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  1. ROTT. If you like it, cool. If not, wait a bit then try again. 99.99% of the time to me, ROTT does the trick. A lot of pseudoscience in the "wait 90 day" camp if you ask me. You also can't deny placebo either, e.g. if you're really in the mood for a cigar, you're gonna enjoy it more regardless. To me....cigars are natural products. They are going to have variances in taste, naturally. Even in the same box. I personally am not convinced waiting some pre-determined amount of time will change this & it's more likely a good stick is simply a good stick and vice versa...but if you want to wait, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Basically, you do you man. If you're asking the question, I say smoke now
  2. Had about 30 minutes left of a presentation I needed to watch for work, so instead of falling asleep I decided to accompany it with my daily driver cigar. Generally speaking I don't prefer to smoke much longer than ~45 min in 1 sitting anyway, so I tend to gravitate towards the smaller sticks. Perfect draw and construction throughout. I'm greeted with a medium to full bodied smoke that is dense and textured. Loads of spice in this guy, followed by that partagas sourdough flavor which I've come to love. Finish is pretty long, mostly earth and spice. I wouldn't call it smooth either, but that's okay by me. Very one dimensional as I didn't get any significant transitions to speak of. Certainly not the best partagas short I had, but not the worst either. 8.25/10
  3. Funny you mention some of these...partagas shorts I also brought with me and gave to a buddy. D4s and JL2's have been boat cigars for me this year alone as well (although not today)
  4. Partagas Culebras -- I know this probably sounds crazy, but if you have smoked any recent examples you might think likewise. They are, by FAR, the most consistent cigar I've ever smoke box - to - box. Always consistently perfect draw and burn, and always the same consistent mustiness which is unique in itself. TUA AGO 20, MSU JUN 19 Juan Lopez No 2 - Probably my favorite robusto in Habanos' portfolio. MGL JUN 20 Partagas Shorts - My daily driver stick. REG NOV 18; LMB NOV 18, UGO MAR 19, as well as a few other random ends of boxes that are dryboxing. Partagas Lusitanias - As you can tell I like my partagas, but how could I not? SOU JUL 20 Monte 2 - Gift from the girlfriend. What a great gift. TRU FEB 19
  5. Fresh box, so decided to sample one a little bit early. As with my Reyes review earlier, I had a little boat outing with some friends yesterday & I decided to take two smaller sticks to space out my smoke time rather than one larger on to have all at once. I actually prefer doing this when I can; it's nice to space out your smokes. I generally don't enjoy larger vitolas as much as others outside of rare occasion. I prefer to smoke for 30-45 minutes at a time. I shared this one, so it smoked a bit quicker (probably closer to 30 min). Nothing like a warm, summer day on a boat with good company ( see some obligatory boat pics). For this stick, we had the boat beached towards the end of the day on a small little island. Felt like paradise. Upon first light, I'm greeting with a good draw, but not the best smoke output. Very earthy taste with a lot of spice going towards the finish. Medium to full bodied. Normal smoke texture, not too strong either. I wouldn't call it harsh, but let's just say it's showing it's youth. Towards the 2nd half that earthiness started to shift into a bready & woody note, which I quite liked. Spice stayed throughout the same. That youthfulness taste actually diminished as well, as well as the smoke output started to get better. I nubbed this sucker to the very end. I'd give the first half a 8/10, 2nd half a 8.75/10. Very interested to see how well these age.
  6. Purchased as a single, not sure on the box code/year. Had a little boat outing with some friends yesterday & I decided to take two smaller sticks to space out my smoke time rather than one larger on to have all at once. I actually prefer doing this when I can; it's nice to space out your smokes. I generally don't enjoy larger vitolas as much as others outside of rare occasion. I prefer to smoke for 30-45 minutes at a time. That's about the running time I got with this bad boy. Nothing like a warm, summer day on a boat with good company ( see some obligatory boat pics) Anyway, picked this up as a single to see if it was something I'd like. Mild to medium bodied & very creamy smoke. The predominant flavor I'm getting is distinctly peanut -- a welcome surprise as this is not something I commonly taste. Finish is a long, earthy finish. Draw is slightly snug, but nothing I'd complain about. I gotta say, I didn't LOVE it when you factor in the price. By no means a bad stick -- but if I wanted to spend a lot of money on a smaller stick, I'd probably take a Siglo I over this. Thoroughly enjoyed it though, but I don't see myself buying these in the future. 8.25/10
  7. While out at an outdoor bar in Fort Lauderdale, I decided to push my luck and bring a stick with me. Glad I did. Bar had some live music playing a variety of rock, from Journey to Queen. I'm a pretty big fan of the Punch coronations...I know many people sleep on these but I suggest they don't. Heavy, heavy cuban twang with a strong leather flavor and a bit of spice. Great draw and burn, great smoke output. Medium + in body & the strength of this guy actually got to me (probably had to do with me being several beers deep and skipping lunch) and, embarrassingly, I had to vacate the premises for a quick 10 minute walk to get the blood flowing. But I was fine after that. They're a big sleeper in the Habanos portfolio, if you like the vitola it's a great medium to medium full stick. Nothing crazy complex, but very tasty if you can get them for the right price. 8.75/10
  8. It's in the title! SOU JUL 20, or you mean the barcode? Thanks! It's certainly a treat. The defining trait for me is how airy and light the smoke from a Lusi tends to be. It's relatively unique in that regard in my eyes.
