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  1. RAT MAR 2021 Piramides and ABO JUN 2017 Siglo4. Thanks to the FoH crew for the 4's.
  2. Glad you Guinea-pigged the Winnie. Exact same box I was thinking of cracking open but I think I'll just let it rest.
  3. I haven't seen any in years in liquor stores around the house. Wife carried me to Gatlinburg tn. for my birthday(tourist destination.) I was thinking about some Redbreast 21 until I saw $500 on it. 50 bucks for for a bottle of decent swill wasn't too bad. Lol
  4. Going to try out this Esmeralda ARS OCT 2019 gifted from a BOTL with some Buffalo Trace. Haven't been able to find any Trace until I got to Gatlinburg T.N.
  5. Found this in my carry case from last Saturday. Little bit loose on the draw but otherwise ok. LGB JUNE 2020.
  6. Nah, working. It's good since they are paying double time and a half. Maybe that way I can still afford a box or two of stogies. Lol
  7. Fuzzy's in Madison N.C. used to be some good bbq until he gave it up. Now it's rank.
  8. Yeah, I hope they smoke as good as they look.
  9. Been essential for over 20 years. About to let someone else have it.

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