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  1. Pretty cool. Here is a picture and video from over Carolina. IMG_5105.mp4
  2. While searching the cigar size this photo popped up - Operation Carlota, the Cuban intervention in Angola (February 23, 1976).
  3. 6 mile range, 3 pound load limits. Feel like this service has been 6 months away for a decade.
  4. A bullet that is pretty close to hitting you in the head is a lot different than a bullet that hits you in the head. If the make believe has to continue for politicians to stay in power and corporate leaders to get rich(er), so be it. Plebs of either persuasion (mandate and no mandate) can play along, each in their own way. Personally, I am ok playing the game. It is childish, but whatever - the small pleasures will still be there. Huh? Not sure if you are trolling - I had one other post in a ten page thread. You posted something that was wrong and got corrected. Happens to the
  5. New Orleans is vaccine or proof of a negative test - that is not the arrival of vaccine passports. It is literally in the first sentence of the article. Are you even trying to convey the truth at this point?
  6. In this thread, individuals on the side of a mandate are wishing death upon unvaccinated individuals. Those in power can do what they want, the rest of us will react. For a business to mandate a COVID vaccine, considering all the available evidence, seems clumsy. If these mandates are simply theater with medical and religious exemptions as viable work arounds - while not an ideal scenario, some people have come to need the make believe.
  7. Single flame is the way to go. There are a couple good options < $20 on Amazon. Xikar butane seems to light most consistent.
  8. From our friends. Really looking forward to smoking these.
  9. “Good art can come out of thieves, bootleggers, or horse swipes. People really are afraid to find out just how much hardship and poverty they can stand. They are afraid to find out how tough they are. Nothing can destroy the good writer. The only thing that can alter the good writer is death. Good ones don't have time to bother with success or getting rich. Success is feminine and like a woman; if you cringe before her, she will override you. So the way to treat her is to show her the back of your hand. Then maybe she will do the crawling.” - William Faulkner
  10. Absolutely. Did tell my buddy it was a good smoke, albeit fake.
  11. Smoked like a $10 Dominican stick.
  12. Curious to get feedback on this guy - was received as a gift.
  13. The hideous bands honestly turned me off from these.

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