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  1. agreed I love the comedy of Alec Baldwin for the most part... But I think he's a Nozzle as a human being...
  2. Had my Colonoscomy 4 weeks back... way too much fun...the worst part of course is the night before "the night of a 1000 waterfalls"
  3. You are suggesting he smoke on his private property ? Is that Legal in Canada ?
  4. This is turning into all the rage around here.... They have leagues... much like in Bowling/Golf etc... actually kind of fun ...
  5. Wind River.... saw it last night on NetFlix... blown away by this on grief https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kBk0cleO6M
  6. you guys have our old Coach from out here in Boise Land..... That being said I'm a Clemson fan and a fan of anyone who plays Alabama, South Carolina, Notre Dame , or USC
  7. 9 wins for my Cowboys tops... maybe a wild card out of the NFC Least. If a wild card happens then a humiliating defeat in the playoffs.. We won't be successful until Jerry dies..

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