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  1. What a great thread! I look forward to updates whenever they come out. Thank Pres for sharing.
  2. I too was told we should be seeing these in the next 2-3 weeks
  3. The 2 I had that stood out above all the others were: Cohiba Robusto - UMR DIC 20 RA No 2 Limited Edition 2019 - SOR AGO 20 One that was close to these was the RA Silver Jubilee 2017 All were very very enjoyable young and have taken a great deal of willpower to let the ones remaining rest. Although I've had quite a few of the RA Silver Jubilees Steve
  4. Just received a box of MAR DIC 20 from our host. I will certainly partake after a month or two of rest to get a baseline. They sure look and smell wonderful!!!
  5. Had a DIC 2017 RA Silver Jubilee over the weekend which smoked very very well.
  6. I think these guys are pretty funny. I cant take all their banter too seriously, but nice company during the times I'm having a cigar alone.
  7. I've had quite a few Brulee Blues and Brulee Toros love them in the AM with coffee. Subtly sweet tipped - without a doubt
  8. I recently purchased a Cab of RASS from our host the early sampling has been excellent
  9. In a COVID world we all have a better appreciation for points raised in the video. Trying to maintain balance is everything and it's easier said than done in reality. The point is we realize it and try our best. One cigar at a time.
  10. RASS TUA Sept 20 - young but still very enjoyable
  11. The RA No 2 are wonderful. Definitely worth trying one early on.
  12. I’ve found the Padron Anniversario and Davidoff Yamasa to be full in body flavor but not much pepper. Both are a bit pricey though.
  13. Yes I did see a box of sharks but I’m not a huge fan of them so let them go. My favorites are the 60s (smoke well early), robusto, 46s and 88.
  14. I just picked up a box of 888, great cigars now for a long rest. I just smoked a 5 year old Anejo Robusto (cedar left on) which has mellowed just a bit, it was fantastic!

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