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  1. Usually don't buy boxes of 10 everyday type smokes but glad I did in this case. I've had previous good luck with UEB MF's and I got a nice spread of wrapper shades.
  2. Absolutely my favorite shape. I have no idea why but I just really like them. That being said I've never smoked a CC perfecto. I need to remedy that.
  3. A couple from today- Edmundo MIS FEB 20 & Mananitas MTS JAN 20
  4. Non Fungible Tokens... That sounds to me like what the funny little pieces of green paper with pictures of dead presidents will be called at some point in the future. I say spend it on something worthwhile while you can. Rolled up tobacco leaves will definitely taste better when burned than rolled up Non Fungible Tokens.
  5. I've heard it called CAD. Cigar Acquisition Disorder. The Cuban strain is particularly virulent.
  6. Made a similar purchase about a month ago but mine were BEO JUL 16 and just the opposite on the wrapper spectrum. They are great but I can't help but be a little jealous. Great pick-up!!!
  7. PLPC TOS FEB 17- keeping the Cheap & Cheerful Train rolling with another really good smoke
  8. Definitely my favorite Cheap & Cheerful- Mille Fleur ESL OCT 18. Not sure what it is about these but I just keep pulling them out of the humidor when I'm browsing for a smoke. Already over 1/2 way through my second box of these. I don't question these things. I just go with it. I've got more on the way.
  9. I think I liked it better when the quote was mis-attributed and everyone was included in the drawing. At least I had a shot that way. I'm pretty confident that I'm wrong on this guess.
  10. Absolutely agree! The HU Regalia is one of my favorites too.
  11. SCdlH El Principe LGR JUN 19 and RyJ Wide Churchill GOM MAY 19- .72 degrees, light breeze, cloudless Carolina blue skies, two good smokes. Hard to beat.

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