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  1. Dart board time. But my vote landed in the middle of opinions so we'll see.
  2. Holy crap a wild guess won! The only name I didn't know so I thought, that has to be it. Thank you Thank you.
  3. Finally! I really need to work on my patience.
  4. I feel your pain. I used to build these years ago. My first one astounded me with how many parts there are. After a few I felt like a factory worker.
  5. Neighbor gave me one with the same band. I didn't have the heart to tell him.
  6. Delivery drones. Awesome. Here in the south we call that skeet shooting with prizes!
  7. Love these! Wild stab at it. Let’s see if the gamble was any good!
  8. This hits my income stream. Thumbs up. Not to me personally but I have heard the horror stories of pissing off OSHA. Not a good thing to do. And he is correct, anything from the obvious ( not tied off ) to not keeping the floor clean, a pallet leaning against a wall. hole in the roof bigger than 2 inches. It can get ridiculous depending on who your inspector is.
  9. If the sun doesn't rise tomorrow it will be my fault. Ask my wife. She'll tell you.
  10. Nevrknow


    Does anyone have a favorite c&c that smokes well ROTT? Being new to CC’s waiting on mine to age is killing me! 😀 I keep dipping into my supposed stash. My current lineup: pretty much the entire siglo line. Except the behike of course. A couple pds4s, mag 46s, QDs on the way. Got a couple RYJ Cedro no3’s that I enjoyed immensely ROTT. (After 30 days rest ) Looking for something to fill the gap while I keep TRYING to age some smokes. TYIA
  11. Im still having fun!. First time I came in last I think. Second time it was a few more spots up. This time. 2nd. Im coming for the win next time! LOL

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