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  1. Im also a massive fan of the Sir Winnie, love the Churchill vitola also. I wasn’t considering buying a box of the 15 EL, just a single from my local shop as I’m sure they will disappear within the next few years and I would like to experience one. I definitely wouldn’t recommend the jar release. I’m also not a fan of the Connie A as it’s a little light which is odd because many seem to think the B is lighter than the A but I get far more flavour from the B personally. The B and Sir Winnie would certainly be my desert island cigars
  2. hi guys, As a lover of Upmann and having never smoked a Magnum 56, I decided to smoke a single of the newer jar release. I have to say, I'm a little underwhelmed. It's a great smoke but it lacks the depth I was expecting and is a little light for me. Coffee, cream and shortbread are all present however the cigar didn't evolve as I was expecting and is certainly on the light side, even for an Upmann. Burn and construction was fantastic but I'm not sure that justifies the price tag. The Connie B is my favorite from the marca and probably my favorite cigar of all and was expecting that to change after smoking this. I'd liken it to a larger and more balanced Magnum 54. I've been hesitating as to whether or not to pick up a 2015 LE 56 because of the price tag and am curious to hear your thoughts as to how the two compare. I'm sure they are in different leagues, especially considering the LE now has 7 years on it. My understanding is that the LE also had a much darker wrapper ?
  3. This is my worry, I can pick up a 25 box of Connie A's for around $100 more. I've also seen the mediocre reviews and I've yet to see any mediocre reviews on a sir winnie although I have no idea where to find them ?
  4. Hi guys, Looking at buying a box of really nice cigars for special occasions and the Esmeralda seems like a good, cost effective option especially as it comes in boxes of 12. I've heard people comparing them to a Siglo VI and wanted to hear your opinions on how they compare with higher end cigars like the Siglo VI, Lusitania, Leyenda etc. Thanks guys and merry Christmas !
  5. Saw the Siglo V1 grand reserve 2003 on sale for 500 euros a stick the other day which is insane for a single !
  6. I've had many singles but never bought a box. The last 2 I had were unfortunately pretty badly under filled. When not under filled though they are by far my favorite in the ryj churchill range. Great smokes. The pairing you chose sounds great also !
  7. I love partagas shorts, el pricipes, RASCC, upmann majestics and as mentioned above AF short story. Not a fan of HUHC, they're just too short for me. Get more out of the Majestics
  8. mezcal and cigars pair great. Never had a mezcal paloma, sounds amazing though
  9. Old Fashioned's definitely pair great with cigars ! I love Anejo Tequila Old Fashioned's also with some orange bitters as well as Angostura
  10. Hey guys, I know most cigar smokers like neat spirits like rum or whisky with their sticks but I’m curious how many of you like cocktails with yours. I very much enjoy an espresso martini, negroni or White Russian with my cigars. What are your thoughts ?
  11. Nice review man, that’s a beautiful Tequila. One of my favourites for sure, never had the pleasure of pairing it with a cigar though
  12. This was purchased in an aged sampler pack made up of singles so I don't know the box code but do know it has 6 years on it. I was really excited for this cigar as I am a big fan of the Epi 2 and have been working my way through a box of them from 2019 so was eager to compare them to a well aged example. It was kept at 65rh/65f for a month prior to smoking and was lit with a soft flame lighter. 1st Third: Wood, baking spices, cream. I normally don't notice the cream notes in an Epi 2 until the 2nd third but in this one it was evident from the first puff. Smooth on the retrohale from the get go, so much so that I was able to retrohale my entire draw on a few occasions. 2nd Third: Cream, baking spices, berry notes. I've never has berry notes from a cigar and it was unfortunately fleeting but every now and then I would get a draw that was all berry. If anyone knows of any cigars that have similar notes please let me know as it was amazing. Cream coming through heavy Last Third: Cream beginning to fade, wood and baking spices coming through. Smoked to the nub using the perfect draw, no ammonia at all even down to the nub. Rating: 94/100
  13. Backwoods are nice, I'm just not a huge fan of the added flavour although the Russian Cream ones are nice. There are dutch masters that have a leaf wrapped around the cigar that you can take off and roll back onto your blunt. Envious of you living in Colorado, Boulder is my happy place
