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  1. One would think (especially so in a pre-Instagram world), wines/alcohol would be considered less conspicuous than handbags as an outward signifier of status. So while consumption rises, perhaps since it’s a less obvious flex, people are more amenable to drinking lower tier offerings in their own homes?
  2. That’s assuming that the consumer is a connoisseur. I would bet a good many who shell out for luxury products wouldn’t know the difference between a CoRo and any other robusto (which mind you, even “enthusiasts” don’t get it right) if it weren’t for the conspicuous branding telling them it’s a luxury product, especially something like a cigar where the difference between good and exceptional are highly subjective. While I’m at certain that there are a good number of folks that can appreciate the difference, I’d wager there there are just as many if not more that can just as easily shell out for the luxury and not know what they’re smoking so long as it’s not a complete dog rocket. That customer doesn’t care about box codes, trocedors or medio tiempo, they care about exclusivity and perception. And they’ll keep paying Cohiba prices so long as the branding keeps up the exclusivity and luxury perception.
  3. Spongeworthy is such an apt way to think of it. Every time you want to have a Cohiba or Trinidad, you have to consider “is it really worth getting F’d by HSA for this?”
  4. Tie between a P2 that made me glad to have another box on the way, and a Punch Punch that made me wonder why I don’t have another box on the way.
  5. It definitely wasn’t stored properly - just a few faint whisps of bubbles and a coppery color, although it isn’t taste bad. I wasn’t expecting anything and I wasn’t disappointed. Won’t be going back for another bottle though.
  6. Found at a local store. No cloudiness or sediment, so I thought why not. Ended up having very little bubbles, but was fun to have a 32 year old bottle of Perrier Jouet nonetheless.
  7. Monte 4 (LEP JUN 16) courtesy of a trade with @ChangBang, paired with a fresh pour of Glen Dronach Revival 15. Very fruity, sweet honeyed scotch probably will pair nicely with something more fruit forward (thinking a Mag 50 may be the next pairing for me).
  8. Realized I haven’t bought a sherry cask finished scotch in some time. Rectified that with a Glen Dronach Revival 15. Should have paired with a VR or RA. Quite liking Revival. Any recommendations for a next bottle?
  9. My younger kid is not yet two. By the time he’s old enough, if I told him that as kids we’d try to get the corner store to sell us a Penthouse magazine and cigarettes, I don’t know if he’d be more shocked that we were trying to buy smokes and porn, or the fact that porn was in a magazine format at one point in ancient history.
  10. Seems like these are rolled for one to three months, available in the two or three months after they’re rolled, and then disappear again. SWs were popping up periodically on multiple vendors last summer it seems and people were getting boxes from Dec 20- Mar 21. I think I recall seeing several different codes for Party 898s as well, spread over a few months in late 20. MdO4s seemed like they were all rolled in March at the Partagas factory, then as soon as they arrived on the scene, poof, they dried up. Was it always like this for harder to find vitolas?
  11. Certainly not one of the high profile SW/898/etc, but seems SP Belicosos might also fit the bill?
  12. For the first (quite cold) quarter of the year: Party Shorts Party Shorts Party Shorts Party Shorts Party Shorts BBF
  13. Take a page out of the Chinese counterfeiters book and rename the site “Friends of Hobanos”
  14. I’m scared to see him return to Baltimore…and back to his Baltimore self.
  15. With the Mets medical staff, Scherzer is going to be out with foul humors, and DeGrom will be afflicted by hysteria. But fingers crossed for the Mets. Would be an absolute beast of a rotation.
  16. They’re really looking good again this year. Really like the move to get Chapman. If him and Springer have full healthy seasons, it more than makes up for the loss of Semien I think. Rotation is looking pretty solid too. Nothing stellar, but very solid guys up and down. Looking good so far in ST, so hopefully they have a strong showing this year.
  17. Such sad news, even if I don’t have the pleasure of knowing him well. Rest In Peace.
  18. Weather warming up in New England. Enjoying it to the fullest, just appreciating the chance to unwind a little without having to freeze my ass off. Rio Seco from the ‘21 Christmas Sampler BBF (TUA SEP 20)
  19. We got the Karu 12 multi fuel. Took two or three tries to get the fuel mix right so that it isn’t too cool but isn’t too hot either. Cooks a mean Neapolitan in about 90 seconds. Hard to eat just a few slices….
  20. Despite the best efforts of a new Ooni pizza oven, I’ve managed to shed a few pounds it seems. Despite the insignificant numerical change, I’m already feeling better and the pants are a little looser already.
  21. Partagas Shorts (REG SEP 18) First from a new cab. All the bands have oxidized in parts. Did these start life really wet or something?

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