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  1. Yeah, El Pres himself actually started that hibernation thread. Just like he made this one. I also thought of another angle. Not only "shorter smokes for cold weather and longer for warm weather". It's "strong cigars for cold weather, mild cigars for warm weather" or something like that. Seems to me like the cigar brands he said he's leaving out are milder. I could be wrong but I have that impression. Yep. AC is sort of a luxury here in Europe. Not that common.
  2. PL Montecarlo. First one from the box and first I've ever had. Same goes for the San Pellegrino Limonata. Enjoying both 👍. What a nice beverage.
  3. ERDM CS - I'm craving a Cuban after smoking two NCs in a row 😂. Also this Choix Supreme is sadly a bit damaged around/behind the band. I always like to smoke the damaged or less good looking cigars first and save the best for later.
  4. Some people hibernate here in Finland. I don't, simply because I can smoke inside. I don't smoke outside when it's colder than about 2C. Just the other day I smoked outside for the first time since about August. But I think this year I can smoke outside until September or so.
  5. I've had the same experience, in that I've had the most draw issues with H. Upmann. I don't remember ever having a cigar that was too loose, at least not to the point of burning too fast/hot or being unenjoyable. It's always tight draw. But those mainly happened when I was running 69% Boveda, now that I run 65% (actual RH is about 63-65%~ and temp is usually about 22-24c~), the problems are mostly behind me. Most cigars draw just about right. I've had two Sir Winnies which were pretty much plugged and one of each Connie A & B, which were noticeably better but also tight, not much smoke out
  6. I definitely haven't hit my limit yet in terms of how much cigar stock I'd like to have. The only limit I've hit is funding lol! And some others, but mainly the funding. Not only for the cigars themselves but also the storage upkeep which costs both time and money. Cigars actually motivate me in life. To bust my ass a bit to acquire that dream/goal of having a sizeable collection (people have different definitions of "sizeable collection" of course). I currently have enough stock to last about 1.5 years *if* I keep my current pace of smoking. That's not enough when you're passionate about ciga
  7. I'm glad I got a PLPC cab in 2020. And at a great price, may I add. I know some people here have multiple boxes (many!) but I'm glad that I at least have one almost full cab.
  8. Pepsi Max. Other beverages that I enjoy with cigars include: other sodas, coffee in its many forms, ice tea, beer, rum coke, whisky, rum.
  9. Smoking the first Petit Edmundo from my box of 10 to cap the weekend. The wrappers are quite light on them. Enjoying it 👍.
  10. I don't actually have much experience with the Melanio. I've smoked the regular V enough to decide that it's box-worthy for my liking. I read that the Melanio is a bit milder/sweeter/smoother compared to the regular V. That definitely sounds good to me and it's gotten a lot of praise and good reviews over the years. So I decided to buy some :). Sadly I don't have access to the Melanio Maduro, it might be amazing. I like maduros and would like to try it but living in Finland my sources are limited. You guys in America have such amazing availability and prices when it comes to NC. Al
  11. A box of Serie V Double Robusto, 2 boxes of Serie V Melanio Robusto, and some singles. Also got my first Padron ever (not in the image), it's a Serie 1926 No. 1 Maduro (Double Corona). The Plasencia is my first from the brand as well.
  12. Welcome! Nice to see more Europeans, not to mention people from the Nordic countries.
  13. Nice review. I have a FEB 20 cab which has 48 left in it, I sampled two in order to see how they are when young. I have to agree that even young they aren't bad! Enjoyable. Not very strong/harsh, relatively smooth. They're not amazing of course, they could use some age. And that's exactly what they'll get. Hoping for some richness, caramel, smoothness, creaminess, complexity. Something along those lines (I'm not expecting miracles! Just cautiously optimistic).

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