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  1. ^^^what he said. 62/65 or 62/62. Get 3 320g bovedas and some 60g spread around your singles tray. Set to 61/62 and you’re golden. Colder is better than warmer in my book.
  2. You always impress me with your drink selections. Sounds like a delicious combo.
  3. 🤤So that’s where they all went hahahh. Beautious my dude!
  4. I feel like I found something brown on my hands after wandering through this thread lol
  5. Welp...one of my first tip toes into the Cuban world were a discounted box of Monte Open Masters that were on sale. Let’s just say I have a full box minus 1 stick that’s been resting ever since lol Thinking Bond Robert’s might be a good home for them ?
  6. The RYJ Wide Churchill that I had this afternoon. Just mind blowingly good. I had previously written off this marca, but after snagging some exhibition #4’s from 24:24 this week I figured why not. So i rummaged through some singles that I picked up in July and gave it a whirl. ? heaven! For those that have tried both the wides and the full length are they similar in blend? Thinking if yes, it’s going to be on my quick pick list.
  7. RYJ Wide Churchill. What a delicious surprise. These are truly on fire right now.
  8. How was this? I’ve had this in my hand countless times, but I always end up with something else.
  9. Welp at least I’m learning a thing or two from hanging around here. Thanks for taking the time to look at it bud.
  10. Welcome to the fold! You’ve come to the right place.
  11. I was gifted these two cigars by a client today. What do you gentlemen think? Real or fake? You might notice that they are both already V-Cut as he wasn’t sure if I had a cutter. Little does he realize what you band of brothers have turned me into. ? Thanks in advance for your expertise. FWIW I’m going fake on both of these. The limitada bands both have issues with pics I’ve found off half wheel and Cuban cigar analysis
  12. That’s what I was hoping for too! They look out of control.
  13. That’s hilarious. What happens in this situation? Massive 24:24 discount offering ?

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