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  1. There is a good chance I will be heading to Chicago next week for a two day project. What are the most recent lock down rules? Is there any chance I will be able to actually get pre-made take-out meals at a restaurant, perhaps dine out, or should I plan on only being able to visit groceries and make my own food? I need to determine what amenities to look for when booking a hotel.  Is there a curfew?  Any cigar lounges open right now?     Also, I will probably head down to Dallas afterwards for some personal work, to explore the area, and regain part of my sanity. How is the scene down there and what are the current restrictions, if any?  Any cigar lounges or other friendly establishments open, and, if so, any recommendations?     Thanks in advance.

    No curfew. Bars are closed. Restaurants are closed for indoor dining, but outdoor is ok. You’ll find some open on Rush Street downtown by the 4 Seasons.

    Up Down Cigar is the best cigar shop in the city - they have an outdoor lounge that is open.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions.

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  2. Anyone have a good solution for labeling where and when and box codes on your loose cigars that you would share with me?

    What do you use? Looking for something that won't damager wrappers that I can hand write on. Also something that won't impart a smell. Will probably bundle quarters in a ribbon or something and label the ribbon, rather than each individual cigar. But sometimes I only have one or two so it would be nice to label individually. 

    My collection is getting large enough that its too hard to keep track mentally anymore.

    Thank you!


  3. 5 minutes ago, Bijan said:

    I forgot to save the listing that day, but I got a box of the Monte 4 from that listing, my code ended up being AUT JUN 16. But I don't think that was the one listed. 

    Thanks Bijan - I have a box on the way from that listing too of the Monte 4's. I shouldn't have included that on the list. The 2's and the 5's I got were just quarters, thats what I need the codes for.

  4. On 11/6/2020 at 10:01 PM, mariospeedwagon said:

    New to the FOH and glad to have found the forum and this thread

    I'm new to CC's and new-ish to cigars in general.  Most of my NC favorites are lanceros (tatuaje, warped, illusione)...trouble is I don't always have 75-100 minutes to commit to enjoying these 38-40 gauge works of art. So like many of you I'm often in situations where I only have 30-60 minutes for a smoke so I also tend to smoke a lot of half coronas, panetelas, etc.  I like smaller ring gauge cigars....short ones most of the time, and lanceros/lonsdales when my schedule allows.  

    I'd love to buy a few boxes of cohiba lanceros, fundies, MC Esp No. 1, etc (+ then sit on them for 2-6 years) but I'm relatively new to this and on a civil servant salary.

    I guess I'm looking for advice for :

    Good "bang for your buck" quarter-boxes or 10's that i should jump on next time they pop up on 24:24?

    Are there any smaller gauge cigars that are fine to smoke in the next year or two, or even sooner?

    should my first box purchase be MC Especial #2?  

    Thanks in advance


    Keep an eye out for some Montecristo No 5.

  5. Here is what I am going to do. I’m going to pick out a few NC’s and freeze them.

    Then I’m going to give them some time to rest in the humidor and come back to it and compare it to one (same box) that wasn’t frozen.

    Test for myself if I can notice any difference.

    I wouldn’t want any beetles ruining my fun that’s for sure.

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  6. Others have recommended basically the same thing, but rather than getting the double “rabbit ears” one, get TWO of these inexpensive propane tank top heaters.
    I tried electric heaters and also have a tall propane patio heater too. Nothing works as well.
    For less than the one fancy pants patio heater, I got two of them to provide heat from both sides so it feels all encompassing. I can literally sit on my porch in just a shirt during the winter and be reasonably comfortable.

    This is interesting... what’s cold where you are? Trying to get a sense for if this is workable during long cold Chicago winters.

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  7. 22 hours ago, sho671 said:

    In general my cigar collection isn't made up of high ticket and/or precious items because I can't see myself spending exorbitant amounts of money on something I'll be burning. My small collection of Cuban cigars is fairly basic with very few if any Regionals or ELs, so I decided to smoke this FF OpusX Robusto I snagged at L.J. Peretti's in Boston last Thanksgiving for $17.75 after taxes and whatnot.

    This was my first OpusX and was expecting exceedingly exceptional things based on the hype. The construction was great; no issues with burn or smoke production. Flavor-wise, I was expecting a creamy and smooth cigar but was met with more pepper than I wanted. There were intermittent notes of chocolate and nuts throughout the cigar, but again the pepper was a little off putting. Prior to smoking it I would have said it was the best cigar I had based on hype, but I'm not so sure after having smoked it. It was good, but not the pinnacle of cigars as I have been led to believe. At the end of the day it was enjoyable though.

    1 on my 0/1 scale.

    Hopefully this review will change the state of my cigar collection and I'll end up with some precious smokes.




    Right there with you. I ponied up and tried two. Was not impressed at all. Way overhyped. 

    With Opus X they created the first Dominican Puro at the height of the cigar boom - perfect timing - and the hype train has carried them this far!

    I love AF - just not Opus X.

  8. If you think you got a defective humidor (bad joint) then by all means call 'em on it. But with that said, I run 69s in my "good" wooden humidor and 72s in my cheap one because they'll never seal to the level of a sistema tupperdor.

    Well this is the expensive humidor I’ve ever owned. I’m not sure that it’s defective at all. Might just be par for the course - wood is always going to be an imperfect seal.

    I don’t necessarily think it’s bunk. What humidity do you normally actually achieve in your good humidor that you keep a 69% in?

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