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  1. The boy was home over Christmas/New Years break and we decided to give a couple of these a try along with the Cigar glasses my wife so thoughtfully gave us at Christmas.. I know they are kind of gimmicky to some, but they work reasonably well for a smaller cigar.. We had my pathetic attempt at an old fashioned in said glasses... I just can't seem to get it right (I'm open to input from for improvement) .. but that's another story.. On to the review Cold Draw: Mine was tight and needed some help with the cigar tool. The boy's was fine Construction/Burn: as stated above mine was plugged and afterwards didn't get much better.. Burn was all over the place.. The boy had no complaints. First Half: I got hints of sweet bread , cinnamon , and leather. The boy concurred Second Half: I got the same with a little dark chocolate. The boy got more spice, pepper, and the same dark chocolate. Summary / Score: even with the burn issues I felt it was a cross between a RASCC and a MC5 with the Cinnamon/Cocoa . I give it an 85/100, He gave his 88/90 Pictures:
  2. Ding Ding Ding!!! I'm your huckleberry... I've got OCD and am on medication for it over 20 years. I'm no where near as bad as I was but "checking" things was and still is my issue... I find myself sweating humidity variances all the time.. The struggle is real and I'm still coming to grip with these things... but I think and I've read here that cigars are far more hardy and not as delicate as some think.. Don't beat yourself up ... I'm open to conversation about these things if you want to talk.. Kevin..
  3. Was in the Springs and Woodland park many years ago... I remember a shop at the other end of Academy (not near the interstate) that I would frequent .. went back 5 years ago to visit my old haunts and my house on Rockrimmon.. It's grown to much for me.. I'm lucky here in the Boise Area.. both of our lounges have liquor license's and no cutting fees.. I still reimburse them for my stay... I'm not an animal
  4. at the end they cut a Trini Fundadores in half.. Never wanted to slap someone so bad in my life... That's abuse pure and simple
  5. Just got an order from them... and I have to tell you..I wish everyone packed as well as they do.. I've never had such care and pride taken in something sent to me... They deserve a raise Kudos !!

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