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  1. No tobacco beetles but I just recently discovered wood mites in two recently acquired boxes of Monte 2s. Caused a mini heart attack until I realized they were wood mites and not tobacco beetles. 1 day in the fridge, 2 days in the freezer, and then 1 day in the fridge again seems to have taken care of them.
  2. I suppose this is more advice (encouragement?) than instruction.
  3. Agreed. While I'm still uncertain on where I stand on the Trinidad Reyes as far as my personal flavor profile preferences go, the two boxes I have from BSM are undoubtedly fantastic in terms of quality.
  4. Attorney. Was a very casual cigar smoker (maybe 1-2 a year) for years and suddenly got very into the hobby early last year (after a particularly fantastic Ashton ESG). Currently have about 800 cigars, 700 of which are Cubans. I got very interested in experimenting with home aging early on which is why Cubans account for the majority of my cigars. I tend not to bother trying to age non-Cubans so I only keep enough on hand to smoke at my leisure. Once I started in on Cuban cigars, things... quickly got out of control.
  5. I'll definitely try and do that, I wasn't aware that existed. Thanks! Yea, if I'm not watching something then I'm generally either reading or surfing the internet on my phone. I just sometimes want to geek talk about cigars with someone that has a mutual interest since I've only recently really gotten into the hobby.
  6. Nothing new here, just a restock on some of my regular go to's. Julius Caesers, assorted My Fathers, Short Stories, and Opus.
  7. At this point I've probably given upwards of 150+ cigars (mix of CC and NC) away to various friends over the last year in an effort to try and spark a mutual interest in/appreciation for cigars so that I have someone to smoke with. To no avail. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with smoking alone; I enjoy the solitude even. But as I've gone deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, I find I just want someone to talk all things cigar with. My wife has forbade me from having anymore one-sided cigar conversations with her as she's assured me she'd rather hear about tax law than hear another "interesting cigar fun fact." I've also been directed to slow down my purchasing if I'm going to keep lobbing cigar grab bags at anyone with a pulse in hopes of finding a friend to smoke and talk cigars with. Tried membership with my local shop but the clientele there are generally more interested in getting poker games going and I'm not much into gambling. There are other lounges but none nearby enough for me to frequent. So, other than watching sports/tv, what are everyones favorite activities to do while smoking (assuming not on the golf course)?
  8. Just picked up a box of JLP Cazadores (APG Sep 19) and boxes of Partagas and RyJ Mille Fleurs (still en route). These are all new smokes for me as I try to figure out which I like best for my C&Cs.
  9. Those look great, well done! Do you do any aging when experimenting with blends at all? I've always been curious about how people develop blends given how flavors can alter and develop as the cigar ages.
  10. First 50 cab (TUA Sep 20 box code)! I am not looking forward to having to sit on these for so long, I may need to get another 25 box to smoke in the mean time...
  11. I guess I'm the odd man out here... Granted, I've not regularly smoked the other HU vitolas as other more experienced people here, but the box of Mag 54s I'm currently working through have been a surprise favorite since I broke it open a few months ago. Not the absolute best I've had, but definitely no regrets.
  12. Yea, that's what I was using prior to getting the wineador back in August. Unfortunately, my wife likes to keep the place warm and toasty so it's always sitting right around 75F-77F.
  13. Huge mail call this week! There is absolutely not enough room in the wineador to accommodate all these (plus one last box of Bolivar RCs still en route), I need to c ome up with a storage solution quick...

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