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  1. I have a website that uses Invision...had updates and new license key done on Thursday. Server began acting up on Friday morning, Webhost warned me of possible outage and began backup of the previous week and the server crashed. Fortunately, back-up completed and I was on a new server, running faster than ever in about 4 hours.
  2. Blind Tasting Cigar #2 – Earthy, a bit of strength, DARK sweetness.
  3. These guys, they make us jump!!! Nothing like it!! I get to do this for every home football game...GO HOKIES!!!
  4. Been there, done that...20 years in the golf business. Now, doing accounting work for a living. In an alternate universe...I would have gone to Oklahoma University and become a meteorologist/storm chaser...that was my destiny derailed...
  5. Coming off a not so good season that had players fighting with other players and coaches, a bunch of bad attitudes, and an overall lack of desire to perform their best, not sure how my Hokies will do this season. With over a dozen upperclassmen heading to the exit of the transfer portal, this is going to be a virtually "new" team. There are only 4 seniors on the roster, so the "youth movement" is in full swing. Coach Fu has "his boys" in there now...time to make hay. If they don't, this year could be another disaster and Coach Fu may be on the hot seat. They'll should go anywhere from 7-5 to 9-3...worse than 7-5 someone might be history, better than 9-3, the fans will be extremely happy and ready to call Coach Fu the 2nd coming of Frank Beamer... All I know for certain is our Lot 5 Tailgate will be the best on campus every Saturday...lots of good bourbon will be drank and lots of good cigars will be smoked.
  6. Interesting cigar...sweet, spicy, and peppery all at the same time. Must smoke a couple from my coolidor to hopefully have a better guess.
  7. But we have Meth-gators over here...
  8. In all honesty...Dr. Pepper. However, between Pepsi and's Coke, all day, every day...

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