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  1. BBF MGL/MAY/20 Bought a box blind before discovering you wonderful folks and got lucky. The last third was unbelievable. Just never stopped getting better.
  2. Siglo III 24:24 Clearance from the host! 💨🇨🇺
  3. Finally one I know! I really like this movie, though I really can’t pinpoint why.....
  4. RyJ Short Churchills 24:24 PSP. Just perfect!!
  5. First 24:24 box made it!!! Monte 4 UEB DIC 17. Love that green sticker.
  6. This is great stuff. Thanks for the OP and all insight so far! Keep it coming.
  7. My first Punch Punch. It was a single, so not sure of the box code. I’m impressed. It was rich and a different sweetness than my other smokes this past week. Not a confectionary sweetness. A lot going on there. Happy New Year, everyone!
  8. RG Perlas OMU/NOV/19 from this morning. Another little 🔥 stick. I think better than my first El Principe yesterday. Maybe 😏 BRC MSU/ABR/19 tonight.

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