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  1. Draw seems good at pre light and wrapper pristine with a soft oily sheen. Initial puffs are open but with limited smoke output. 1/3 opening flavours are very pleasant. Soft spice and a dough/bread-like quality quickly morph into a smooth dark coffee followed by a sweet leather. Smoke output picks up after about an inch. 2/3 oily sensation on the lips with each puff. Still predominantly getting dark coffee notes and sweet leather, one after another. Construction is excellent as all Trinidad cigars seem to be. Slight nicotine kick just after the halfway mark. 3/3 Earth, coffee and
  2. Initial cold draw perfect and a very rich cocoa aroma - probably the nicest scent I’ve had off a cigar in quite a while. Wrapper is a smooth tan colour. 1/3 draw couldn’t be better and producing plenty of smoke. Woody/cinnamon spice with quite a dry feel in the mouth. Hints of coffee and nuts but no chocolate coming through despite the initial aroma pre-light. Burn is quicker than anticipated but construction is flawless. 2/3 some milk chocolate creeping in and a pleasant tangy edge. Construction still spot on but burn slows to a normal speed. Chocolate turns darker at the ha
  3. Montecristo Dumas - pleasant but expecting more. Do people think the larger two sizes are noticeably different/better?
  4. Gorgeous oily wrapper on this single from a recent prize win and my first ever Quai D’Orsay. Initial draws are perfect and get loads of rich, heavy smoke. Very sweet slightly leathery opening. Great start. 1/3 sweet floral notes but not as mild as I was expecting - hovering around medium body. Mild spice and some walnut-esque flavour. Smoke is creamy and quite oily on the lips. 2/3 construction is perfect. Bright cedar notes come in during the second third and body settles down a bit. Slight bitterness toward the tail end. 3/3 flavour profile really very inte
  5. Prize from the Superbowl review week (SBLVRW) arrived today - huge thanks to the FOH team!
  6. Thought I would try a Cohiba Piramides I have yet to test from one of two 2017 selection boxes i have. Wrapper colour is a very light tan and feels quite dry compared to the others in the box. 1/3 initial dry draw is good but on lighting smoke output is very poor and quite thin with no real density. A real struggle to pick up any flavours in the first third other than a mild walnut. A bit of a chore. 2/3 better but still not great. Draw becomes acceptable about halfway down. Smooth but still very mild with notes of walnut and a soft warming spice. Few cracks in the wrapper fro
  7. Every RASS I’ve had from my BST Apr-20 box has been excellent
  8. @Bijan normally it would take a little longer but it was just smoking so well today! Definitely prefer the no 4 size too but lately keep finding myself reaching for a siglo ii rather than the monte
  9. Think I’ve been through the majority of the current Trinidad range but tonight is the first attempt at a Reyes. Wrapper is a lovely light brown and used a straight cut as the pigtail was a bit flattened. 1/3 Initial draws have a bread-like quality that I often find in the Vigia. Huge volume of smoke off such a small cigar. Earthy, plenty of dark roast coffee but some black pepper at the back of the throat. 2/3 Rich coffee. Exclusively. Smoking slower than expected. 3/3 Burn needed one touch up. Bread note returns as does a hint of almond but otherwise main flavour is stil
  10. First time trying a Monte 5 in quite a few years as often I prefer a shorter smoke with a more substantial ring gauge. Not sure on the age as it is one of a number of singles I have had sitting in the corner of the humidor for a while. Opening cold draw is promising. 1/3 unbelievably smooth milk chocolate with a hint of nuttiness on the finish. Really quite mild so far. Taste does make me think there is some good age on this cigar as there is a certain aged tobacco quality. 2/3 much of the same as the first but with a pleasant spice on the tongue. 3/3 spice builds and

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