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  1. Very cool! They make the absolute finest hand forged parang and machete blades there.
  2. For the L&SRW1* review week Enjoyed this Partagas MF while putting a little better edge on my latest toy. A My Parang Duku Chandong 12" Heavy. No idea at all why I wanted this blade. I have no need for it whatsoever. But I'm at the point in my existence that if I get an itch. I scratch it.
  3. I had a few various things to do out in my shop/man cave/smoking lounge this morning so I brought along a Cheap & Cheerful to keep me company. I've been working on this box from Oct 2018 for a while now and for the most part these have been consistent but pretty unremarkable smokes. This one was no exception. I've had good luck with these with a shallow straight cut so that's what I went with and the draw was fine. Just a little on the tight side like I prefer it. Cold flavors were hay and tobacco. 1st third: Not a great deal of flavors jumping out at me. Tobacco with a little soap an
  4. One of my go to cigars for a quick nic kick without a big time investment. Went with a very shallow straight cut. I've found that having a slightly restricted draw helps me keep it from smoking too hot. 1st half: Nice tobacco flavor a little leather and a hint of coffee. Nice spiced bread on the retrohale. 2nd half: Strong tobacco with a woody note. The retrohale is still a spicy bread with some ginger added in. Construction was good but some touch-ups were required. I've smoked more of these than any other CC in my short time enjoying habanos. It's been interesting exper
  5. Received a box of Montecristo Edmundos back in November from a vendor (not FOH) that had a light dusting of white mold. The vendor offered to take them back, but it wasn't bad so I decided to keep them. The vendor posted some credit on my account due to the issue. I wiped them down and repacked them (kept one out to smoke) and they've been in storage at 65RH ever since. After reading this thread I went to check and found a few more tiny spots of mold. I hadn't realized that they would be prone to mold since the original occurrence. The one I smoked was OK but they definitely are needing some m

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