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  1. Yes I did see a box of sharks but I’m not a huge fan of them so let them go. My favorites are the 60s (smoke well early), robusto, 46s and 88.
  2. I just picked up a box of 888, great cigars now for a long rest. I just smoked a 5 year old Anejo Robusto (cedar left on) which has mellowed just a bit, it was fantastic!
  3. Fuente Anejos 888, 60 and 46 as well as Davidoff 2012 White label re-release. All really nice just need to let the 888 and 46 anejos rest a bit.
  4. The Mandalorian, Queen's Gambit and just finished Yellowstone (which was really good).
  5. Hello Everyone Happy to have joined from El Paso Texas USA. I’ve been enjoying cigars for about 20 years now. I’m glad to have found this site, seems like a great group of cigar lovers. Cheers Steve

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