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  1. Hope he plucks it off the balls before the bic lighter treatment. Lol
  2. El Principe this morning. A little breezy and burn is a little bit wonky, but it has always corrected itself.
  3. Hope they smoke well for you. They been stored at an average of 64 degrees and 66% rh. Might want to acclimate them for a while, get them to your preferred rh. Hope they made it undamaged.
  4. No, just a boatload of tobacco dust from work. Lol
  5. Bpc for supper tonight. Just a tad loose on the draw.but burning like a champ.
  6. Old crook! Never had one. Looks like a major construction issue from a hungover roller's first day on the job!😂
  7. Posted up on the forum the other day asking about San Cristobal cigars. A fellow member shot me a message saying he would send me some to try if I was interested. Exchanged info and today this came in the mail. All I can say is cigar smokers are a rare breed of people. Tobaccoroad, you are as straight up as you can get, one of a kind! The favor will be repaid, guaranteed!!! Thanks man!!
  8. And I thought I was just about done for the year, dangit!
  9. Thinking about grabbing some San Cristobal sticks and was looking for the better sticks. Suggestions?

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