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  1. Alec Bradley Project 40 Churchill 2020 box (VVRW#3)
  2. Picked up a box of these last year, I think around 85 bucks for the box of churchills? As far as non-cubans go, I'm a big fan of Alec Bradley, so i figured why not.. Glad I picked em up. They're a really great stick for the price -- I wouldn't say mild to medium, but on the milder side of medium. Very cocoa heavy. That's the dominant flavor throughout most of the stick. Cocoa and leathery the whole way though. The earthy tones in the background transitioned quite a bit, from woody to to nutty, but the coca and leather were the dominant flavors. Draw and burn were perfect, as most n
  3. First one out of the box which I picked up a few months back. They're already smoking like a dream. Has a little bit of wrapper damage, but I don't personally care for cigar aesthetics. But outside of the damage, it's an extremely handsome rosado wrapper with minimal veins. First light, draw is superb. Classic Lusitania airy smoke; not much in the texture department, but the flavors are outstanding. Floral, woody notes with a nice kick of spice, moreso than most Lusitanias I've had in the past. I'm certainly not complaining. Medium + in body. Cigar is burning a little faster than I'd
  4. Don't have the original box, but I think these are relatively fresh. Chucked the cardboard box since I accidently spilt water on it 😐 I know they're short filler, but that's what makes them exciting -- I'm convinced they're just scraps from various other sticks, so while they tend to be medium bodied overall, they sometimes have crazy, quick transitions. This one was an interesting one. Would vary from spicy to sweet, thick to thin, creamy to harsh. The wrapper certainly wasn't a show stopper, but that's to be expected for a two buck stick. The nice thing about these, if you nee
  5. As far as the partagas C&C's go (of which I've only had PCE, Aristocrats, Mille Fleurs, and these, i wouldn't call the tubos & shorts C&C as they seem to be a higher level of quality), these are the milder ones of the bunch. Aristocrats and PCEs can be on the fuller side, and both of them can be harsh. I have a 17' box of Aristocrats that have been great, but I think another year or two they'll mellow out real nicely. I've yet to try habaneros, i'll probably pick some up at some point..
  6. I hope so too! I'm gonna give it a few more months before i take another one out.
  7. One of my favorite C&C's to keep around. Great draw & construction, might not be the most attractive stick to look at but that's not the point. I'd call it on the milder side of medium, with muted, but classic partagas flavor of spice & wood. A straight shooter with no crazy transitions, but great for the price and I love the vitola. Got about 50 minutes out of this guy. These are often overshadowed by the shorts and are great value for the price. I'd still take a party short over this most days, but it's a good mixup.
  8. I've been guilty of sampling these a bit earlier than I should have, and to be honest, I wasn't rewarded for doing so 😐 Mild to medium with not a whole lot going on. Very generic on the palate...earthy with a bit of spice. A bit twangy, but not impressively so. No significant transitions. Back into the cab they go...maybe next year they'll start to come to their own? This wasn't an unpleasant smoke -- just unremarkable. I guess it was too much to hope they would have start to come into their age, but not yet. 7.5/10
  9. Just got a box of these in, figured I'd try them young. Quite glad I did. Pre-light draw was a little snug, but I chalked that up to the mini figurado vitola. Got it lit, and at first I was a bit surprised. Mild-medium, but I figured that was due to the small smoke output. Woody notes with a hint of spice. With the draw failing to improvea as the cigar burned through the initial foot, I decided to bust out the perfec-draw. Definitely a little concerning since the ring gauge by the mouth is probably in the 20's, but had to try. I've NEVER pulled out a wad of

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