  14. I only ever tried this once with a CC and it just destroyed the wrapper so couldn't re roll it. Would love to try this at least once
  15. I used to be an all day everyday weed and dab smoker and have smoked one of these in the past although only had a few hits of it. My concern with these is its way to much for even the most experienced of smokers to smoke all at once. Not only is that a lot of weed but the rosin extract its rolled in before the outer leaf is added can commonly reach 80% THC whereas even the most potent of California flower tops out around 30%. I'd honestly be surprised if Snoop Dogg himself could smoke a whole one of these inhaling every puff. If you have the cash though why not but it's definitely more of a gimmick. I personally always preferred deconstructing a dutchmasters cigar and rolling it with weed into a blunt over brands such as swishers that were artificially flavoured
  16. Yeah, I’m sure the weather has a lot to do with it. I live in the UK where it’s currently winter and have noticed less cracked wrappers from smoking in the cold using this method. also in regards to the previous question, I also tend to smoke mine within 10-20 mins or removing from the fridge. I have only tried 1 hour in the fridge but will try 2 soon and let you guys know
  17. Yeah I always put mine in the fridge uncut. Just smoked a monte 2 using this method and it worked great
  18. I love Wide Churchill's, I've never had one I would rate below a 90. Can honestly say I prefer them to Churchill's
  19. Does anyone here have an opinion on what marcas benefit more from either dryboxing or an hour in the fridge prior to smoking ? I've recently taken to the fridge technique and love it, it really helped enhance the flavours in my RASS and Picadores however in my Upmann Majestic and Epi 2 that I tried it seemed to mute the flavours a little however still improved the burn. Thinking this could also be down to potentially testing the theory with a lesser epi 2 or Majestic but with my RASS it brought out a dark chocolate that I haven't experienced prior from a RASS and brought out some spice in the Picadores. Any thoughts ?
  20. I couldn’t agree more when it comes to the band. I love the regular golden band on the Montecarlo and PLPC, wish it was on these also. I may be wrong but I believe the reason for the different band is the Picadores has been recently revived from when it was discontinued in the 70’s so I believe they went with an old style band based on that. I left the cigar wrapped in a paper towel in the fridge, no ziploc as I saw el pres saying to only do that if you’re leaving the cigar in the fridge for longer than 1-2 hours. I’d imagine the effects are similar to dry boxing in terms of flavour although I get much better results with the fridge and don’t have to plan my smokes days in advance. Let us know how it goes with the fridge, would be curious to hear your thoughts.
  21. I ended up shaving my head a few months back down to a number one because barber shops were closed. They're open now but I haven't looked back and I'm saving a lot of money that I can put towards cigars which quite frankly is far more important ?
  22. I've been loving the Por Larranaga Picadores recently, every cigar I've had out of this box has been consistently a 90-92 point cigar. I bought the box already aged as they weren't much more expensive than the more recent production and I've heard so much about aged PLPC so wanted to give these a shot. I did something slightly different with this cigar and put it in the fridge for an hour before smoking, prior to this they were stored in a humidor at 63%RH/65f. I tried this for the first time based on a thread I saw here with a RASS and was really impressed with the dark chocolate notes I got from it, something I've never experienced from a RASS before. I paired the Picadores with a glass of water and an espresso. Construction: Consistently great throughout the box, this one was no different. Easy draw with a slight resistance. 1st Third: Wood, baking spices (reminded me of hdm epi 2) and toasted tobacco, caramel starting to come through during the transition. Mild body, very smooth 2nd Third: Caramel really coming through now, light coffee, cinnamon, spice, mild/medium body Last Third: Light caramel on the finish, coffee, spices, medium body Burn time: 1hr 15m The draw was excellent throughout, burn was a little uneven at times but I put that down to the windy conditions mainly as the rest of the box had zero burn issues. Storing the cigar in the fridge for an hour definitely enhanced the caramel flavors and brought out the spice which I hadn't experienced from these cigars before. Overall an excellent smoke and by far my most consistent box I have at the moment. Rating: 92/100
  23. would be curious to know what rh the humidor is set at, I enjoy the shorts also

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