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  1. Well that was probably the most literate troll I've ever encountered...
  2. El Principe- one of my favorite morning smokes
  3. To borrow a culturally relevant phrase.They are not my cup of tea. I watched the clip long enough to confirm that it wasn't a Monty Pythonesque comedy bit. Then bailed on it. If they showed up in the Southern US attired like that and with those affectatious mannerisms. We would treat them with deferential politeness until they were out of earshot. Then mock them mercilessly with great amusement.
  4. SCdlH el Principe LGR JUN 19- early Sunday morning with a cup of coffee. Couldn't ask for a better start to the day.
  5. I was going to review an AF Churchill to enter this weeks review contest but got a call from a close friend needing a driver. Easy choice there. I drove his '57 Vette so he could enter more than one car in a local car show. I had a great time at the show, still enjoyed the AF and he won best of show for the car. Not to mention that the car is an absolute blast to drive and it was a gorgeous spring day. Wins all around.
  6. I got some hints of caramel on the retro but mostly just a very pleasant sweet and woody tobacco flavor. Construction was spot on. Near perfect draw and burn. I have no doubt that they will be better in another year or two. But they are currently some of the older and better tasting smokes in my modest collection. So I'm enjoying them for what they are now.
  7. Great thread. These types of threads are what brought me to this forum and keep me coming back.
  8. Monte #4, PLPC and Partagas Mille Fleur. I rarely go two days without smoking one of the three.

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