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  1. Glad you’re in good health, Rob! Take it super easy. No Mexican food for atleast 24 hours.
  2. What a sack of shit. We’ve had a few breakins over the years and the morons always seem to take the dumbest things. Two monitors off a desk without taking the actual computer, boxes of branded pens, etc. What did he get away with??
  3. As my grandpappy would say… don’t sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff. Chins up boys!
  4. Couldn’t agree with you more….
  5. We’ve waited 2 years for this moment. Beyond excited.
  6. Those Patoro Extra Aged are beyond delicious, and I agree with you the cost is a little steep! Have you heard the stories about the ash? Apparently it’s a delicacy and used to season meats in Spain. Suppose to be salty. I wasn’t brave enough to give it a lick LOL
  7. As cuban cigar smokers here in the states I’d imagine that the lion share of us would be opposed to forced mandates. However we’re not talking about the devils lettuce or some fermented leaves, we’re talking about the ability to maintain work performance in light of a global pandemic. For those of us in essential sectors, having to deal with employee illness, remote logistics where remote just won’t do and quickly having to ensure that everyone came into work all of last year, we now have an easy answer. We now have the ability to have a work force that is more resilient and has a les
  8. Thanks for continuing to adapt. We know it’s not easy, but as we all learned throughout the pandemic how we treat our customers and team during the pandemic is how they will treat us when we are in the clear. We’ve got your back!
  9. This a great thread. Interesting to see how everyone makes the call. Price per stick definitely pushes me towards patience rather than burn now. I think the clearest picture I got of the benefits of aging were this past weekend. Smoked a 2020 Esplendido and a PCC 2016 RJC. Both were incredibly delicious, the RJC was just too flipping good.
  10. Thanks for enduring the storm for us. We’re here to support you, as you’ve always supported us. Best to the FOH team and family.

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