others as I’ve had some of the greatest sticks on a hot sticky day by the beach. Thanks for the advice guys, I’m going to order some 62% bovedas and see how that works out for me.
  6. Hey guys! Thanks for letting me in the community. I’m new here so I’m not sure if this topic or question has been asked before. Anyway, I live in a tropical country and it’s hot and humid on the daily, I recently just purchased an elective cigar cooler so I can keep my cigars at the right temperature. My question is, is it okay to pull a cigar out of the wineador and smoke it right away? Or would it ruin the experience, coming from temps like 18C with RH of 65-67 and smoking it right away in temps at 30C and high high humidity? Cheers guys! Enjoying an RyJ Churchill while writing this.

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