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  1. As above, D5 tends to have a fuller more intense profile, heavier leather and wood without becoming too spicy. Could just be the imagination making up for the 1/2” less of cigar, but overall I’d love the D5 blend (if it is different) in a D4 length.
  2. Just make sure that your cooler is full so you have a critical mass that can maintain the humidity. Empty cooler will still need a lot of bovedas to maintain 62-65, but if it’s full will only require 1-2 as long as your cooler/container has a good seal.
  3. LeBron was filmed lying on his back FaceTiming his mom, smoking a cigar, and was later at the post game press conference smoking a cigar, so I’m guessing after a title match, they get a bit of a free pass… I’d agree for practical terms, A Cohiba Medio Siglo is a good choice for flash, smoke time and enjoyment. But let’s be real, if you’re a star player on a Major sports league winning team, handing out Espys or Siglo VI is chump change. Guess it depends on how big the team is, but a 50 cab of DCs would probably be appropriately flashy for the occasion. Maybe Lusis in honor of MJ
  4. It’s not plume…it’s not mold…it’s shrimpchips! Great review! They’re definitely good looking sticks. I’m waiting on giving mine a little more rest. Should I be so lucky as to get that MSG goodness of Shrimpchips, we shall see.
  5. Soooo, like six months gonna be good chief? 😁 Bond Roberts might see a partial box of LGC MdO4 (TUA MAR 21) available in 2025…
  6. Going to give these a bit of rest before I see what all the fuss is about.
  7. You could tell that guy was gonna win from the first shot of him. Batshit crazy, but one hell of an outdoorsman for sure.
  8. I saw one about 4 years ago in a New Orleans dive bar (it was grungy even by local standards). Not sure if it’s still the case as I haven’t been in a number of years, but in Japan cigarette vending machines used to be everywhere, often paired with an alcohol vending machine.
  9. Maybe something was misconstrued in my post, but I wasn’t specifically saying everyone needed detailed tasting notes. We’re on the same page - any meaningful review of any characteristic of the cigar would be useful, but without linking particular member’s posts, there are those among the weekly reviews that are largely bereft of a meaningful review of the cigar, flavor profile or otherwise. If you’re not leaving anything much useful, it’s kind of a shame for those members who like to read reviews and get other members takes on cigars they like, have yet to try, or might want to be convinced
  10. It’s a generalization - if you can’t be assed enough to include a few notes in a review, you probably don’t care that much about things that usually are included in a review. PROBABLY. Not always, but probably. I am sure that there are exceptions, but its an assumption I make, and It would seem others would agree, so calm down man. Maybe you’re lazy, don’t want to share your experience, or don’t wish to contribute to the forum and hobby in any meaningful way. If one is going to leave a “review”, one could put a little effort into it, share some notes and contribute to the hobby. Don’t ne
  11. I’m guessing a number of these would be “reviews” posted for Review week competitions? Posts with minimal effort to actually review the cigar vs ability to review the cigar are two pretty different things. If members genuinely have nothing to add about a cigar besides pictures and a rating just for an entry in the weeks’ generous drawing, you’re probably getting a good indication of their level of depth and investment into the cigar appreciation aspect of the hobby. I usually ignore those as useless data points since there’s no indication as to why the rating was deserved. If there’s some at

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