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  1. That makes total sense! I am in no rush, and like other said, I may just keep these sticks. Ive seen a few go for $300 a stick! Question. Can these "go bad" is there a max time I can age these in my humidor? Ive heard a Monte #2 aged since the 80s was one of the best smokes they ever had!
  2. Hey All, Thank you for adding me to this forum! I come from Poker Chip Forum, another close community, probably just like this community. I have a passion for all Cigars, but when it comes to Cigars, I am a big cuban lover. I am a huge Cohiba fan as well, and my all time favorite smoke is the Cohiba Robusto. I look forward to learning more about this community, and meeting new people! Also, I have some Cohiba BHK 54s for sale. I have no idea how to sell on here, and I am probably to new for anyone to trust me yet, but if you are in the market to buy some BHKs let me know! Thank you!

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