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  1. Two Boveda 58% 60g packs and a 2016 Monte 4
  2. Both PSP/HQ, RASCC are SOU AGO 20 and JLS2’s are UTL JUL 18
  3. I wish I had some feedback for you, but I have an empty box from 2001 and a full box from 2020.... nothing in between. Glad to hear your’s are coming on. Incidentally, the good ones in the 2001 box were quite good.
  4. I agree with those of you who say that funk and twang are different. That being said, for my palate, when those two components come together, it just does it for me. I love other flavor profiles as well, but I posted the question because I am having trouble finding much of either “funk” (barnyard) or “twang”, let alone both together, in the regular production cigars I’ve smoked from 2016-2020. Full disclosure... I have stock and experience from 1995-2000, and then not again until 2016 to current. Obviously there was a major change, as you all know, between these eras.
  5. Longrow sherry cask 14 year... Funkily delicious
  6. I know some folks don’t like the term Cuban Twang, but I’m not one of them... none of the new stuff I’m that I’ve smoked lately has had it, and I miss it! Where are y’all finding it these days? Edit: As suggested by @El Presidente, I am going to do my best to put my version of the Twang into words.... For me it’s an aroma, a mix of flavors, and a feeling, which are all hitting you concurrently. The smell is easy, it is that beautiful barnyard aroma. The aromas of slightly damp livestock in an old barn housing what remains of the past year’s hay. The composting manure
  7. Thank you. We are down in the Corpus Christi area.
  8. Hello! It’s exciting to be getting back into CC’s after a two decade hiatus. I left them in 2001 or so, and am realizing I have a lot to learn! Awesome posts coming out of this group!

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