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  1. Can't believe today the Tainos lasted longer than regular production stuff...
  2. Glad to hear it was not just my impression that there are a lot more smaller RG NCs now in spite of the push for big RGs! To be honest if the end result is that most cigars end up being small or big at the expense of "medium", which would make sense with how super polarized pretty much everything is nowadays, I'd be totally fine with that because today's "medium" is still pretty big IMHO. Nothing wrong with having a few jaw-breakers in the portfolio if people ask for them, as long as there is also plenty of small RG cigars too!
  3. 1) It's not all the same tobacco leaf inside a cigar. The simplified version is every cigar is a blend of different kinds of tobacco leaves. Hence it's normal that flavors change throughout the cigar, plus stuff from the first part of the cigar accumulates in the last part of the cigar which contributes to flavor changes too. 2) Different cigars and different blends. No such thing as "better" when it comes to taste. 3) If you want to age cigars and you are not already very familiar with them, your best bet is to buy a box and smoke a cigar from that box at regular intervals. 3 mont
  4. I wonder if the explanation for these sick periods can be found with abnormal bacterial/mold activity that produces unpleasant byproducts...
  5. @Cigarsmoker81 I would be very wary of increasing the RH if you have some cigars with a cracked foot as I usually associate a cracked foot in the box with over humidification not under. Plus you say that the cigars have some give and don't crack when handling them, which again points to the cigars not being too dry. I'm concerned that by putting them in a 69% RH environment you might make the problem worse not better... No idea about what could make the wrapper change color, I've never seen such a thing happening and short of being bleached by direct sun (which you say is not an issue) I
  6. Favorite size: definitely corona gorda by far! Just the perfect balance of RG and length IMHO. Etiquette: buying from online trusted vendors is a necessity being in the US. But then again, I haven’t had the best luck when buying in B&M stores in Europe when visiting friends and family, and the prices are higher. So I’m gonna stick with the community’s trusted vendors for the foreseeable future!
  7. I expect the big RG trend to reverse in the future but it will take some time. Everything is cyclical, and in order to keep coming up with something “new” companies usually keep bringing back something old. Plus with trends it seems like the standard MO is to keep pushing something until it reaches a stupid level that makes the product close to unusable or un-enjoyable, then people/companies get a wake up call and go in the opposite direction. I remember in the very early 2000s the trend for cell phones was smaller and smaller. My friend got a Nokia phone in 2002 I believe that was so sma
  8. Coconut oil is a great option. I use it to lube various things where I want a food grad lubricant and it works great!
  9. I read the review you linked and when I saw this: "Recently, Tabacalera Tropical relocated the operations for the Casa Fernandez brand to Miami, Florida" I thought that meant that it was rolled in Miami, and since the Titan is pretty much the last real cigar factory left in Miami I was wondering if it was the same. Now I’m thinking that maybe they are talking about the office HQ and not the factory? You are right about the price point, $9 is a bit cheap for being made in Miami, although we are talking about 2011 money, and I’m pretty sure when I visited the Titan de Bronze in 201
  10. @Cigar Surgeon do you know if the Casa Fernandez Miami was rolled at El Titan de Bronze? That could draw a connection with the Medio Tiempo used in the La Palina Goldie rolled at the same place in 2012…
  11. Not that I remember. From my memory in 2010-11 the main trend in the NC world was Corojo seed tobacco, followed by Connecticut Broadleaf the next 2-3 years. The first NC Medio Tiempo I remember was the La Palina Goldie in 2012 but I wouldn’t say that it became a trend in the NC world until more recently.
  12. I mean, based on where it grows and how they treat it, it could definitely be considered a high grade ligero. And if you are thinking what I'm thinking, I agree, it's not the most obvious choice for wrappers although it's not unheard of (I remember a triple ligero NC that had ligero for wrapper, binder and filler). It definitely makes more sense in the filler. I also have to admit that I'm a bit skeptical about the medio tiempo claims when they are coming form a big brand, also claiming to make heavy use of it, VS a small boutique brand like Warped that claims to use "some" medio tiempo i
  13. A few months ago I smoked a Warped Maestro del Tiempo 6102R (bought in December, my last NC purchase before fully entering the CC rabbit hole), which is a Nicaraguan puro allegedly containing some Aganorsa Medio Tiempo tobacco. Now, we know how powerful the placebo effect is, but I also went into it convinced that I would not like it, since I had been disappointed by another Warped that was quite hyped before. Well, the Maestro del Tiempo had a very noticeable flavor note that to me resembles white chocolate and that definitely reminds me of the same flavor note I tasted in a BHK 52 in 20
  14. Glad to see I'm not the only one who LOVES smoking a good cigar while taking a walk on nature trails! (And I avoid busy trails so no risk of me annoying other people with my smoke or other people annoying me with their presence while I'm enjoying my cigar immersed in nature). The HUHC is on my short list of cigars to try!
  15. I’ve had very inconsistent success aging NCs… Kind of off topic but basically while I agree that aging can greatly mitigate the obnoxious “pepper”, I found that several NCs lost flavors when aged and became very boring. I would go as far as saying that more often than not when I aged NCs I’ve been disappointed. YMMV.

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