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  1. My Christmas cigar will be a Cohiba Talisman. For New Year's, Partagas Lusitania (OCT 18) or Montecristo No. 2 or H. Upmann Sir Winston (2018). Happy holidays!
  2. Some singles and two boxes. Montecristo No. 4 & PLPC. My first 50 cab (ever). The MC4 box code is a bit faded, looks like EDL (or EOL?). E*L for sure.
  3. I have a college degree in IT and I plan on applying to university in the spring (2021). I will probably continue in the same field and get an IT Engineer's degree. I'm currently learning programming (online). I've started keeping a cigar log with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and at the moment I have 32 cigars. I highly recommend doing a cigar log with a spreadsheet or something. You can see how many you have, how old they are (purchase date and/or box code if it's a box or you happen to know), what you have, etc. My collection is very modest but it will be growing in the coming months and years, that's for sure. I've been smoking for 5 years but I only recently figured out how to maintain a humidor in a cost-effective and easy way. So now that I have 2 functional humidors (tupperdor+wooden) that I keep at stable conditions, I can actually store cigars long-term with ease. The plan is to stock up and buy some boxes (+singles) in order to accumulate a nice collection.
  4. This is the 5th box of cigars I've ever purchased. Partagas Lusitanias (25). I'll try to keep some of them for years to come and I'll smoke one every now and then.
  5. Hey guys, new member here. I'm a 23 year-old young man from Finland. I've been smoking cigars for about 5 years now, I don't smoke daily but usually 1-2 cigars per week (partly due to limited stock). I smoke both Cuban & Non-Cuban and I like both, at the moment I'm slightly tilted towards Cubans though. I've known about the FOH videos on YouTube for roughly as long as I've been smoking cigars, I like to watch reviews while smoking the same cigar that's being reviewed (or before smoking). I currently have a very modest cigar collection of 34 cigars but my plan is to stock up as fast as possible and to eventually have hundreds of cigars in storage. My location presents some challenges as far as acquiring cigars goes but I'm grateful to have a spot in Sweden that I go to for most of my cigar shopping. FOH has been a great help when it comes to Cuban cigars. Lots of useful information and years (in some cases decades) of experience. I hope I'll be able to contribute something to this fine community. See you around.

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