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  1. Haven't had one in recent years but have had them many years back and really liked them. At that point I was comparing them to the NC's I was smoking then. Right now I've got one in my singles humi from a trade. Sort of anxious about smoking it. I'll probably love it. Champagne Taste with a Beer Budget. Story of my life...
  2. I'm going to call that a troll. At least that way I don't have to confront the possibility that there are folks visiting this site that are ignorant enough to send that email.
  3. I got a Cam Newton and Sam Darnold duet for Christmas... The Panthers are a dumpster fire right now.
  4. I didn't intend to imply that purchasing a mystery box was mandatory, or even a good idea. Just that it tickled my personal fancy. Keeping in mind that everyone's cigar journey is unique and on different timelines. I was honestly cool with whatever CC was sent as I am in the exploratory part of my journey. I had never tried the PLPC and probably will never get to purchase them again in that price range. So it worked to my advantage. Whereas an experienced collector like yourself has a more targeted approach to purchasing. I definitely see your point. Looking at it realistically, I don't know why a vendor would take the risk of unsatisfied customers and complaints. Why not just advertise the cigars at a good deal and sell them to the folks that like them. For a 100% certainty any of the boxes mentioned would have sold out on the merit of the discounted price without the gimmick of the mystery box.
  5. I stumbled across one of the mystery box deals and bought it last year for the novelty. $205 was not a big spend and I was very pleased with the cab of PLPC's. Sort of like buying yourself a Christmas present knowing that it is something you are going to like, even if you've already got some. And still being surprised when you get it. I would definitely consider doing it again. When you think about it. Buying boxes of CC's, even hand selected boxes, is a mystery box purchase. No matter what they look like, smell like or what the box code or date is, until you rest them a little bit and fire one up. You don't really know what you've got. Chasing the good boxes and the spectacular smoke is all part of the mystique. Take all of the mystery out of it and it would not be so enjoyable.
  6. I would think that at a minimum you would need to be able to spell collusion to be a party to it...
  7. Great write up. I'm a newbie to CC's as well with only a couple of years of experimentation trying to find my favorites. As far as suggestions- San Cristobal de la Habana El Principe. Along with the Partagas short you mentioned, one of my favorite minutos. Also don't forget Bolivars!
  8. If it's on the internet. It has to be true. Would be cool if it was true. Legally it would not be feasible because marijuana was subject to taxation in the US after 1937 in addition to different state laws that criminalized possession to varying degrees. At the very least, Bolivar would've had to pay additional taxes to import the cigars into the US and faced a difficult maze of state regulations. If they imported weed laced cigars into the US and kept it from common knowledge, they were taking a huge risk. I know they didn't sale only to the US. But I doubt they'd have been willing to give up the US Market share just for the dubious flavor value of some weed. For the record- If there were high end hand-rolled long filler cigars legally available with some marijuana added for "flavor". I'd have to at least give it a try...
  9. My sentimental favorite in the upcoming PPV is Oliveira, I've always been a fan, but I'd put my money on Poirier. Garbrandt will be a beast at 125 if he can carry his cardio and power down there with him. That's a BIG IF, I remember Dillishaw dropping down and coming in the ring looking like a skeleton and getting his ass handed to him. Always a bigger challenge for the smaller guys to cut that extra 10 pounds. Good card though- looking forward to it.
  10. The aliens are on a mission to find intelligent life. They have to make multiple trips to some places to find it.
  11. Watched 1 & 2 but not Ep. 3 yet. I was curious as well. I agree that Paul's cigars look like a smaller vitola than Hogg's.
  12. Portable rocking chair. Yeah, I know I'm old...
  13. The few specials I have are some I got in trade. I'm a daily smoker and my ratio reflects that. +98% regular production daily smokes and around 40% of those are petit coronas. I'm actually trying to add to the petit corona percentage because that's my favorite size for weekdays. Not to say that I wouldn't like to have more special stuff but I'm still working on building a cushion of daily smokes.
  14. I watch most of the UFC and Bellator cards. I don't follow the lower tier promotions as much, but occasionally will watch them as well. I've been watching since the UFC Tournament PPV's in the early 90's. IMO it's the Golden Age of MMA. Very cool to have so many ways to watch and to see the mainstream interest start to awaken.

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