  9. On a family vacation out in Florida & we decided to take out a boat. Was a gorgeous day out on the intercoastal...figured I'd bust out the big guns and light up my favorite double corona. Opening notes of wood and spice, not as bready as expecting but it's there. Extremely smooth and airy smoke, not very dense at all. Very easy on the retro. Medium bodied. This stick also basically had no strength too, which is a good thing when you're out driving a boat 😅 Unfortunately it started to canoe pretty bad, probably due to the wind & touchups were a pain since I didn't have a torch on me, so you could only imagine. Luckily it never went out and kept going along until the end, so big points for that in my book. It's always a treat to smoke a Lusi. This box has been a winner in my book, anyone else with this box code should dig in. I picked it up here at FOH so I doubt I'm the only one with it. 9/10
  10. Went to a friend's wedding in Florida...didn't even plan on going truthfully, but a spontaneous family vacation so happened to pop up the week after, so I figured why not. Unfortunately, I figured wrong...I don't want to be too disrespectful, but there was maybe 20 people? Oh, and it was a dry wedding too. I'll say no more. The venue was great, I just don't know why they got it for such a small group... Glad I brought something to smoke, god knows I needed it. Ended up sharing it with the girlfriend. Really nice milk chocolate wrapper on this guy. Burn and draw were perfect throughout. Strong leather notes dominated the scene, with hints of coca and almost a floral note (?) but not quite. Couldn't put my tongue on it. A bit of spice on the finish, but nothing serious. No significant transitions, but it was an enjoyable enough stick and hit the very much needed spot. Got a nice shot of the better half too! 8.25/10
  11. Completely agree. I may be in the minority, but i'd take these over a Magnum 56 taste wise.
  12. Approaching the 1yr mark -- a performance evaluation. Another warm day out, so in between meetings figured I'd head out back and get some sun in (aka my white ass needs to get a bit more tan 😅 ) It's gonna be a miserable holiday weekend by me, supposed to be rainy and cold 😐. Paired with a glass of water. 9 times out of 10, I pair my sticks with flat or sparkling water. Draw and construction are spot on. Upon first light, I get a faint sweetness, can't really put my finger on what it is. Just generic sweetness. It's accompanied with a heavy salted walnut note. Smoke is creamy and thick in the mouth. The finish mellows out into a woody flavor. About half way in, the sweetness begins to fade on the draw and the finish is accompanied with some spice. A welcome change in my eyes. Some draws I get a strong umami flavor as well, which is also certainly welcome in my book. Medium bodied. The cigar shows it's youth and I get a bit of strength from it as well. Nothing crazy, but it's letting me know it's there. Overall, these are great little smokes and are a good representation of where Habanos outshines the new world brands: Corona-styled vitolas. 8.75/10
  13. Picked these up when I saw the odd combination of a highly rated, non Cuban corona on Cigar Aficionado. I don't put too much stock into their ratings, but i generally like RP's offerings and coronas are my favorite vitola, so I figured why not. Paired with a Modelo during a work break. Also decided to get some sun. Near perfect pre-light draw, construction seems perfect - to be expected from a non Cuban. An extremely attractive cigar to the eye, wrapper was gorgeous and I do happen to really like the band. It was once I lit it I remembered why I remembered CA ratings were a joke. Medium-full bodied smoke, leaning itself more towards full. Heavy earth flavors are really dominant, with a bit of leather. The finish is a bit bitter. I wouldn't call it harsh, but it's approaching that side of the realm. Mouthfeel is average, not thick, not thin. Many reviews I've read claim sweetness -- even Rocky Patel himself, but this is the polar opposite, at least in the example I'm smoking. It's also possible that they diluted the blend after the big CA 95 rating to amp up supply. This wasn't a very transitional smoke. Heavy earth was dominant throughout. In the bottom half though, some coffee notes became prevalent. Still the same bitter finish, smoke texture etc. Medium strength. Not a bad smoke by any means, just "ok". If someone hands me one of these I wouldn't complain, but it's not like I'd jump for joy either. I expected a lot more for a 95 rating. Certainly wont buy it again. 7/10
  14. No joke! If I really want to get into the flavors of a cigar, sparkling water is the best. Really resets my palate well. Plus, I drink it all the time 😃
  15. San Cristobal de la Habana El Principe - Unknown (MM&SRW)

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