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  1. My first Sig 2 from the host. Now I realize why I like Cuban cigars, especially Cohiba.
  2. Working 7 days a week blows. Don't even know what day it is anymore. Everything's sold before I even check in. Lol. What, it's Friday in the outback already?
  3. It had a very good flavor, just couldn't get any smoke out of it. Burned for 2 hours, never had to relight or touch up the burn. Just highly disappointed with the draw. I knew I was in trouble before I even lit it by how tight the roll was.
  4. Decided to abandon the internet last night and grabbed my first HdM EE , and went to visit my cousin in his shop last night. Extremely overfilled and plugged.😔 Burn was very uniform but zero smoke output. Left my draw tool at home, got tired of pulling my brains out and rectified the problem with a 1/8 drill bit in the dewalt cordless drill. There's more than one way to skin a
  5. I've wondered if they was worth giving a shot. Might just have to get some P2's
  6. Working 4/10 hour days. Friday through Monday. Might make enough to buy a box of sticks!
  7. Just how big were the beads of sweat on your forehead?
  8. Finally snagged some BPC, JL2 , Punch Punch and Hoyo seco.
  9. Dec 19 Lusi. Waiting on the World of Outlaws to run Gaffney S.C.
  10. Things people just leave laying around on your porch. Amazes me. Lol

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