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  1. You'll smoke them all because you can't replace them for what you got in them now. I know I'm keeping mine, unless my house falls into foreclosure.
  2. I look at it like this, I will soon be able to smoke a $100 cigar that only cost me $20-25.🙄
  3. For me, the Trinidads and Cohiba brands will last until my humidor has no more. After that, I'll be like, "huh, never heard of them!"
  4. My last BRC MSU OCT 2018. Burn is a little funny but I think it's going to be good!
  5. Seen some RAG's and figured what the heck, why not. Excellent smell and sheen, no regrets.
  6. I cook practically all my steaks in the trusty cast iron. Just seems to seal the flavor in the steak.
  7. I bought some Esmeraldas from the store before the shortage hit and shut it down. Accidentally hit 2 boxes and didn't realize it until after I completed the order. How lucky could I get? Lol.
  8. My last purchase of the golden sticks, at least that's what HSA thinks they are.
  9. I have been trying to get my hands on some CCE's for a while now with no luck. Cracked a joke about it the other night and this shows up today. There are some mighty fine people on this forum that share the love. Thanks, I owe you one!
  10. Yep, I think I gave 399 for my Fundys a year ago. Now you can say 800. Crazy.
  11. Good luck on your hunt. I've been trying to get some Coloniales for several months to no avail. And you might want to hurry up before the price tag goes double.
  12. Yeah, fun for some, frustrating for others. There are so many new members here that it's almost impossible to score a box anymore. Glad I stocked up when I did. Prices are crazy now.
  13. As many boxes that you have beat me to the draw on 24:24, you should be able to open your own store with your collection!😂😂😂😂
  14. Sometimes when tar builds up on my cigar, I purge it and it helps the situation.
  15. Haven't had a chance to try any of the 4 blends yet but that's about to change. I officially quit my job this coming Thursday. Been busting my butt for 40 years and it's time for me to start slowing down and living a little before it's too late.
  16. Just grab another box to age and smoke what you got.
  17. My US state is a right to work state. All they have to say is "your service is no longer rendered and goodbye.!

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