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  1. A stunning box of Upmann No.2 from 24:24. Thanks, FoH.
  2. Some recent arrivals. Clearance BCJ and PSP/HQ mix RASCC. Thanks, FoH!
  3. Some recent arrivals… Clearance Siglo II from 24:24 Demi Tasse from the store. Just a couple of days before they popped up on 24:24! Thanks, FoH!
  4. Some 24:24 arrivals from the last couple of weeks. Thanks, FoH!
  5. DeArt might be worth checking out. When I purchased mine back in September they were running a 50% reduction on all humidors.
  6. Nice lighter. My Rollagas is rarely out of my sight.
  7. Cohiba Siglo IV from a recent 24:24 Thanks, FoH!
  8. I’ve been put off Bolivar after a bad box of Petit Coronas (ETP MAR 17) and an even worse box of Royal Coronas (PUS MAY 19). Neither box from here, by the way! Should probably give the marca another chance.
  9. Siglo II from a recent 24:24 Thanks, FoH.
  10. In England, where the drink originates, the tan part would be a cask ale (non-carbonated). I’ve lived in a pub for the last 16 years and have never served one.
  11. I got the 6er about 9 months ago. Records suggest it was REG ABR 20 - could be wrong - so certainly young for a Coronas Especiales. Obviously the cigar will improve with a few more years on it, but still a very good cigar despite its youth. I was merely curious, as I hadn’t tried one before.
  12. Cohiba Coronas Especiales from a 6er. Needs more time to reach its full potential - but enjoyable all the same.

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