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  1. A bit fuller than I normal smoke (medium). Not great with flavors, heavier taste though. Perfect size and burn. Enjoying them immensely.
  2. Interesting thread. Seems like the American/grey market was low for a long time and due to a convergence of circumstances those sticks are now allocating elsewhere to maximize return. Regions that were pumping the American/grey market will no longer be able to undercut official retail.
  3. These are awesome. Messed up and smoked through a 2015 5x5 right before everything disappeared.
  4. I mean BHK? Was thinking more the lower end (Partagas) offerings. Did not know if there was a government price control or allotment for citizens.
  5. Do regular Cuban citizens smoke the same cigars we do? Do these shops simply cater to tourists?
  6. Breakfast - two scrambled eggs and one breakfast sausage. Including olive oil, this is around 500 calories Lunch - one scoop of protein powder (MuscleSport Lean Whey), one banana, tbsp of peanut butter all blended with ice/water. At around 400 calories, this is pretty filling. Gym after work - 40 min lifting/40 min cardio/15 min steam Dinner - Chicken/Steak/Salmon with veggie Late night snack (if needed) - half scoop protein powder, blueberries, half tbsp peanut butter all blended with ice/water. Edit: Making these index cards helps a ton. 5 days lifting, 1 day squash, 1 day just cardio/steam. For cardio typically do elliptical.
  7. Quarry/cliff jumping that makes me physically ill to think about, especially one in Lake Tahoe.
  8. Hopefully AI makes it possible to replicate growing conditions and Cuba loses its stranglehold on "Cuban" tobacco. My best and worst sticks smoked are CCs. Guess that speaks to the NC consistency observations. Grateful to have a rudimentary knowledge of CCs that the majority of NC shop patrons do not possess (thank you FOH). Cigar smoking tends to attract a segment that loves to d-measure (myself included at times) and Cubans feed into that - the high-end NC smokers hate being easily trumped. After 4 years of solely CCs, personally developed a disdain for Cuban government/attitude that truly affected my desire to purchase their sticks exclusively.
  9. That interview from 2004 is good. Thinking about what happened to his family's property is sickening.
  10. Split this order with a couple buddies. All four look great - the Rosado Lancero really shines. Going to give them the 30 days.
  11. Grabbed this box half off at a local lounge. ADVentura Lanceros.

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