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  1. That's not that unusual. Sometimes cigars smoked ROTT or within 2-3 weeks actually taste better than the following ones for a bit, then usually (but not alwasy) they go back to being good after a few more months. I had this happen to me more than once.
  2. I'm curious to see which will be the first mainstream brand to break 100RG! I mean ridiculous for ridiculous might as well...
  3. I would move them immediately, no need to quarantine them. Mold is on all cigars and what you see is really just a mold overgrowth due to excessive moisture/temp. If your storage is good on moisture/temp it won't come back. The mold thread in FOHrensics is indeed an eye opener!
  4. I believe this is the correct answer!
  5. Not only that, but in summertime in Florida the humidity is already a bit too high for most cigars, adding extra moisture in the surrounding air with an evaporative cooler sounds counterproductive... For the summer in (Central) Florida I either smoke outside in the evening when the humidity is super high but the temperature is usually reasonable, or I smoke outside during the day when the humidity is a little more reasonable but it's freaking hot. And I cover myself with Picaridin to ward off mosquitoes. And I sit in the shade under a big tree which helps tremendously with the heat.
  6. For someone new to CCs I would avoid long and skinnies so - PLMC - Cohiba Especiales - Cohiba Lanceros
  7. Thank you for the advise! I'll keep an eye out for those Especiales #2, although I see that they are among those cigars that don't even last a full minute on 24:24... How are they different from the other classic Monte?
  8. A few years ago in 2012 I decided to start exploring CCs for the first time and I tried a few of the most well known cigars, among which a Monte 2. That cigar was quite a bummer, it was really bland and boring. I don’t think I even finished it. That left a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended) because Montecristo is such an iconic brand and the Monte 2 is such an iconic cigar that I really felt like I was missing something. Fast forwards to 2021 and I’m now 100% into CCs and the idea of trying a Montecristo again felt very appealing. At the same time I now really focus on smoking vitolas I
  9. One question that I have about the Regios: how do they develop with aging? I know in the description the Prez mentions that he likes them within 2 years. What happens after that? Do the fruity flavors decrease with aging?
  10. Beautiful day, slightly less hot and humid than the past few months, I can feel that the grip of the Florida summer is loosening! This cigar is from a HQ 1/4 box from here. The wrapper is beautiful, minimal veins and something between a colorado and a rosado in color. Pre-light I’m getting straight-up honey. First third starts out with fruity tobacco, then a bit of stone fruit but not in the aftertaste. Some toast then a very strong but brief fruit note that reminds me of mandarin. Very interesting but so brief… it only lasts maybe half a second on my palate. The burn is very
  11. Nice try LOL. I don't have pets and my mother-in-law lives a few thousand miles away. Just your average internet sleuth here.
  12. Here is my best guess on how it went down: the mother-in-law was at home when the package arrived, left the box of cigars around with the lid open (maybe she wanted to check the cigars, maybe she was just curious, etc) and the new pup found it and tried to chew on some cigars, kind of like how they chew on shoes or books, or anything else they can find. The pup probably didn't completely destroy the cigars because I'd imagine she found the taste biting and unpleasant. The mother-in-law finds out in horror what happened and instead of telling the guy immediately, she closes the box an
  13. LOL the RO filter is connected to the city water kitchen plumbing so no pee on my cigars! Yet I'm willing to be that someone somewhere in the world has tried that...

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