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  1. Right on, thanks for that. Definitely something something I’ve experienced in the past, and had previously turned me away from smaller ring gauge cigars. I would often get a kick up in intensity and bitterness. A good lesson to remember.
  2. A powerful, rich, and flavorful smoke is something we’re all after, and there are times when I want that flavor punch in a shorter format. For me, I see the Cohiba Siglo I as something you can almost always make time for, and part of the reason I like to keep them stocked in my humidor. Not to mention that when they’re good, they are everything I want in a cigar, touch of spice, richness, nuttiness, cocoa, and cream. If you were lucky enough to score a PSP box in December (unfortunately, I was not), it’s almost a guarantee that they will be incredible. On the strength of those boxes alone, I have to assume the quality on the 2020 run of these is going to be outstanding. Wrappers as though they were painted on, construction looked to be incredible, why in the world didn’t I request a box?… I digress, onto the review. Cold draw: Dried fruit, cocoa, black pepper Draw is a bit tight, but not enough to worry. First impressions: Flavor bomb at the start, just as I hoped. A dark fruit note is prominent. Very lovely dense smoke. Great start. First half: The dark fruit came and went, but a lovely cocoa makes its way through. Cedar and woody spice notes are present, very enjoyable at this point. The smoke has a great texture, that in a way envelops palate. Keeps me craving the next draw. Whiskey Pairing: 1792 Full Proof Bourbon – Nose is a dark brown sugar, mostly. Oak and caramel with a touch of cherry are the overarching flavors that explode at the front of the palate. The high proof is immediately intense but then mellows and allows the flavor to shine. As far as pairing, it started off pretty good, but the cigar, in a way, turned off the complexities of the whiskey, which become very much brown sugar and oak. Not in a bad way, but it lost a bit of luster, which was unfortunate for an otherwise brilliant whiskey. The cigar was the focal point when paired with the whiskey, but I preferred it without an immediate sip before/after a draw. I’d say this was a 6.5/10 pairing. They don’t clash, but I didn’t get any more nuance from either. In hindsight, a barrel proof whiskey maybe was not the best choice for this cigar. Second half: Very creamy smoke texture continues through the second half, spice has lightened up, cocoa is more present. The flavor punch from the beginning has faded a bit, but left me very content (maybe I should’ve taken advice from @Ken Gargett and stuck two together). Final thoughts: very enjoyable, smoked better waiting longer between draws. The cold weather did cause some forced re-lighting situations, but it didn’t bother me too much, as the cigar was much more enjoyable at a lower burn temperature. Score: 93/100. Although this cigar is too small by most standards and maybe doesn’t find its way into everyone’s lineup, I think this cigar will be knocking it out of the park in 2021. Low expectations, excellent pedigree, and undeniable class will put this petit corona above the rest (shoot, was I reviewing the cigar or handicapping race 4 at Santa Anita?)
  3. Hello FOH Community! first off, apologies, I went out of order and posted a cigar review last night, ahead of this intro. Hopefully I’m back on track now. I was first introduced to cuban cigars in 2016, I was gifted half a box of Vegas Robaina Unicos, and wow, was I impressed. Until that point, my cigar experiences had been extremely forgettable (almost regrettable, I hate to admit). But what a perfect introduction to cuban cigars that was. Being an avid wine drinker, I appreciated the complexities and journey of flavors that cigar took me on. I realized, then, that there was something very special about cuban grown tobacco and I understood why they are regarded by many as the best smokes in the world. Fast forward to now, and I have been slowly building a collection of CC’s and am working my way around trying the different brands/vitolas. I’m also big into finding great wine/whiskey pairings with a good smoke. There’s nothing better than spending an evening with close friends/family while also enjoying a good cigar. I’m very happy and grateful to have found FOH and have spent the last ~2 months perusing all of the great content on this forum. I have also purchased 3 boxes on the 24:24 sales, and what amazing boxes they are.
  4. Scored a gorgeous PSP box of Cohiba Robustos from a 24:24 sale back in November. Box code GOB JUN 20. I didn't anticipate giving these a try until well into 2021, but when Christmas came around, I just couldn't help myself and decided to light one up. Now, my obvious expectation was that they would be too young to smoke, which in all honesty, is something my palate is not apt to detecting. So, rough edges and harsh flavors to be perhaps? Cold draw: Dried fruit, raisins more so. Almost like a slice of holiday Pannetone. Reminiscent of some other Cohibas I've smoked this year. Initial Impressions: Started out beautifully and began with the sort of elegance you expect when lighting up a stick fortunate enough to be adorned with the beautiful Cohiba band. Big notes of cedar and toasted nuts (I'm thinking almonds?). There's a touch of cream way in the back. There's a silkiness I never expected, since this cigar is so young, and probably has not had the proper down time post-shipping. First Third: Black pepper emerges and becomes the focal point to what is now transitioning from a slightly sweet experience to a more savory profile. The touch of cream has not been completely lost, but is subdued even more. Flavors are powerful. Second Third: Black pepper lightening up a bit and the nuttiness is back with a vengeance. Definitely roasted almonds. There is a bit of a bitterness, but that of a raw cacao, so pleasant in that sense. Earth comes charging through, rounded out by a salted dark (very dark) chocolate. Final Third: As expected, very hot to this point, and the strength is through the roof. The bitterness has elevated, as if those roasted almonds had been left in the oven a bit too long. The savory quality has amplified to a smoked meat quality, quite unexpected, but then again, I have not had tried enough CC's (or Cohibas for that matter) to know if this should have been expected. I have to say, the experience was great, and I'm glad I gave one a try. The final third had some of those harsh edges I expected, but not to the point where it wasn't enjoyable. I haven't been able to secure much aged stock, nor have I tried many cigars in the 3+ year range, but I can imagine, that like a great young wine, those harsh edges of the 2020 CoRo's will round themselves out and the bitterness should subside to reveal a complexity of flavor that wasn't there before. Feel free to correct me if I'm way off on that!

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