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  1. PCC aged Monte 2 thanks to @RichG-LI-NY VR Unicos from a swap with @ChangBang
  2. Chris Taylor single handedly keeping Dodgers hopes alive. What a game he is having. Post season baseball is something else.
  3. The one I smoked the other week wowed me. 5th of a sixer from our hosts, and the previous ones were only ok. This one however was Something else. Creamy, berry/bright acidity/sweetness, slightly woody all round delicious stick. It put Epi 1 on my shopping list for sure.
  4. Sorry to hear of another furry friend passing along doodski.
  5. The 2021 version of this is a laptop dock with built in humidor. The number of all hands meetings that it would have come in handy…
  6. A whole season of garbage is forgotten with a single in the top of the ninth. Good job Cody.
  7. Finally got my hands on some QdO Coronas Claros (TUA MAY 21). Several cracked feet, but no matter. Just going to smoke them anyhow.
  8. As a matter of principle I feel like Yankee fans would cheer against Boston no matter who the opposing team is or what they’ve done. For me, despite the sign stealing, the Astros just play exciting baseball and are a fun team to watch.
  9. I haven’t tucked into too many 2020S, but the standouts among them would be Reyes, Vigia, BBF, and Monte Especial #2
  10. Perhaps in the minority here, but I find the Esmereldas (or perhaps the couple I’ve tried) to be fairly mild, not particularly intense in flavor, a bit bland for such a large cigar. Topes had more of a woodier complexion, but overall similar to the Esmerelda. Vigia I find to be closer to the Reyes or Coloniales in terms of Marca DNA. I’d agree with @NSXCIGAR that of the three, strength goes Reyes>Vigia>Coloniales. Haven’t had a fundie or ML (just got a box of ML recently), so we’ll see where it sits for me.
  11. I’m rooting to see the Southsiders take on the dodgers. The transformation of that franchise has been amazing, and they’re definitely the team having the best time paying baseball. Sucks that my Blue Jays didn’t even make it to the WC game, but they’re going to be a force next year.
  12. On a Mac Miller kick lately. This one hits the mood lately:
  13. To my understanding, it is currently illegal to import or purchase/sell Cuban cigars in the US. But you’re allowed to own them, as the cigars themselves are not subject to control after they would have been imported previous to the current ban. Just because the importation is made illegal, doesn’t necessarily make the product itself illicit unless explicitly done so in the legislation. It’s just tricky explaining owning cigars with a box date after October 2020, but owning Cuban cigars in itself isn’t illegal.
  14. QdO 50 SOU DIC 19. Perfect with a morning coffee.

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