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  1. Bolivar Belicosos Finos (24:24 LTO JUN 20* - thanks @Bijan for the box code). Good cigar, classic bolivar profile, but didn’t get too many nuances besides some cacao. Likely needs more time to mature. Was hoping I could be instant BFFs with the BBF, but maybe needs a little more time to shine.
  2. They still run the 100m dash every 4 years, and the times keep getting faster and faster as athletes push the bounds of what we thought is humanly possible. Research is the same. Every few years, something comes along that makes us re-evaluate things. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to live your life. Personally, the incremental potential risks to health are worth the short term enjoyment. Like @NSXCIGAR said, if research that was convincing to me came out said that a cigar or two a day was guaranteed to kill you, I’d probably reconsider. But for now, I’ll keep enjoyi
  3. Is this the Shanks (1998) chapter? Ben-Schlomo (1994): Third edit: I think this table covers all your identified studies and more. Usually a free link can be found through pubmed or google scholar. The really old papers/studies you’re unlikely to find online, but might be possible with some extra google-fu and Institutional access to pu
  4. Shorts (BOE AGO 2018). Good flavors, but had a weird draw. Almost like there was a pinhole somewhere along the length of the cigar, causing the draw to be “leaky”. Frustrating but still good flavor.
  5. Trinidad Coloniales (BST FEB 2020) paired with a pour of Glenfiddich 18 small batch.
  6. Thanks for the reviews John, very enjoyable going through them. I’m not sure which I’m more surprised with: that you’ve already written 48 reviews since Christmas last year...or that you only wrote 48 reviews...
  7. Honestly looks nicer than the cigarette packs of shorts scattered throughout a humidor. Do I need this? no. Do I kind of want this up on 24:24 soon? (Gets credit card ready) yes...?
  8. Between the car bombs, cement mixers and prairie fires, if any of these were to appear, one of your friends was trying to make you puke. Good times being 18.
  9. Have you had a chance to sample any 2020 TUA BPCs? Wondering if they’ve kept up form in 2020 after what seems to have been a stellar year from MSU in ‘19. Also, thoughts on the PCs vs CJ?
  10. Partagas Shorts BOE AGO 18 paired with Laphroaig Cairdeas with a splash of water. SCdH El Principe LGR MAY 19 paired with some spiced rum. Trinidad Reyes MUP ABR 18 paired with an Old Fashioned with cinnamon simple syrup. 3/3 interrupted by a teething infant or sleep regressing toddler.
  11. Party Short, because it’s too cold for much else.
  12. The fact that Transvestites occupy a special place on this guys chart tells me his sample data might be hiding more than a few surprises...
  13. The previous condo we lived in was numbered with Chinese buyers and superstitious folk in mind. We didn’t have a 4th floor, a 13th floor or a 14th floor. This also allowed at 16 story building to be numbered with an 18th floor as well. I’m fully expecting Bond Roberts to follow this for the lunar new year. It’s just good numerology for the minimum bid on the Cohiba Siglo VI GR Cosecha to jump from $12,995 to $15,000 🤣

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