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  1. Wow glad to see that it's not just me!!! I've been trying all sorts of avoidance strategies... a few months ago I waited until 6:30pm on a Saturday because I thought that one neighbor mowed the day before so there was no risk and the other always calls for a mowing company which would NEVER come out after 6:30pm on a Saturday right??? Within 3 puffs the lawn mowing company arrived and was mowing until 7:30pm at least... Guess the neighbor employs the hardest working mowing company on earth...
  2. Has this ever happened to you? You go outside in your backyard to enjoy a nice cigar and relax. It's a beautiful sunny day, there's a slight breeze and the humidity is surprisingly low for being in the summer. You look around and everything is quiet and serene. The only thing you can hear is the breeze in the trees, some birds signing and cicadas in the distance. So you light up the cigar you brought out, take a couple of puffs and suddenly the neighbor on the left starts the gas lawnmower and starts mowing the lawn. A minute later the neighbor on the right comes out with a screaming baby. And
  3. Let me preface by saying that the absinthe market is a bit of a giant mess right now; distribution has always been an issue with absinthe due to it being a super niche product and distributors not wanting to invest into stocking it, plus just a week ago one the main international absinthe online stores in Europe closed down. So, finding them might not be the easiest thing. I don't want to post links but you can always PM me and I can try to help you out. As far as pairings, I really like wine based absinthes like the Combier Enteté with a full-bodied cigar like a Bolivar. It also works we
  4. Really don't want to invalidate your childhood memories but wormwood is NOT hallucinogenic and the whole thing is a myth that was debunked years ago. Wormwood is used in a bunch of other stuff like vermouth and you never hear of people calling vermouth hallucinogenic. People were also talking about thujone being the chemical in wormwood that was causing these "special" effects, but common sage also contains thujone and again you never hear of people getting high after eating sage. Over the years I've had probably over a hundred different absinthes, all with different recipes and different
  5. Upmann Sir Winston desn't get enough praise? Did I understand that right? 🤔
  6. THIS. Not only your cigars will be happier (but be careful if the humidor is not REALLY airtight you can easily end up with too low RH) but you will avoid more dangerous mold in your house as well.
  7. For those who don't know, Tutanota is an email provider that focuses on privacy and security, I switched to them years ago after learning that google was scanning the content of all my gmail emails. Services like Tutanota (and Protonmail and others) provide end to end encrypted emails and don't actually have access to your password, which is why if you lose it and don't have an alternate recovery code setup you are out of luck. This is to say, when it comes to privacy, or the opposite government surveillance and overreach, I would consider Tutanota a VERY reliable source. Regarding the su
  8. Look, different strokes for different folks. My opinion is that I don't judge something without having tried it. Even if similar things gave me a distinct impression. Too many times something that I expected to be a certain way proved to be totally different. However, I do have to respectfully disagree with your opinion that your review would have been pointless because you can't fully appreciate a "special" cigar. Not everybody has a super refined palate and opinions from all sorts of different people are what makes the community great. Say that next month/year another guy who doesn't ha
  9. What is done is done but I think you should have just smoked it. Even if other rare and aged cigars never did anything for you, if you haven't smoked this specific one you have no way to know if this maybe was going to be the one that would blow you away. Considering that it costed you nothing it was a zero risk proposition for you, plus allowing someone to experience a cigar they might not otherwise be able/willing to buy I believe is the goal behind most gifted cigars, or at lest it is for me. Additionally I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) that what JohnS was talking about was th
  10. Nobody knows the long term effects of the vaccines, true. Nobody knows the long term effects of catching COVID as an unvaccinated person, also true. There are several viruses previously thought as fairly harmless that are now linked to the development of serious conditions later on. So, as far as long term effects, it's a tie. They are both unknown. There might not be a lot of peer reviewed studies at the moment, but what is available does show some pretty good results for the vaccines. Additionally I have friends working at hospitals, and what I keep hearing is that 95% of COVID patient
  11. Just wish they didn't discontinue the Boli 3 in their relentless war on small RG cigars... It's actually interesting how often these small cigars seem to have some of the most flavorful leaf compared to the big ones. I wonder if not being bound by the length and size, it's easier to source flavorful tobacco leaves.
  12. I got a couple of boxes of Bolivar No.3 right before they became impossible to find and I’m SO glad that I did! The cigar looks a little rustic, with a chocolate wrapper and a few veins. I have to say that while I enjoy the aesthetics of a cigar with a beautiful wrapper, I’ve come to dislike some of the NC wrappers that look TOO perfect, veinless and flawless. They kind of remind me of the super commercial produce at the supermarket vs organic or farmers market produce. The commercial produce is huge, shiny, flawless… and tastes of nothing! The organic/farmers stuff often has flaws and bl
  13. You'll be sorry if you do hahaha ... But I do love Florida, in spite of the specimens of Florida Man!
  14. Curious to hear what you think of those, please do report back!
  15. I can guarantee that the foam is not airtight in spite of what they advertise. Being in FL the RH inside my house is always too low (when the AC is on) or too high (during the cooler months when the AC is off) and the box I have with the foam gasket fluctuates quite a bit following the RH inside the house! I also suspect that foam gaskets get worse over time because I noticed that after a couple of years when I take the lid off the foam maintains a groove where the box lip presses against it.
  16. I don't think anyone outside of HSA knows for sure exactly what tobacco goes in the different cigars, but I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that the flavor profile will be similar but not identical. I would smoke a couple of the Delicias first, if you really like them, then try the Cosacos.
  17. Does the cooledor have a rubber gasket or a foam gasket? I have a Ziplock box that has a foam gasket with 4 clamps and it doesn't keep the RH nearly as well as the Sistema Klip It boxes, which by the way DO have a gasket, if you look under the lid it's a thin blue rubber gasket. The bottom line is that rubber gaskets are a lot more airtight than foam gaskets, so if your cooledor has a foam gasket that could explain what is happening as it's getting moisture both from the room and the beads.
  18. The Delicias are short filler while the Cosacos are long filler, so I believe they are a different blend.
  19. Have you ever heard of North Carolina Man? Didn't think so. My point still stands. 🤣 (for non US people, google "Florida Man")
  20. I was very intrigued by the FSG and the JC American, mostly because I live in central FL fairly close to Clermont so it was just cool. Then I read the dreaded "pepper" descriptor is almost all the reviews and I lost most of my interest. Then I looked at the sizes and I lost whatever was left of my interest... I wish them the best of luck with this endeavor and I'm hoping if they succeed that something in the sub 50RG range and with different blends (read: no "pepper") will come out as well!

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