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  1. Dude, haven't seen a piggly wiggly in years! I'm on the sunny side of the grass.
  2. They're like Eleanor, gone in 60 seconds! I was on them like a flea on a dog and still missed.
  3. You all have got to be kidding, right? After investing thousands of dollars building my tool shed ,you want me to lose it for a chance at some stogies? No way, I'm fat and sassy with plenty of stogies. Y'all have at it. I'm going to sit back, eat burritos, drink beer and watch this show with a good cigar.
  4. Give it a few years, it will grow into a full sized anaconda and eat me in my sleep. Not taking any chances with no snake. Nada, nope .
  5. If that was near my house, I would call that the classic dead snake.
  6. Totally agree. I bought a cheap modular home and stuck it in the middle of a 53 acre parcel of land. Best move I've ever made and will never contemplate moving.
  7. Yeah, a guy in a small North Carolina town opened a restaurant with a liquor license. He told me(don't know if he was truthful or not) his liquor license was 10 grand so I can see the BYOB scenario.
  8. Sorry pres but it will last a lifetime. Might as well send me your collection since you won't be able to enjoy them! Lol.🤣🤣🤣. All serious, it just depends on the individual. I never really lost taste with covid but my wife couldn't taste nothing for 5 to 6 weeks.
  9. I would say John's also nailed it. Just figuring out that those old stiff around the collar, snobby cigar smokers are some of the most generous people there is on the planet? Lol. Just pass the love around whenever you have the chance to do the same.
  10. All these discussions about Cohiba got me thinking. Yep, I like Cohiba.

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