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  1. ShortFatHokie

    congrats ash barty, but...

    Ash Barty is going to be a force in women's tennis for years to come.
  2. ShortFatHokie

    Jellyfish and Stingrays

    For almost 40 years of going to the beaches of North Carolina and South Carolina, I had never been stung by a jellyfish. I've been stung three of the past four years now...multiple stings two of those three years. They didn't hurt too bad, more of a burning sensation, but they all left a mark where their tentacles contacted me. A white vinegar and water mix sprayed onto the area will bring relief quickly...not sure about peeing on the sting, though. Even though I know they are there, I've never encountered a sting ray that I'm aware of...hope I didn't just jinx myself...
  3. I haven't had a cigar since October...pretty typical for me as I don't smoke cigars in the cold weather. Look to break that streak very soon, probably this afternoon...
  4. My wife bought me a nice watch for Christmas...
  5. ShortFatHokie

    Just in case you missed it

    Just wondering since everything I'm hearing here in the US, politically speaking in regards to Cuba, is heading back in the other direction...of course, with US news, you never know what is true and what isn't anymore...
  6. ShortFatHokie

    Just in case you missed it

    Pretty sure that was from 2016...
  7. ShortFatHokie

    Hamlet Liberation

    Where did you purchase this??? Heading down to Charlotte next weekend and was going to look for some Hamlets...
  8. ShortFatHokie

    What is happening this weekend ?

    Awesome! Another Hokie on the board! I have a few bottles of Elmer in reserve from past purchases. Took one yesterday, as well as the Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch. ETL is one of my favorites, although, everything from Buffalo Trace Distillery is one of my favorites. Our group will likely drink as much or more next week with the Hoos coming to town...I think all of our streaks come to an end on Friday... If you ever make to Blacksburg for a game, let me know! You are more than welcome at our tailgate!
  9. ShortFatHokie

    What is happening this weekend ?

    And this was the result...the team lost, again, but it was a great tailgate!!!
  10. ShortFatHokie

    What is happening this weekend ?

    Just another Saturday in Blacksburg...GO HOKIES!!! Lane Stadium...
  11. I used to use a guillotine, but for the last couple of years, I use my pocket knife and gently cut the top cap off. The blade I use is razor sharp cuts like a hot knife through butter.
  12. ShortFatHokie

    1.6 Billion?

    A single ticket purchase in South Carolina won the jackpot.
  13. ShortFatHokie

    1.6 Billion?

    Your earnings (lottery winnings) will be taxed, period. But after, you are correct, only earned interest/other income is taxed. However, unless you are a resident of Florida, you are still liable for state taxes in your state of residency. Also, you can only "cash out" in the state in which you purchased the lottery ticket.
  14. ShortFatHokie

    1.6 Billion?

    But you would be in the highest tax bracket which is now 37%, plus state income taxes, if you state has them. Your still on the hook for the other 9% + state taxes on April 15th, 2019...

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