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  1. An absolute favourite short smoke of mine and can’t say I’ve ever had a disappointing d5. Not sure of the box code as working my way through half a dozen singles dating prior to 2019. 1/3 Earthy, woody notes to start and plenty of rich spice. Initial draw is pristine and smoke volume exceptional. 2/3 Spice mellows after about a half inch and a faint aniseed note comes through. Lovely warming flavours reminiscent of a Christmas mulled wine. Backbone oak character still very noticeable. 3/3 Flavours remain fairly similar with occasional walnut notes jumping in and out. One touch up required but no big issue. Overall thoroughly enjoyable and, from my experience, one of the most consistent cigars in terms of build and taste. Paired with a coffee today which combines beautifully. Hard to rate any less than a 9/10 and one of the reasons I keep coming back to them.
  2. New member to the forum here from the UK (Bristol) and been watching endless FOH reviews on YouTube during the current covid lockdown. Big fan of a Trinidad cigar when the weather permits over here.
  3. Cracked out a monte 2 this evening to celebrate the start of the Christmas holiday. Not ordinarily a huge fan of torpedo shaped cigars as tend to find the draw on them a little on the snug side for my liking but had this one sitting in a selection box for some time. The appearance is absolutely perfect with a mildly oily reddish brown wrapper. Packed on the lighter side and a nice spring to the touch. 1/3 - opened with strong black coffee flavours and brief waves of dark chocolate, spices and oak. Draw a little tight in the opening stages. 2/3 - coffee died back slightly and became very earthy. Smoke dry but plentiful. 3/3 - spices, leather and coffee in spades. Oaky moments come and go. Draw spot on and flavours lovely and rich. Overall a very pleasant smoke and typical Montecristo profile from my experience, although not the palate coating dark chocolate bomb I enjoyed with my last monte 2. Last third in particular was absolutely exceptional and well worth braving the cold balcony in my ski jacket to really enjoy. Seriously looking forward to sampling the Supremos next time out. Paired with a couple of tins of local hazy IPA. Rating certainly pushing into the start of the 90s.
  4. Thought I would try a new cigar on this evening’s walk around the Bristol downs. The size and diadema shape are both absolutely perfect (maybe a fraction thin) and the cigar packed firmly with a really satisfying weight. Initial third is laden with leather, earth, pepper and spice. Disappointingly there was a huge knot near the cap which needed a good squeeze to really open up the draw. No draw tool to hand. Second third brings black coffee, dark chocolate and a slight nutty quality. Draw becomes full and easy. Final third coffee and dark chocolate flavours ramp up nicely but never becoming too overpowering. Medium or medium full at most. Paired with what I assume to be brandy from an old hip flask found tucked away in my coat pocket. Flavours were pleasant but just felt like something was missing to really excel. Probably on balance, considering the opening draw issues, I’d place it around 86.

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