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  1. 90 days for me. I can’t believe the difference. I’ve tried 30 days and 60 days being impatient, but 90 days is it for me on the East Coast. Now, this is from Oz. I have noticed around 60 days usually works from Europe. Starting to cut hairs, so I go 90 days no matter what, and it works 99% of the time. I can judge any time down after for any cigar from 90 days. It’s the perfect starting point IMO.
  2. I’m short on time lately, so Petite Royales, HUHC, & Boli PC’s. All three are usually spot on for me.
  3. I know we're talking aged, but when was the last time Fundi's showed up on 24:24?
  4. Great way to start the week! From the recent 24:24 here. They’re perfect. Thanks, FOH! 🇨🇺💨
  5. Not good @Ken Gargett Read another article that said some “more fortunate” owners had helicopters flying low over the groves the keep the heat from the fires closer to the ground. Crazy. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9454629/amp/French-wine-shortage-Farmers-suffer-worst-frost-damage-1990-smallest-harvest-40-years.html
  6. Nice!!! I’ve been giving everything 90 days now, and it’s made a huge difference. Have a great weekend BOTL!!!
  7. RyJ Petit Royales ARS JUL 18. This little firecracker sealed the deal for me. RYJ is my favorite marca. Gotta stack some boxes of these now. I’m thinking that ‘18 has a lot to do with it maybe??
  8. I went Tony S. Gandolfini mastered that role.
  9. BLT/FEB/20. PSP from late last year. Pretty good, but I think I’ll re-visit in 6 months or so. I do like a good BLT though....

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