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  1. Couple of boxes from FOH came in today. Party shorts from 24:24 Clearance and ERDM Demi Tasse that I purchased from regular stock just a day or two before they showed up on 24:24 Clearance. Both nice boxes though. Some short smokes for cold weather when I don't feel like firing up the heater in my shop.
  2. May be a little further than you want to drive but The Cigar Loft in nearby Concord, NC is a modest but friendly little place. I've been there several times for gatherings with my cigar friends and smoked CC's. Not sure whether it is strictly allowed or not. The proprietor Derek seems to have never taken much interest in what I was smoking after I agree to pay the $10 (I think) cover for non-members and make a trip to the humidor to buy a couple of sticks for politeness.
  3. Today I'm reviewing one of my favorite Sunday afternoon smokes the HU #2. This is not the first time I have reviewed this cigar and with good reason. This is an easy cigar for me to review because I consistently enjoy smoking them. But it's interesting that I've gotten some slightly different flavors this time through. The cigar is very firmly packed with a little sheen to the wrapper. Went with my customary straight cut but put a slight angle on the cut just because I think it looks cool. This box has tended towards a tight draw but this one is perfect for me. Open but with enough resis
  4. Funny you should post this poll. I was just doing the math yesterday. I smoke daily and am only a couple of years into building my stash. So at my current rate of 7 to 10 a week... Not pretty. I'm already considering Plan B. Watering the collection down with NC's until the tight spot passes. The only thing I've got going for me is that my favorite vitolas are the smaller ones. Petit Coronas make up right at about half of my consumption. Thankfully those are the ones that are more available for now. At the end of the day. It's a First World problem. Recently I've become much more concerne
  5. This is a review and a box check on a newly arrived box. Slight foot damage recommended this particular example for smoking ROTT. I usually smoke everyday and during the week a PC is the perfect size. Monte #4's have become a favorite of mine and are currently part of my regular rotation. The cigar is very firmly rolled and my fist straight cut just barely clipping the end of the cap didn't produce a sufficient draw. I clipped a little further down on the second try and proceeded with a tight but workable draw. The initial flavors were a little disappointing with sort of an acrid bitter taste.
  6. Got to love that combo of date codes. One to smoke soon and one to smoke later. Can't beat that.
  7. No particular order... Juan Lopez Sel #1 BRO SEP 17 RyJ Churchill UEB SEP 19 PLPC TOS FEB 17 Monte No.4 BEO JUL 16 Parti Mille Fleurs UEB AGO 18 This is based on a roughly aggregated, variably calculated, half-assed score I assign on my CC spreadsheet. All except the Parti MF. It's a volume winner. I've smoked more of those than any other CC. I see very few folks smoking the Parti MF's which is fine by me. Leave 'em for me, I'll take care of them.
  8. A patriotic smoke and a quote from John Adams circa 1780: "There is nothing I dread So much, as a Division of the Republick into two great Parties, each arranged under its Leader, and concerting Measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble Apprehension is to be dreaded as the greatest political Evil, under our Constitution." The more things change the more they remain the same... Happy Independence Day!!!
  9. HU Regalia BRE JUL 19 VR Unicos- part of a very generous prize package from our host. This one was spot-on. Great cigar- right in my wheelhouse and now I'm gonna have to have a box.

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