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  1. It’s because cigars from another BOTLs humidor just have that much more twang...or beginners luck 😄. Glad you’re enjoying the sticks!
  2. This is too funny dude. I had a Mag 46 tonight too. We should probably text to make sure we’re not wearing matching outfits to the office.
  3. So it wasn’t just me...this is probably the best of the five I have. inspired by @Lrabold89, tonight’s selection is also a BOE AGO 18 Party Short:
  4. Musical choice has recently been some deep house playlists, but if I’m really wanting to savor and concentrate on flavors, then no music or other distractions. Also now that baseball is back, a beer and cigar is a great way to catch the game.
  5. Yeah, those beef middles are pretty smelly until they start drying out a bit. Nice setup! I looked into a slicer, but in our tiny place, I’m pretty sure if I bought one I’d be the one getting chopped up. I guess if you’re doing culatelos you really do need a good slicer though. whats that espresso setup you’ve got?
  6. Man, those are beefy! I bet that cold room smells fantastic. What’s the slicer setup you use?
  7. Bill was an early adopter of the dipped/wet wrapper cigar. Wonder what kind of enhanced flavor he was going for...
  8. Paula Jones? I’m pretty sure Monica got the cigar...and then Clinton too...
  9. Nice review! I was also surprised at the sweetness that came through in the second third, and the charred rye/molasses flavor is a spot on description for me too. I’ve got two boxes on the way now, probably not part of the regular rotation, but a stick that I definitely want to have aging away.
  10. I would be envious of that calendar. So much free time to do actual work...
  11. A good number of people are apparently super tasters, but the difference Maker probably isn’t the ability to detect tastes or scents, but the ability to recognize them and describe them. Like a good number of other skills, the ability to actually convey what all the information (scent/tastes) represents is what sets apart connoisseurs from people who merely enjoy the product.
  12. As if we all need more reasons to load up on 2019/2020 production...
  13. One pony race that I wouldn’t care to see who’s first out of the gate...
  14. Punch Short du Punch is smoking really well without much down time.
  15. Definitely a go to in my rotation. Full of bold flavors, in a format that you can rush a little and be satisfied with a 30 minute smoke, or really nurse to an hour+ depending on your mood. Any opinions on here on cabs vs dress boxes? Boxes are available pretty consistently and usually at great value; cabs less so and definitely priced higher, but what’s the feeling on the differences for the shorts?

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