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  1. Found this old boy in a corner of my humidor. Last one - smoking great so far.
  2. Fuente Anejo Robusto from 2012. Rich sweet cigar love these in the cooler weather especially around holiday time
  3. I’m excited about this box. Wrappers are slightly lighter than photographed. They smell heavenly. Extra bonus they were rolled on my birth month and MAR coded.
  4. I have not yet tried the perfectos letting them rest a bit. Will report back.
  5. Landed a box of RA Perfectos - Mexico Regional 2020 allowed me to complete the set. Unfortunately only have one Edmundo Dante Conde 109 left to enjoy. The 3 Amigos
  6. Coro and to a lesser extent Siglo VI are completely addictive to me. However, just about everything I’ve bought dated 2019-2021 has been great. Stocked up on my beloved BRC, now need to get on the Punch Punch train since I smoked my last sometime ago.
  7. Davidoff White Edition 2012 (vault release) Rich creamy chocolate notes with light sweet spices.
  8. I missed out on the TRE during their regular production run. I love the size so picked-up a travel humidor. I have yet to try one but will likely wait a little longer based on your impressions.
  9. Congratulations!!! Free cigars for all?
  10. Enjoying one of my favorite brands with a fine Taiwanese Oolong. Tatuaje Escasos R
  11. Siglo VI AMP ABR 21 Enjoying this ROTT as I do with most of my purchases. Not a great looking box for this vitola but smoking beautifully. Will see what develops after a long nap.
  12. Enjoying this Magnum 46 while attending an on-line conference. OER JUN 20 And Tatuaje TAA 2020
  13. I’ve been wanting to catalogue my Cuban collection this inspired me to use this tool. Thanks!
  14. Thank you! I just smoke the outliers first then the remaining cigars all look the same 😬

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