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  1. OMS May 17 from the hostest with the mostest. Damn right, I'm looking for more.
  2. Same here. I still have one humi left with NC's. I mostly hand them out to friends still on the NC train. They like them. Every now and then I'll fire up a NC for nostalgia, MAYBE get thru the first 3rd, then chuck it and light up a real cigar.
  3. You blew it @El Presidenteno more Cubans for me! Sinking all my coin into those 2 obvious winners! 😂😂😂😂
  4. Nothing like a VI. Still trying to get my hands on an aged one. One day.
  5. Back in the day Craftsman were top of the line. Also with lifetime replacement. Young and broke in high school I would find entire rusted sets at yard sales. $5 for an entire box/chest. People shaking their heads as I bought them not knowing the next day I was headed to the mall for FREE BRAND new replacements. 18 years old and had most people beat on tools. Not bad. 🙂
  6. Draw has never bothered me. Lucky I guess? But then I have a cigar "tool kit". I see tinkering to get a cigar to draw well equivalent to tuning one of my engines. While I love it when they purr like a kitten, getting my hands dirty, so to speak, has a calming effect on me as well.
  7. Kills me when I catch a limb on the back cast. 😂 It always seems to happen right when I’m thinking I’m on point. This is THE cast and then bam! Such is life.
  8. Why? Because it’s Friday. 😃 Sig VI and some Zacapa 23 PLUS this delicious Yuengling that someone in their infinite wisdom ( sarcasm) decided should be seasonal. I buy the store out when I find it.
  9. Congratulations on your first sale. May there be many more!
  10. $4,500,00? You’re being conned El Prez. I’m waiting on $12,000,000 according to my email. 😂
  11. It will fit nicely in my 78 Brougham Cadillac. 😬
  12. I think you nailed what I meant. Took me by surprise, then I got mad LOL. No biggy, shipping them off Monday so we'll get a different opinion on what's what.
  13. ROTT. Smooth but definitely needs some rest. I won’t kick her out of bed. 😃
  14. Following the get/don’t get thread I came upon this. The Monte 5. ESL SEP 18. I have tried and tried but even after months of rest there is no comparison to any other Montes I have. Bland, no evolution, nothing in it for me personally. Oh well. Then there’s this: Obviously that is NOT a beagle under the Dachshund, it’s a couch.🤷‍♀️ I tried to get her to stop but no matter where he stops, up she goes! After I tried a few times and they both look at me like I’M the crazy one, I gave up. I sincerely think the Great Dane ( black one in part of the pic) is jealous
  15. Son in laws a LEO here. I’ve met some pretty cool peeps. 😎

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