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  1. Maybe the tobacco was harvested by the last farmer on Cuba still operating, over-enthusiastically, diesel tractors?
  2. "The initiative also calls for a significant reduction in the level of nicotine allowed in tobacco" HOWEVER all the other toxic crap that they put in cigarettes (which surely contributes the most to the health effects), now that's good to go!
  3. It's a double edge sword there man, depending on the cigar, the cigar holder might not give it back 😂
  4. And for those who might not know, and also keeping with the theme, MUWAT stands for: My Uzi Weighs A Ton
  5. Like the others, I also always keep a cigar in my hand. Keeping it in my mouth is a no-go especially since I always smoke outside and there is always a little breeze that would blow the smoke back in my face making me choke while I'm breathing. Been there done that. If I need to do something quick where I need both hands, I hold the cigar in my mouth while holding my breath. As far as activities while smoking, I also feel like doing stuff detracts from my cigar enjoyment. The one exception is taking a walk on some nature trails with no people, which is something that I do enjoy while smo
  6. I have to be honest, with the latest few PLPC reviews, I think I'm moving the PLPC a bit lower on my acquisitions priority list 😔
  7. It depends on the reaction... I mean we now know that molds and bacteria are universally present on cigars (and giving birth to the infamous plume) so I wouldn't be surprised if they had something to do with the ammonia breakdown, and they might be anaerobic so in that case they wouldn't need oxygen. I mean we humans produce ammonia in our bodies and we can break it down, I believe it's not uncommon for other organisms to be able to do that... It would be interesting to run a test: take two cigars that smell of ammonia from the same box. Put one in a sealed ziplock bag, glass jar or othe
  8. That makes two of us (meaning a thought not rooted in science) LOL. What I was thinking is that if ammonia in cigars needed ventilation to dissipate, as opposed to some other forms of decomposition, I would expect cigars in tubos to be a lot more susceptible to the ammonia problem, and sealed boxes in general to be more susceptible than singles. Yet, I haven't had this experience personally, nor I have read of people connecting a more sealed storage of cigars (tubos or sealed boxes) to a higher incidence of ammonia in cigars... This leads me to believe that ventilation might not be the biggest
  9. I have a feeling that the ammonia problem requires time to be fixed more than it requires airing out...
  10. Gotcha. Yeah really sounds like under-fermented or under-aged tobacco.
  11. So you box of 2018 Connie 1 started out crappy and now is good?
  12. Gotcha. Good thinking, the fridge technique works wonders for tight draws!
  13. Thanks! I also like your suggestion for the 3 pack tubos. For less than one box amounts, I generally have better luck with tubos than loose singles. I'm gonna see if I can find a vendor who carries the 3 pack, as I just checked the ones I'm familiar with and they don't have 3 pack tubos.
  14. This is definitely on my short list of future purchases!
  15. So those Nov 18 Connie 1s are still smoking poorly today? That really sounds like something wrong with the tobacco!
  16. Thanks, gotcha! I wonder if maybe some times they also send out cigars with no aging at all. Meaning the post rolling aging to marry the flavors, which I bet also allows the leftover ammonia from the fermentation to dissipate.
  17. Did you use the fridge technique because the draw was tight or was it because you were smoking it ROTT? Just curious.
  18. Awesome review! And sounds like an awesome cigar as well, with some badass complexity!
  19. interesting. I was out of the loop in 2018, didn't know about those Connie 1s. Did they all have the ammonia note?
  20. Is it just me or ammonia from a 4 year old box sounds really weird? I get ammonia from very young cigars, but 4 years? I would imagine the ammonia would have been long gone... To be clear it's not that I doubt your taste, I wonder what was done (or rather not done) at the factory to result in such a long lasting ammonia presence.
  21. "There are no tastebuds in your lungs". LOL love it!
  22. Looking forward to hear how the RAT May 20 are smoking ROTT!
  23. I remember reading of native ceremonies in Central/South America that involved the shaman blowing tobacco smoke from rolled tobacco leaves on a person to purify him. So that makes me think about inhaling the smoke. Then I think about the fact that those shamans were using nicotiana rustica as their tobacco (which contains several times more nicotine than our kind of tobacco), and I cannot comprehend how they could inhale it so I think they must have not inhaled it.... That's when I remember that those are the same kind of people who get stung by dozens of bullet ants on purpose as an initiatio
  24. I would say as long as it has been stored properly (and I'm confident all your cigars are), 13 years does not seems not enough to cause a loss of flavors due to age... The ugly duckling/underdog story certainly has a certain appeal and could be the simplest explanation. My gut feeling is more leaning towards the "because Cuba" explanation: there might be some specific tobacco from a certain farm, or with some other unique trait, that occasionally goes into the PLPC production. When that happens you get the caramel flavor after a few years. In all the other PLPCs that don't get the special leaf
  25. Interesting. I find it curious that the PLPC is so well known for the caramel note, yet I feel like I'm reading more reports of people who didn't taste caramel in their PLPC or that tasted it but was very mild vs people who got a satisfactory PLPC caramel experience. Now, obviously there is the age factor and several reviews are of PLPCs that are not 5+ years old, as the general consensus seems to indicate as the minimum for getting the caramel note. But an 08 cigar should be more than old enough...

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