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  1. My bad, for some reason I was thinking of rhum agricole which is obviously not Cuban.
  2. I'd bet money that they will prioritize rum production over refining sugar for baking/cooking. Just like the barley that ends up being used to make beer for the pigs instead of food for the other animals in Animal Farm.
  3. Can I make the case for the Bolivar No3 Tubo? It's a smaller RG vitola, which seems to be right up your alley, and it's incredibly flavorful! More so than the other Bolivars I tried so far. It also has a deceptively long smoke time for the size. I usually get 1h out of it. If you want to get a taste of Bolivar, and if you can find it, I would suggest the No3 over the PC. Also, and this might be just me, I prefer tubos anyway when I'm getting singles. I seem to have better luck with them.
  4. I have smoked a handful of Clear Havanas (made in the US from Cuban tobacco) from 1940s-50s and one actual pre-embargo Cuban cigar. Watering the cap before cutting/punching like @Bijan suggested is a very good idea, alternatively you can also lick it. Most of the cigars I got (from a reputable vintage cigar vendor that unfortunately seems to have disappeared) were a bit under humidified, so I'd check those cigars and if some seem to be under humidified (loose bands, crackling noise from gently massaging the foot, general stiff feel to them) I would suggest that you leave them for a few months
  5. I do have a Cigar buying credit card, it's actually my wife's credit card. She doesn't want me to waste money on foreign transaction fees and it so happens that she has a travel card while I have mostly cash back cards. Our setup is pretty much what @FrancisK7 described: we have a joint account and we each have our personal accounts. We put all the income into the joint account to pay for joint living expenses, at the end of each month we take what is left after everything is paid off and we split it 50/50 and move it to our personal accounts. The personal accounts are used to pay off pe
  6. "On his farm, for example, they use fertilizers from other countries, such as China or the Netherlands." Now hold on minute! What happened to the "Cuban farmers don't have access to artificial fertilizers so they fertilize with manure the old fashioned way??? Now it turns out they DO have fertilizers and from China nonetheless? Did I miss something?
  7. Really enjoyed the 360 videos, but I wish they made them longer. As soon as I started looking around they were switching to the next location...
  8. Nice! The Fume d'Amour used to be one of my favorite NCs!
  9. I had a cigar planned for yesterday (a NC too as it happens) and had to postpone due to being too hot during the day and too mosquito-y at night which is nonsense for April... This past year the weather has been a bit ridiculous. I feel your pain, I hate postponing a scheduled smoking session!
  10. Never having been to Cuba in person, I'm really looking forward to the virtual tour!!!
  11. Glad to hear it’s not just me! I had a few 1926 and 1964 both in maduro and natural wrapper, the maduro ones I actively disliked, I was getting some metallic notes that were just unpleasant. For the record I actually quite like a good Connecticut Broadleaf cigar when I’m in the mood for that chocolate, dark fruit, meaty bouquet, so it’s not like I have something against maduro wrappers, just the Padron ones that I tried were not doing it for me. The natural wrapper ones one the other hand were pleasant but boring. To be fair they were among of the most “cuban-like” NCs I tried, but not like ve
  12. I used to like the VSGs 9-10 years ago, usually the smaller vitolas, then lost interest in the flavor profile. I will say, though, I have not found NCs to be any better than CCs in terms of resting after shipping and being always ready to go... I always acclimated them in the humi before smoking like with CCs and generally regretted smoking them ROTT. Also while NCs might have fewer instances of cigars that are too young to be smoked, I still had several NCs that were just freaking harsh due to both being too young and blended too strong, just like I had at least one with very obvious ammonia
  13. Really looking forward to the RG!!! For the rest, the RA is the only one I would consider if the reviews were stellar, since 52RG is as big as I'm willing to go but it has to be worth it. I have to say, in spite of how much I disagree with the embargo, both because of hypocrisy and pointlessness, I think that an unexpected positive coming from it is that the race to bigger and bigger RGs has been considerably slowed down compared to the NC world. And even with that, it's still happening, slowly but surely.
  14. These are some very good points! I personally never have very good luck with singles, unless they are tubos. It's not about the cigars being damaged during shipping, it's just somehow the singles I get have a much greater chance of being crap than when I get tubos or boxes... I suspect singles are a lot more vulnerable to humidity/temperature fluctuations during shipping. Then it's also a numbers game: with CCs we know there is a high chance that some cigars in a box will be not great. Maybe there are 5 crappy cigars in a box of 25, if you buy 2 singles they might both be crappy and give you a

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