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  1. My sincere condolences for your loss. Loss during these tough enough times is never easy. Albeit he is in a better place, comforted by the love you have shared with him. I pray for you and your family and wish you much love and peace.
  2. I’m surprised we don’t see boxes on 24:24 with a stick missing. Would almost be a sure fire hit. Hahah
  3. Thanks pres! Loving these pics the last couple of days.
  4. Those QDO look really really smooth. How do they always seem to have the best wrappers outside of LE? How have you seen the 54’s compare? Haven’t scored a box just yet. But I’m itching!
  5. Someone found their way back to the warehouse. Those look out of this world good. Thanks for the teasers today lol
  6. Really? I wouldn’t have guessed that! If all holds true and these are on 24:24 tomorrow — looks like there will be one less box available lol
  7. Thanks for the insight boss! I think I’m on a pyramid kick after your team sold me on the pyramid extras and Monte 2’s. Any others you’d recommend along that profile? Fwiw and I'm sure it’s not said often enough, appreciate the warm welcome here. I’m pretty new, but your team and the members here have been nothing but warm and helpful. You run a great business.
  8. Interesting! The general replies seem to lead thinking cap off is the majority, however the poll results are exactly the opposite 🤣
  9. First time getting some. They look and smell out of this world good. Makes it difficult not to camp out for a box. Haha
  10. I tend to agree with you. I scored some 24:24 Cohiba pyramid tubos earlier this month that showed up on my doorstep today. Just feeling out the general consensus.
  11. How do you store your tubos? Lol. Looks like part of the body of my message got stuck in the poll header.
  12. I’m sure most of us hoard boxes, but every once in a blue moon Tubos come up on 24:24 and we fall in love with the tin.

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