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  1. Nice!!! I’ve been giving everything 90 days now, and it’s made a huge difference. Have a great weekend BOTL!!!
  2. RyJ Petit Royales ARS JUL 18. This little firecracker sealed the deal for me. RYJ is my favorite marca. Gotta stack some boxes of these now. I’m thinking that ‘18 has a lot to do with it maybe??
  3. I went Tony S. Gandolfini mastered that role.
  4. BLT/FEB/20. PSP from late last year. Pretty good, but I think I’ll re-visit in 6 months or so. I do like a good BLT though....
  5. Who Said That? Week #27 Prize. Thanks FOH!!! Really cool because I haven’t tried any of these yet!
  6. Missed that! Happy Birthday, @Bijan!!
  7. Just finishing this little RASCC. Delish!! 🇨🇺 💨
  8. These are the best boxes I think I’ve seen so far. Some late Feb. PSP offerings from Prez. 🇨🇺 💨 Boli Libertador TUA OCT 20 RyJ Exb. 4 ABO OCT 17
  9. Awesome BRC! MSU ABR 19 Got my stand too! Thanks team FOH!!!

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