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  1. For sure, even if that style of play is not sustainable, especially a guy his size. That dive for the pylon was electric. Doug Pederson fired today. Jeffrey Lurie has been one of the NFL's most successful owners - on this one, hopefully he knows what he is doing
  2. Monty 5 A couple of these look tasty. A couple look janky. Will be interested to see how it works out.
  3. WFT has a very good D-Line and Ron Rivera has seen it all. That said, their QB play is horrendous. 20-3 Bucs.
  4. Definitely understand. Chances are high of the Browns putting Big Ben on the sideline permanently. Ton of bad blood between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Him healthy is obviously the key to any SB aspirations.
  5. #2 seed does not mean as much this year - only one bye per conference.
  6. Honestly, don’t love the look of this. Likely more impressive in person.
  7. Using a wine cooler, I put sticks in tupperware with a Boveda. Keeps the rh stable while still getting the temperature benefits of the wine cooler. Obviously, not as practical if you want to store in the original box.
  8. Pretty sure, at this point, we can classify WWII as a famous sporting victory.
  9. Might be wrong about all this (doubt it though). Has to be Tiger, don't know Jack.
  10. In the US, the "one death is too many" attitude falls overwhelmingly into two categories. Limousine liberals who are chiefly concerned with winning the morality d-measuring contest during cocktail parties. Or, government employees whose aim is to do as little as possible while fattening their taxpayer subsidized salaries/benefits. The middle-class is already leveraged to the gills and cannot afford another shutdown. Not all of us want to subsist on the supposed generosity of the government. Scientists and doctors are not infallible and certainly not beyond stupidity in the name of bureaucracy. Dr. Fauci flip-flopped on masks at least once and certain predictions had us at 2 million deaths in May. Hell, Italy was second on the WHO healthcare rankings and they got slaughtered by Covid. Appreciate the info on NYC. As mentioned before, tone is tough online and nobody is saying that Covid is not real. There is definitely a trade-off. Any death is a tragedy. Hopefully a vaccine comes quickly.

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