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  1. H. Upmann Connie A LTO JUL 20. Smoke was extremely dense and velvety, with big notes of sweet cream dominating the palate. Chocolate and baking spices throughout as well. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to revisit them with some more down time.
  2. Right on, thanks for that. Definitely something something I’ve experienced in the past, and had previously turned me away from smaller ring gauge cigars. I would often get a kick up in intensity and bitterness. A good lesson to remember.
  3. A powerful, rich, and flavorful smoke is something we’re all after, and there are times when I want that flavor punch in a shorter format. For me, I see the Cohiba Siglo I as something you can almost always make time for, and part of the reason I like to keep them stocked in my humidor. Not to mention that when they’re good, they are everything I want in a cigar, touch of spice, richness, nuttiness, cocoa, and cream. If you were lucky enough to score a PSP box in December (unfortunately, I was not), it’s almost a guarantee that they will be incredible. On the strength of those boxes alone,
  4. Hello FOH Community! first off, apologies, I went out of order and posted a cigar review last night, ahead of this intro. Hopefully I’m back on track now. I was first introduced to cuban cigars in 2016, I was gifted half a box of Vegas Robaina Unicos, and wow, was I impressed. Until that point, my cigar experiences had been extremely forgettable (almost regrettable, I hate to admit). But what a perfect introduction to cuban cigars that was. Being an avid wine drinker, I appreciated the complexities and journey of flavors that cigar took me on. I realized, then, that there was someth
  5. Scored a gorgeous PSP box of Cohiba Robustos from a 24:24 sale back in November. Box code GOB JUN 20. I didn't anticipate giving these a try until well into 2021, but when Christmas came around, I just couldn't help myself and decided to light one up. Now, my obvious expectation was that they would be too young to smoke, which in all honesty, is something my palate is not apt to detecting. So, rough edges and harsh flavors to be perhaps? Cold draw: Dried fruit, raisins more so. Almost like a slice of holiday Pannetone. Reminiscent of some other Cohibas I've smoked this year.
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