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  1. I had the TI-55. Hey where is the Polaroid camera LOL
  2. Just garbage....that is all. The battery goes dead and you get no indication or warning. Just a POS.
  3. I have been thinking about this, but not dry boxing, but smoking environment. I have noted that smoking in cool/cold and low humidity conditions result in poor smoking experience. I am not sure if it is due to me puffing more to finish quicker and get inside to warm up or not, but I am not ruling it out. I have noted recently that my first cigar in some time was outside on a 60+ deg. F day and the humidity was low, but the cigar smoked well. I will note that my best experiences have been outside summer smokes in the evening with 70+ deg. F and below 70% humidity. It seems if the environme
  4. If the winds are favorable 🤪. I did a lot of joint ops with the Canadian Navy, they were fun to hang with and they had booze on the ships. More civilized than the US Navy
  5. Ha ha, how about 3! Marine Biologist, then Naval Officer, and now Electrical Engineer. Now if I could just merge the biology and EE together, I could study the fishes that generate electric fields 😉
  6. I have observed this in my long wine hobby; however at a certain age, the senses dull a bit and you will find you go back to high octane wine once again, much like you may have to turn up the TV volume 😀. I loved Oz Shiraz when younger, then thought they were too much, now back to loving it (and many of the California high octane wines that seem the norm these days).
  7. One of my favorite NC cigars. I have an NC humidor filled with Oliva, Padron, Ashton, and Illusione. Those are the ones I have found work best for me.
  8. I tried the robusto and toro size by whatever goofy name they call them. I had to see what the hype was all about. Yes, well constructed, great burn, good smoke output, but very muted flavor mostly hay and grass notes. Not worth the cost. My step son had one and we both concluded just get an Ashton for 30% the price and it has some more layers of flavor. Chalk this up to cigar marketing and hype but I had to see for myself. Been through this in the wine world also, so not surprised.
  9. Plume or Bigfoot which is real.....you decide?
  10. Question about strength - I am fairly new to CC (well I smoked them years ago overseas) and I am not a fan of the nicotine strength kick. I have only experienced it once and likely due to smoking a NC 56 RG Churchill with Nicaragua filler and binder. So in my exploration of the strength range I inched up to Oliva, then Padron in Robusto and was fine (also like Illusione). Now I know to avoid LP #9 and the niche sticks that have a reputation for huge kick (CroMagnon by Roma Craft), but I am thinking keeping the RG lower and only smoking Toro length will (and has) keep me out of trouble. So
  11. I believe they were to be included in the 24:24 PSP Siglo VI cabinets in November. Have not received that order yet so can't provide input on the stand being in there ....but I do expect it to be in there?
  12. If you killed the eggs by freezing, then there should be no outbreak even if temps creep up. If you added sticks that were not treated, then that bet is off.
  13. Yes maybe last time to smoke as I do not smoke indoors. My son is doing an Oliva Melanio Robusto and I am doing a Padron 1964 Soberano. Just started into CC again so mine should be ready to try next spring. Happy Thanksgiving all and a shout out to all the New England natives on FOH

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