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  1. The pandemic sped some things up, while slowed others down. Fun times
  2. Was this on a national holiday? Where did they all go? Rotating around to factories that have the leaf? Rotational production schedule, which could explain the ebb and flow of the marque availability?
  3. By a show of hands who clicked on the video to try and get it to play….
  4. The Lot in Southern CA. Looks like the same concept, lazy boys + food & drink service at your seat. This use to be our go to spot atleast 2 weekends a month to chill out after a long week, hoping this was a fluke. I hear ya, thankfully this is the first poor experience I’ve ever had with them or anyone like them. This isn’t to say I’ll ever trust food in a dark room again, but I really enjoy the experience. My personal thought is that they, much like so many other businesses are having a tough time getting back into the swing of things post-covid. It’s actually great for a Saturday / Sunday morning. Boozy brunch and a new flix while relaxing is a great way to get your mind into weekend mode. The food is prepared by their attached restaurant that employees a fully staffed kitchen. You should give it a go if there’s one in your neck of the woods. On the plus side, even if you don’t indulge in the expanded menu options, the higher price point lends itself to a more adult theatre experience (quieter).
  5. If you have a second for a quick drink and wood fired prawns stop by the restaurant at the SLS. Perhaps the best margarita and fresh fired prawns I’ve ever had in my life. Safe travels to all, wish I could make it but I’m on the other coast.
  6. Is this a good time to remind them that FOH is a US based business who doesn’t recognize their copyright? IANAL, but in theory you could sell the domain to someone in the US and simply use FOH.com with a redirect for purchases. I’m sure there’s a Bob A. in the US that is practically family or will be after a new found habit. I know none of that helps, but in either case, what a load of shit. You’d think they have bigger issues to worry about right now.
  7. Was served this today in a dark movie theatre. Thought it felt weird in my mouth. 🤮
  8. @BrightonCorgi you know better than this. We’re going to need some motz pics. Sounds killer!
  9. I am enjoying 1. Monte 2 2. BRC 3. Coro I am stuggling with 1. Partagas Shorts 2. Trinidad Reyes
  10. Montecristo Maltes Linea 1935 // GEM SEPT 20 This box has really turned a corner. Probably my top smoke of the year.
  11. That article seems to have kicked the hornets nest. You’re seeing both Privada and Riste respond in the comments and on Reddit. I’m not quite sure that their guttural responses are the right moves, but I’m sure it’s tough to remove emotion from the equation. In any case, the last thing any of us need are hightened awareness or a refound drive to further clamp down on our hobbies/business.
  12. Glad to hear you and the team are safe. It’s crazy how one storm is all it takes to turn our worlds upside down.
  13. FOH entering the Habanos master warehouse
  14. @LLC is that one of the QD 50’s with the mismatched bands? Do you happen to remember the box / date code? Thanks
  15. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you’re enjoying yourself, here’s to many more.

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