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  1. Initial cold draw perfect and a very rich cocoa aroma - probably the nicest scent I’ve had off a cigar in quite a while. Wrapper is a smooth tan colour. 1/3 draw couldn’t be better and producing plenty of smoke. Woody/cinnamon spice with quite a dry feel in the mouth. Hints of coffee and nuts but no chocolate coming through despite the initial aroma pre-light. Burn is quicker than anticipated but construction is flawless. 2/3 some milk chocolate creeping in and a pleasant tangy edge. Construction still spot on but burn slows to a normal speed. Chocolate turns darker at the ha
  2. Montecristo Dumas - pleasant but expecting more. Do people think the larger two sizes are noticeably different/better?
  3. Gorgeous oily wrapper on this single from a recent prize win and my first ever Quai D’Orsay. Initial draws are perfect and get loads of rich, heavy smoke. Very sweet slightly leathery opening. Great start. 1/3 sweet floral notes but not as mild as I was expecting - hovering around medium body. Mild spice and some walnut-esque flavour. Smoke is creamy and quite oily on the lips. 2/3 construction is perfect. Bright cedar notes come in during the second third and body settles down a bit. Slight bitterness toward the tail end. 3/3 flavour profile really very inte
  4. Prize from the Superbowl review week (SBLVRW) arrived today - huge thanks to the FOH team!
  5. Thought I would try a Cohiba Piramides I have yet to test from one of two 2017 selection boxes i have. Wrapper colour is a very light tan and feels quite dry compared to the others in the box. 1/3 initial dry draw is good but on lighting smoke output is very poor and quite thin with no real density. A real struggle to pick up any flavours in the first third other than a mild walnut. A bit of a chore. 2/3 better but still not great. Draw becomes acceptable about halfway down. Smooth but still very mild with notes of walnut and a soft warming spice. Few cracks in the wrapper fro
  6. Every RASS I’ve had from my BST Apr-20 box has been excellent
  7. @Bijan normally it would take a little longer but it was just smoking so well today! Definitely prefer the no 4 size too but lately keep finding myself reaching for a siglo ii rather than the monte
  8. Think I’ve been through the majority of the current Trinidad range but tonight is the first attempt at a Reyes. Wrapper is a lovely light brown and used a straight cut as the pigtail was a bit flattened. 1/3 Initial draws have a bread-like quality that I often find in the Vigia. Huge volume of smoke off such a small cigar. Earthy, plenty of dark roast coffee but some black pepper at the back of the throat. 2/3 Rich coffee. Exclusively. Smoking slower than expected. 3/3 Burn needed one touch up. Bread note returns as does a hint of almond but otherwise main flavour is stil
  9. First time trying a Monte 5 in quite a few years as often I prefer a shorter smoke with a more substantial ring gauge. Not sure on the age as it is one of a number of singles I have had sitting in the corner of the humidor for a while. Opening cold draw is promising. 1/3 unbelievably smooth milk chocolate with a hint of nuttiness on the finish. Really quite mild so far. Taste does make me think there is some good age on this cigar as there is a certain aged tobacco quality. 2/3 much of the same as the first but with a pleasant spice on the tongue. 3/3 spice builds and
  10. Score prediction KC 20 - TB 32 End of a long week and in need something reliable (and short given the weather out). Beautiful flawless light Colorado wrapper with a pinpoint draw. Don’t know if it’s something to do with the pigtail but I’m still yet to come across a Trinidad cigar with a poor draw. 1/3 Initial draws are dry and earthy with a zesty note on the tip of the tongue. Hints at spice and almond but a backbone of oak and coffee close out the first third. 2/3 Spices intensify and rich leather and coffee flavours take centre stage. Hint of

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