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  1. I've never had a problem with the free shipping part. I got a problem with a happy trigger finger that wants to shoot in full auto mode!
  2. What's this? A 6 pack off of 24:24 and a few singles to get the free shipping?😄 Should have done like me and got about 20 of those singles.
  3. The Pres and crew are on fire this week! Thanks FoH.
  4. Real close. Just getting into cc's so I ordered two of several different sticks to try. The 6 pack resulted from trying an EE previously and liking it. Kind of hoping that I don't like any of the Cohibas because if I do, then I'm in trouble.
  5. First ever order from the host with the most. Thanks FoH for all your work and efforts.
  6. That Monte 5's is what I'd call a mini box of tobacco. Lol
  7. Since global mail has gone to hades and I'm literally down to single digits in the cc world, I figured I would try Cigar Affectionados 2018 cigar of the year. Perez Carillo's Encore Majestic. In my opinion it seems to be underfilled with a loose draw and wonky burn. Flavor profile? Dump your ashtray and lick it clean and wipe your tongue with a burnt leather boot . CA gave this cigar a 96 rating. If it doesn't improve shortly, I'm giving it the boot.
  8. Welcome to FoH! Good group of people on here.

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